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HPMC Manufacturer

HPMC is a water soluble non-ionic hydroxypropyl cellulose ether. It is made from natural renewable polymers like cotton or wood pulp. WOTAIchem hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose is usually used as a water retention agent and thickener.


Government Owned>>

WOTAIchem is a quality China HPMC supplier. We offer standard and special grades of HPMC powders.


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Our business proudly holds SGS and ISO certification, showing that we meet really high standards.


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We always focus on making sure our products are good quality and bring you benefits. Your satisfaction is important to us.


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Our experienced sales team is here to help you with any questions. You can count on us to assist you and provide the information you need!

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose

Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose(HPMC) enhances the workability and adhesion of mortars and cement-based products by retaining water. It ensures ease of mixing and application.


WOTAIchem HPMC also acts as a lubricant, stabilizer, and thickener. These properties make it a multifunctional additive for various construction and daily chemical applications. Even a small amount of addition will make your final product show better performance

Product Details

China HPMC Powder

Product Overview

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.
Brand Name: WOTAIchem
HPMC Type: Surface-treated, unsurface-treated, pure, and more OEM grades.
Appearance: White to offwhite powder.
Formula Guidance: Support.
HPMC Price: Negotiable.
MOQ: 1000 kg.

China Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose Manufacturer

General Specifications of HPMC

Reference Specification
Ash Max 5.0
Methoxy Content 19-24%
Hydroxyproyl Content 4-12%
Particle Size 99% pass 80 mesh
Viscosity 400-75,000 mPa.s (Brookfield RV 2%)
Swift and Reliable HPMC Supply

Payment and Delivery

Shipping Coverage: Global.
Packaging: 25 kg/bag. Support appearance customization.
Lead Time: 7-14 days. May vary depending on your order requirements.
Payment Options: T/T, LC, OA.
Shipping Methods: CIF. FOB, CFR, and more.
Delivery Time: 7-14 days. Specific ETA depending on your location and shipping methods.

Building the Future, Start with Efficient HPMC chemical

Request Your Free Sample Now and Unlock the Benefits!

Tailored solutions for the construction, paints, and daily chemicals! Enhance your products with our high-performance HPMC cellulose.


At WOTAIchem, we’re confident that our hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) will transform your formulations.


What we offer:
Detailed TDS/Brochure.
– 200g or 400g HPMC powder sample per bag.
– Fast delivery via FedEx or DHL directly to you.
– Support for formula adjustment and guidance.


WOTAIchem-HPMC Grades

WOTAIchem is known for manufacturing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(HPMC). We provide you with a wide range of customized HPMC products in various applications. The W collection features economical and practical purposes, while the T collection focuses on modified formulas with premium quality.


WOTAIchem strives to solve your issues from every perspective! We design and customize your formula according to your specifications.

Your Reliable Source for HPMC Powder

  • HPMC-manufacturing

    WOTAIchem always promise to deliver high-quality HPMC powder products every time.


    In our HPMC factory, we use modern technology to make HPMC efficiently. This ensures a smooth and reliable HPMC production process.

  • hpmc-quality-control

    At WOTAIchem, we stay ahead by investing in ongoing research and development.


    This helps us keep up with the latest technology and make continuous improvements to our formulations for better performance.

  • hpmc-testing

    WOTAIchem follows strict rules and international standards to ensure quality.


    We use only top-quality raw materials in production. Our QC tests are done multiple times at every stage. We make sure our HPMC powder is of the best quality!

HPMC Cellulose Solution

Felxible Payment

We accept T/T, L/C at straight, PayPal, and more methods.

Quality Assurance

Quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Effective Logistic

Safe and reliable logistics services covers more than 30 countries.

Customize Service

Find the most effective formula for you with premuim quality.

Discovering WOTAIchem's HPMC Types

Based on the production process, WOTAIchem HPMC products are divided into non-surface-treated and surface-treated HPMC.


> Non-surface treated HPMC quickly disperses and dissolves in hot water. It is ideal for dry mix applications. For example, mortar, putty, tile adhesive, and grout. But, it disperses slowly in cold water and may clump. The rapid viscosity development after stirring ensures efficient usage.


> Surface-treated HPMC disperses rapidly in cold water. The viscosity development time ranges from 1 to 15 minutes. It’s crucial not to exceed this time during operation. This type of HPMC is suitable for liquid systems. For example, hand soaps, detergents, laundry detergents, and paints.



