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About Yuanwang Group

The SOE representative – Shandong Yuanwang Digital Technology, Shandong Yuanwang Import and Export Co., Ltd, provides a broad foreign trade business development platform with various categories. Yuanwang group helps to improve total productivity and the industrial supply chain to accelerate a modern economic system. And to further expand the influence of Tai’an City’s industrial business development.


Yuanwang's Business

Yuanwang Group fully supports economic growth and promotes constructing a new industrial city. Yuanwang group’s primary business includes construction machinery – YUFAN subsidiary corporation, and construction chemical additives – WOTAIchem corporation. Yuanwang group has gradually established long-term relationships with more than 30 countries worldwide through social media and platforms, for example, Southeast Asia, Europe, the US, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

Yuanwang's Brand

Yuanwang is a state-owned organization with two subordinate brands -- WOTAIchem construction additives and YUFAN Compact Machinery.
WOTAIchem has a wide range of construction additives for your building materials. Cellulose ethers, RDP powder, calcium formate, superplasticizers, and concrete-reinforcing fibers.
YUFAN is China's leading compact equipment supplier in China. We have a broad collection of mini excavators from 0.8 tons up to 5 tons, earthmoving&construction excavators up to 60 tons, tractors, and loaders.

Industries We Serve

WOTAIchem additives are widely used in modern buildings and infrastructure. We offer high-quality cellulose ethers, RDP powders, calcium formate, and concrete reinforcing fibers to ensure the best results.
WOTAIchem Hydroxyethylcellulose is a widely used material in oil drilling and production operations. It is manufactured to a high standard with outstanding thickening, suspension, and lubrication properties.
At WOTAIchem, quality and your satisfaction are always our top priorities. As a specialty chemical manufacturer in China, we take pride in product quality and performance to achieve the desired result.

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