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RDP Powder For Wall Putty

Redispersible polymer powder is made by water-based emulsion using a spray-drying process. It dissolves quickly in water, forming an emulsion.


RDP powder is a key part of putty, and it plays an important role in how well the putty sticks. Increasing the amount of RDP powder results in a higher bonding strength.


WOTAIchem is a professional VAE RDP powder manufacturer. Our products are suitable for both internal and external wall putty.


1. Improve putty adhesion and flexural strength. Excellent resistance to impact, and cracks.

2. Improve water retention of the putty mixture. Extends opening time and workability.

3. RDP powder promotes a long-lasting putty finish with smooth results!

Product Overview

Product Name: Redispersible polymer powder.

Grade: Wall putty Application.

Availability: In stock.

Price: Negotiable.

Payment: T/T, OA, LC.

Delivery: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.

MOQ: 1000kg.


Wall Putty Grade RDP Powder Details

Appearance: White or off-white powder.

Solid Content: ≥97%.

Moisture: <3%.

pH Value: 6-8.

OEM Customization: Support.

Recommendation Model: T-5023N, T-5043N, T-5045N, etc.

Dosage: 10-20 kg/ton. Specific RDP powder usage in wall putty vary on your application details.

Major Advantage of RDP Powder in Wall Putty

WOTAIchem RDP Powder for Wall Putty

Water-Resistant and Elasticity

RDP is easily soluble in water and quickly dispersed into the emulsions. It shares the same characteristics as the initial emulsion liquid phase.


After water evaporates, RDP can form a film with high elasticity, high tensile strength, high weather resistance and high adhesion to the substrate.

WOTAIchem RDP Powder for Wall Putty

Strong Cohesion Strength

RDP powder from WOTAIchem is a highly versatile polymer with a wide range of applications in the construction industry.


VAE RDP powder commonly used as an additive to improve putty adhesion and cohesion. And it increases the bonding strength between putty and surfaces.


RDP powder exhibits good alkaline and impact resistance. It is a crucial ingredient for high-strength, long-lasting construction projects.

WOTAIchem RDP Powder for Wall Putty

Extend Opening Time and Enhance Durability

RDP powder improves the water resistance and permeability resistance of wall putty. RDP’s primary purpose is to increase putty’s opening time and enhance durability.

RDP Powder Packaging and Volumes

Also available in 500kg/pallet and customized volume upon request.

Also available in 25kg/bag and customized volume upon request.

Also available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/bag. Customized logos and packaging are also available.

Store in a dry, clean, and ventilated space. Keep away from direct sunlight and damp areas. Use within the recommended 2-year period, especially in summer. Once opened, use it promptly.

Your Reliable Source of VAE RDP

We can deliver your orders in 7-14 working days, depending on the order quantity. WOTAIchem has a strong production capacity that supports our fast delivery to worldwide countries. Plus factory direct supply to skip the middleman and cut extra cost for you. WOTAIchem is always a reliable source of construction additives. Choose WOTAIchem today!

  • modified-formula
    Formula Improvement

    We carefully choose high-quality raw materials to ensure quality output. Our experts in RD work hard to make it better and suited to different needs.

  • RDP-performance
    Workability & Performance

    We focus on making sure our VAE RDP products are practical and efficient for your projects. We offer professional technical support.

  • RDP-benefits
    Multiple Benefits

    WOTAIchem VAE RDP is great for putty. It improves adhesion, flexural strength, impact and abrasion resistance, and makes work easier.

  • product-testing
    Quality Inspection

    We’re serious about quality. Each batch of our RDP putty powder goes through strict inspections to meet international standards.

  • factory-visit
    Factory Visits

    Come and see how we make our RDP polymer products! Visit our RDP manufacturing facilities and learn about our high-quality standards.

  • safe-payment-method
    Secure Payments

    We prioritize your security and convenience in every transaction. We offer safe and easy methods: L/C, T/T, OA, and more options for you to choose.

