Mortar Additives for Cold Weather

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Best Mortar Additives for Cold Weather

WOTAIchem is a professional supplier of mortar additives for cold weather. Our mortar additives can be used with cement or mortar applications in cold weather. Here are our recommended list:


1. Calcium formate.

2. Antifoaming agents.

3. Superplasticizers.


Cold temperatures slow the mortar set time and reduce the material strength. WOTAIchem mortar additives for cold weather can reduce set time and increase initial strength for your construction.


  • Protects in subzero temperatures.
  • Reduce the mortar curing time.
  • Protect mortar from freezing.
  • Resistance to freeze-thaw.
  • Reduce cracking. Maintain mortar strength and durability even in cold weather.

Quality Mortar Additives for Cold Weather

WOTAIchem is your reliable source for cold weather mortar additives. Our additives for mortar cold weather fall under two brands. They are WOTAIchem® and Yuanwang®.


WOTAIchem® specializes in drymix mortar additives. For example, cellulose ethers, RDP powder, and water-reducing agents. Yuanwang® offers various other construction additive solutions. For example, concrete fibers, calcium formate, etc.


Both brands get Yuanwang Group’s investment and support. They all gain resources and technical expertise from state-owned enterprises. So we can deliver high-quality mortar antifreeze additives to your cold weather construction needs.



Mortar Additives for Cold Weather-Calcium Formate

Calcium formate is a mortar accelerator for cold weather. It speeds up the setting and curing time of mortar in cold temperatures.


WOTAIchem calcium formate is also an antifreeze additive for mortar. It helps maximize initial strength during cold weather. Adding calcium formate to your mortar mixture is your go-to choice. It can prevent issues like mortar drying too quickly.


Mortar Additives for Cold Weather-Antifoaming Agents

Defoamer is an essential additive for cement in cold weather construction applications.


Our antifoaming agent is also known as polyether defoamer. It can eliminate air bubbles within the mortar mix. Improving the mortar workability and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. This helps prevent cracking and damage caused by freezing and thawing in cold weather. Improving your mortar surface performance.



Mortar Additives for Cold Weather-Superplasticizers

Water reducing agents is one of the must-have mortar cold weather additives. We provide two types of water reducers for your construction. They are SM and PCE superplasticizers. These water reducers can reduce the water content of the mortar mix and maintain its strength.


Also, the mortar plasticizers improve mortar flowability. Helping you get a better application experience.


Learn More About WOTAIchem Support


Your Go-To Source for Mortar Additives in Cold Weather

Reliable Mortar Additives

WOTAIchem operates five production facilities in Shandong Province, China. Our factories use high-precision German machinery for additive manufacturing. All our processes are under strict quality control systems. Our lab tests ensure your mortar additives meet international standards.


We guarantee stable quality between samples and bulk orders. And we will maintain records for every batch of goods.


Efficient Supply Chain

Our mortar additives have a short manufacturing lead time. We support direct shipping of your goods from our factories. Our global distribution network can swiftly deliver your products to your location.


Winter Construction Challenges with WOTAIchem's Support

OEM Solution Support

WOTAIchem is always trying to provide the best polymer additive for mortar solutions for your winter construction applications. We provide you with a team-based 1-on-1 service. Our team will ensure you receive professional support at every stage. Plus, we offer a range of cold weather concrete additives. Feel free to contact us to explore more additive products.


Professional Formula Guidance

WOTAIchem’s team comprises experts with years of industry experience. We offer formula guidance tailored to your application. To date, we have established partnerships with clients from over thirty countries. Become our partner today! More pricing and policy benefits await you.



WOTAIchem's Global Shipping and Payment Network


– Price: negotiable.


– Flexible options: L/C, T/T, and more to explore.


– Time: 7-15 working days. Specific lead time depends on the order volume.


– Custom package: support.


– Free sample delivery: FedEx and DHL.

Request Your Free Samples Today!

Try our mortar additives for cold weather for FREE! Request your samples today to see the difference in your construction projects.

  • “I was amazed by the performance of WOTAIchem’s products. Our mortar sets faster and stronger in cold weather, thanks to their additives. Highly recommend!”
  • “Thanks to WOTAIchem’s additives, our mortar remained workable for longer periods in cold weather!”
  • “Impressed by the quality of WOTAIchem’s additives. Our mortar now sets faster and stronger in winter.”
  • “Highly recommend WOTAIchem’s products to anyone dealing with cold weather construction. Their additives have made a huge difference in our projects.”
    Mr. Khan

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Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

Can you use mortar in cold weather?

Yes! You can use mortar in cold weather. But certain precautions need to be taken to ensure proper performance. In cold weather, mortar may experience slower setting times and reduced workability. This can affect construction timelines and quality. To address these challenges, it’s advisable to use cold weather mortar additives.


Plus, the proper curing methods are also important. For example, covering laid mortar with insulating blankets. This method can also help prevent freezing and ensure optimal strength development.

What is the minimum temperature for laying mortar?

The minimum temperature for laying mortar is above 40°F (4°C). Below 4℃ can be categorized as mortar freezing temperatures. There is a risk of mortar freezing. It’s important to avoid laying mortar in freezing temperatures. You can also contact our expert for proper curing tips for your finished product.

What is the mortar setting time?

The setting time of cold weather mortar varies in low-temperature conditions. Mortar sets at a slower rate in colder temperatures. The average temperature ranges from 1.5 to 3 hours. However, other factors can also affect curing time. For example, mortar mix design, ambient temperature, and humidity levels can affect setting times.

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