WOTAIchem HPMC Functions

1. Water retention. WOTAIchem HPMC improves water retention for your construction. It can prevent rapid drying and poor hardening in cement and gypsum materials. Minimizing the risk of cracks and extending opening time.


2. Thickening. HPMC can enhance the viscosity of construction materials. Elevating the consistency and stability of your formulations.


3. Anti-Slip. HPMC’s thickening effect prevents slippage during construction. Ensuring a secure grip between mortar and bonded objects.


4. Lubrication. HPMC for cement can improve workability and processing.


WOTAIchem also offers customized modified HPMC. Our advanced labs and talents are ready to support tailored products and formulas to meet your requirements.


From HPMC Factory to Construction Sites

>> Sufficient HPMC Powder Supply

WOTAIchem operates three HPMC factories in China. The most significant portion of our HPMC goes into the building and construction sector. We are making up nearly 50% of our total production volume. The annual capacity of cellulose ethers over 70,000 Metric tons.


>> Various Applications

WOTAIchem construction grade HPMC can be used in many areas. For example, wall putty, tile adhesive, self leveling, gypsum plaster, and all other dry mix types.

– Other grades: Daily chemicals, paints, honeycomb ceramics, etc.


Join WOTAIchem, Your Trusted HPMC Manufacturers in China!

We invite business partners to join our dealers’ network. Get great prices without giving up quality, straight from the China HPMC factory! WOTAIchem is here to assist you in reducing costs and maximizing your ROI!


Not Just Products, But Solutions!


WOTAIchem R&D Center is located in Taian, Shandong. A group of experts is always at the forefront of designing and testing HPMC formulas. Their consistent hard work brings us essential functions of construction HPMC, as well as solutions.


Our R&D department is unlocking their potential, participating in eco-friendly development, protecting mother earth, and creating future value for you.

Customer-Focused HPMC Supply Solutions

Customer Support

WOTAIchem customer specialists are devoted to providing flexible solutions for clients worldwide. Always keep you posted about the latest trend and technology. And we’re happy to give you a heads up for price changes!

Logistic Service

Our logistics teams are dedicated to providing expert service for all regions. We strive to maintain long-term relationships with shipping lines and agents. Primarily, offer comprehensive national shipping and secure tracking of your orders.

WOTAIchem Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose - Top 9 HPMC Uses

WOTAIchem HPMC polymer is a powdery substance that forms gel-textured colloids when dissolved in water. Widely used in construction, coating, oil drilling, and daily chemicals. At, we offer you quality and effective HPMC powder for you.


Get to know how WOTAIchem customized methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose powder significantly improves the quality of our life in every possible way. Let’s dive right in!

  • hpmc-drymix-mortar
    Drymix Mortar

    HPMC for dry mix mortar has incredible bonding strength, even under the circumstances of hot weather. It helps to maintain enough moisture in the mortar and ensures strong adhesiveness.

  • hpmc-tile-adhesive
    Tile Adhesive

    HPMC for tile adhesive features sag resistance and reduces lump formation. It’s a crucial factor that attaches the tile firmly to the walls or floors and does not fall out easily, even in decades.

  • hpmc-joint-filler
    Tile Grout

    HPMC for tile grout provides good compatibility and extends the opening time. It serves the purpose of firmly holding the tiles in place and vastly increasing work efficiency.

  • hpmc-wall-putty
    Wall Putty/Skim Coat

    HPMC for wall putty/skim coat is extensively used in interior and exterior wall construction work. It’s the ideal material to enhance cohesion and build an abrasion resistance wall.

  • floor-leveling-mortar

    HPMC for self-leveling mortar makes uneven floors flat and smooth. HPMC is applicable for cement or gypsum based self-leveling formula. It has anti-cracking and anti-shrinkage effects.

  • HPMC-gypsum-plaster
    Gypsum Plaster

    HPMC for gypsum plaster is mainly for interior walls and ceilings. With its strong water retention and adhesiveness, the gypsum board forms a smooth, flat surface without cracking or lumping.

  • hpmc-in-eifs
    ETICS/EIFS System

    EIFS stands for exterior insulation finishing systems. HPMC for EIFS system is an key additive in EIFS wall mortar; it strengthens the bonding between the insulation layer and the wall.

  • detergent-grade-hpmc

    Detergent grade HPMC is an effective thickener, dispersant, emulsifier, water-holding agent and pro-freeze colloid. It is harmless to humans, animal species and the environment.

  • hpmc-external-mortar
    Honeycomb Ceramic
    Honeycomb ceramic offers a refined aesthetic for villa decorations. HPMC for ceramic can help with strong molding. It can achieve a dense internal structure after sintering.