  • join-our-dealer
    Dealer Cooperation

    We value partnerships and working with dealers. If you want to become a dealer, we offer collaboration opportunities and exclusive benefits!

Get a Free RDP Sample for Wall Putty!

Enhance your wall putty projects with our premium RDP powder. Request your free sample and experience the benefits firsthand.



Why must we add RDP powder in wall putty?
What are the ingredients in wall putty formula?

>> Recommended Interior Wall Putty Formula:

Materials Product Weight/Spec
HPMC/HEMC WA50K 3.5-4.5 KG
RDP Powder W-4116N 14-18KG
PVA BDH120 Vary with Formula


>> Recommended Exterior Wall Putty Formula:

Materials Product Weight/Spec
RDP Powder T-5043N/T-5045N 15-18KG
PP Fiber PPF 3MM
Wall Putty Cracks: Causes and Solutions?
Causes of Wall Putty Cracks:

1. Poor Base Adhesion: When the surface is loose or unstable, and joint treatment is insufficient.
2. Excessive Thickness: Applying a single, overly thick coat that dries quickly can lead to surface cracks as the outer layer dries faster than the inner layers.
3. Incompatible Putty Layers: Mismatched putty layers with varying hardness and composition can result in cracking.
4. Contaminated Putty: Mixing putty with substances other than water can cause cracks.



1. Ensure Stable Structure: Only apply putty once the underlying structure is stable to prevent future cracks.
2. Proper Joint Treatment: Address any cracks or joints in the cement mortar or substrate before applying putty.


What is the role of RDP powder in interior wall putty?
RDP(Redispersible Polymer) Powder can improve the adhesive properties, workability, and flexibility of interior wall putty. WOTAIchem’s RDP-produced putty powder offers the following advantages:
  1. Enhanced Adhesion: RDP increases bonding strength for better adhesion to various substrates.
  2. Improved Coverage and Workability: The presence of RDP results in a smoother and more even wall surface, making application easier and faster.
  3. Crack and Wrinkle Resistance: RDP helps prevent cracks and wrinkles, ensuring a smooth and durable wall finish.
  4. Efficient Filling and Seam Performance: RDP allows for efficient hole filling and seamless integration between wall sections, ensuring a high-quality finish.
What happens when there is insufficient glue in a putty?

Insufficient glue in putty is a direct result of a loose layer of putty. A chalky surface, high paint consumption when painting, poor levelling and a rough surface, makes it difficult to form a thick paint film. The wall surface will be peeling, blistering, peeling and cracking. To completely solve these possibilities, purchasing quality putty and emulsion powder is necessary.

What is powder wall putty?

Powder wall putty is a fine powdery substance used in construction to prepare and smoothen wall surfaces before painting or applying. Wall putty is made from white cement, polymers, and other additives. It is mixed with water to form a smooth paste that fills in cracks, holes, and imperfections on walls. This ensures a smooth and even surface that enhances the final finish of the wall.

How does a putty bulge arise?

Improper treatment of the substrate. So the putty layer does not contact the substrate closely enough, forming an interlayer. A dense layer between the substrate and the putty layer prevents the air from diffusing properly towards the substrate.

After scraping the putty, what is the cause of the yellowing in places? What should I do?
The second coat of putty before the first coat is dry will often result in yellowing. If the water content is high, and there is no sealing before the putty is put on, this can cause yellowing.
If the yellowing is caused by scraping the second coat of putty before the first coat has dried, you can use white paint to cover it. However, if the yellowing is caused by the water content of the wall, and not waterproof putty. It is best to remove it and redo it.
What will happen if I scrape a second coat of putty before the first one is dry?

Over time, it will peel and sometimes turn yellow.

How long does it take for the water-resistant putty to dry on the wall in sunny and dry weather?

Wall putty usually takes 2-3 days to dry with the windows open.

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