Cellulose Ethers - HPMC Packaging&Sizes

25kg Bag

> Also available in 500kg/pallet, 1MT/pallet, and customized volumes.


HPMC powder packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.


Please keep it sealed away from humidity, due to its hydrophilic nature. Store in cool and dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight or fire sources.

500kg Pallet

> Also available in 25kg/bag, 1MT/pallet, and customized volumes.


HPMC powder is packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.

1MT Pallet

> Available in 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, and customized volumes.


HPMC powder is packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.

Customized Volume

> Available in 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, and 1MT/pallet.


HPMC powder is packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.

  • “I have purchased WOTAIchem products several times and I am very happy with your service, you are very efficient and will return to you again as there is more work to be done!

  • “Highly recommended, thanks so much for all the arrangements team!”

    Mr. Clarke
  • “The WOTAIchem formula is very easy to use and requires only simple steps. Thanks to the staff for recommending the right one to me, full marks for product knowledge.”

    Alexander Henderson


Have any questions? We are always here to help you.

How to dissolve HPMC in water?

How WOTAIchem classify your HPMC product grades?
WOTAIchem HPMC Category
Markings Meaning
W W=WO series: Cost Effective Oriented
T T=TAI series: Premium Grade
A High-end modified grade. High degree of substitution and etherification.
B Cost effective Modified grade. Medium degree of substitution and etherification.
P Purified grade/non-modified grade.
S Solubility Delayed (=Surtace treated HPMC)
Why does your HPMC powder seem to have a much smaller volume than other brands?

1. Exceptional Raw Materials

We use refined cotton as our primary raw material. This sets us apart from competitors who often use wood-based cotton.


2. Advanced Screening Process

Our production involves a meticulous two-step sieving process. Initially, the powder undergoes screening with a 60-mesh sieve, followed by a second screening with an 80-mesh sieve.


3. Finer Particle Size

The dual screening process results in a higher mesh count and finer powder. So, our HPMC powder has a smaller volume look. This refinement enhances water retention properties, making our HPMC powder more effective.


WOTAIchem ensures a premium HPMC product that outshines performance and consistency. Trust in our commitment to excellence for your construction additive needs.

What are the differences in application between surface treated HPMC and Unsurface treated HPMC?

Surface treated HPMC dissolves quickly in water. However, it exhibits slow initial viscosity. It is more suitable for use in detergents and coatings.


When used in dry powder putty or tile adhesives, it exhibits slow initial adhesion and thickening afterward. But, this type of HPMC may affect workability.


Unsurface treated HPMC is mainly used in dry mortar or putty. It performs well in thickening mortar mixes and has good workability. But, it tends to clump in liquid adhesives and coatings. So, it is not recommended for other applications.

In summary, surface treated HPMC has a wider range of applications and can be used in most building applications.


Yet, the type should be determined based on your specific application. If you have any questions or need guidance, please feel free to contact our service team.

Is HPMC harmful to human body?

HPMC is a polymer obtained from natural resources such as refined cotton or wood pulp. It is tasteless, odourless, non-toxic white to off-white powder and harmless to humans.

What is the source of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose?

We source our raw materials from nature, mainly cotton staple and wood pulp.

How does HPMC work in construction field?

HPMC has a high water holding capacity and improved workability. It is a very popular ingredient in mortars, putties, plasters, tile adhesives, coatings and detergents.

Is HPMC safe?

HPMC is approved by the FDA, aka Food and Drug Administration as a direct and indirect food additive, and an acceptable daily intake has been established. In addition to this, HPMC is used in home and personal care.

Why do we need HPMC in building materials?

HPMC provides strong bond strength and slip resistance when laying tiles. The HPMC in the plaster paste also results in a smooth and even surface without cracks. In self-levelling operations, labour is greatly reduced, improving manoeuvrability and efficiency.

What should I do if HPMC rapid dissolution used in coatings does not exhibit good color development?

HPMC used for surface treatment primarily functions as a thickening and water-retaining agent. However, in paint applications, color development is crucial. Because it requires high biostability. It is determined by the degree of molar substitution. Since HPMC may have insufficient molar substitution, we recommend using modified HEC (Hydroxyethyl Cellulose) to achieve cost savings while maintaining satisfactory color development.

What factors affect the gel temperature of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC)?

The gel temperature of HPMC is influenced by its methoxy content. A lower methoxy content leads to a higher gel temperature. Therefore, when using HPMC, it is important to consider the ambient temperature and adjust the dosage accordingly.

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