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MHEC Supplier for Drymix Mortar

WOTAIchem is one of the leading methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose manufacturers in China. We understand the vital role of mortar additives in optimizing drymix mortar formulations.


Our commitment to quality control is evident in every batch. We consistently deliver superior additives with an annual MHEC capacity surpassing 40,000 tons.


MHEC’s eco-friendly nature aligns with sustainable practices. Contributing to both construction performance and reduced environmental impact.


To enhance your formulations, WOTAIchem also provides other related additives for mortar. These include HPMC, HPS, RDP, fibers, construction-grade calcium formate, and high-efficiency water reducers.


Product Information

mhec for construction mortar

Product Overview

Product Name: Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose/MHEC.

Guidiance: Provide expert designed dry mix mortar formulations.

Compliance: ISO, CANS, SGS, etc.

CAS No.: 9032-42-2.


MHEC Powder Price: Negotiable.

Payment: LC, T/T, OA.

Delivery: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.


Product Details

Package: 25 kg/bag. 500-600 kg/pallet.

Role: Thickener; water retention agent; stabilizer.

Application: Dry mix mortars.

Particle Size: 99% pass 80 mesh.

Grades: Standard, premium, pure, OEM.

OEM Options: Based on your specific application.

Viscosity: 400-75,000 mPa.s.

Moisture: ≤5%.


MHEC for Drymix Mortar Grades

WOTAIchem’s MHEC for drymix mortar, categorized as T-Series and W-Series. Among these, our flagship grades, including WE20000, WE45000, and WE50000, stand out. Designed to enhance mortar performance, our MHEC variants offer varying viscosities and high water retention. From improved adhesion and workability to anti-sag, our MHEC solutions empower your drymix mortar projects with tailored excellence.
  • mhec-supplier
    Model WE-150A
    Appearance White to offwhite powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • hemc-product
    Model WE-150B
    Appearance White to offwhite powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • hemc-product
    Model TE-50KA
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • hemc-product
    Model TE-50KB
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • hemc-product
    Model TE-75KA
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    Viscosity 170,000-180,000
  • hemc-product
    Model TE-75KB
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    Viscosity 170,000-180,000
  • hemc-product
    Model T100K
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    Viscosity 100,000
  • hemc-product
    Model T200K
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Water 6% or less
    Viscosity 200,000

Hot Selling MHEC Powder Uses with Recommendation

Product Type Recommended Applications
T75K Series Modified Tile Adhesives/EIFS
TB50K Modified Wall Putty/Plasters/Masonry Mortar
T100K Not Modified Wall Putty/Plasters/Repair Mortar
T200K Not Modified Tile Adhesives/EIFS

Addressing Common Mortar Challenges with MHEC

  • mortar-crack
    Crack Prevention
    MHEC helps prevent cracks in mortar by improving its bonding and cohesion properties. Finally, leading to a more durable and crack-resistant final projects.
  • mortar-application
    Reduced Drying Issues
    Adding MHEC into mortar formulations minimizes issues related to rapid drying. Ensuring a more controlled drying process reduces the risk of excessive moisture loss.
  • mhec-adhesive
    Poor Adhesion
    MHEC cellulose is a thicking agent in mortar. It improves mortar adhesion. Promoting better bonding between mortar and various substrates. Resulting in improved adhesion.

How HEMC Powder Enhance Your Construction Performance

Water Retention
Extended Setting Time
Improved Adhesion
Increased Workability

MHEC for Drymix Mortar - 2 Major Applications


1. Enhanced Adhesion and Water Retention.

MHEC improves adhesion to masonry surfaces while enhancing water retention, increasing mortar strength.


2. Improved Lubrication and Workability

Incorporating cellulose ether-enhanced mortar enhances lubrication and plasticity, improving construction performance. Mortar with cellulose ether is easy to work with, saving time and enhancing cost-effectiveness.


3. High Water Retention Versions for Highly Absorbent Bricks

Specific high water retention variants are suitable for highly absorbent bricks, ensuring optimal performance.



1. Enhanced Consistency and Anti-Sag Properties:
MHEC enhances consistency, making plastering easier and improving anti-sag ability. It increases flowability, enhancing work efficiency.


2. Extended Workability with High Water Retention

High water retention characteristics extend the workable time of the mortar, improving efficiency and aiding in developing high mechanical strength during the setting phase.


3. Controlled Air Entrapment for Smooth Finish

MHEC helps control air entrainment. Eliminating micro-cracks in coatings. And resulting in an ideal smooth surface finish.

Let WOTAIchem Be Your Dry Mortar Additives Partner


Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

How to improve the rough surface of a canal using dry mixed mortar?

The primary reason for the drying of dry-mixed mortar is the poor quality of MHEC and other admixture products used in this mortar.


Solution: Compaction and Cement Blanket

Compact the soil at the bottom of the canal and directly lay a cement blanket. The cement blanket will oxidize and harden when saturated with water, providing a service life of about 20 years.


Recommended Formulation and Additives:
> Additives
– RDP-T5010N
– Hydrophobic Agent T-70SP

> Additional Material
– Add 12mm PP fiber to the canal.


By using these materials and following this process, you can significantly improve the rough surface of the canal, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Who is the manufacturer of MHEC?
WOTAIchem is the leading MHEC manufacturer in China. We brings over two decades of industry expertise in construction additives. Backed by robust resources and a solid financial foundation, we ensure consistent annual output and continuous R&D. Our MHEC supply across 30+ countries. We offer more than just products! WOTAIchem is tuning to provide a comprehensive additive OEM solution package tailored to your needs. If you have inquiries about MHEC or other construction additives, feel free to consult WOTAIchem anytime.
Where to use mortar mix?
Mortar mix finds versatile use in constructing and repairing brick blocks. Also, the stone structures such as barbecues, pillars, walls, and planters. At WOTAIchem, we go a step further. We tailor OEM additive solutions for your specific dry mix mortar needs. Our dry mix mortar is easily prepared by adding water. It’s ideal for mortar and guarantees reliable results for various construction projects.
What is the specific application range of dry mix mortar?

Specialty or drymix mortar is best suited for applications involving powdered materials. Its primary application areas include:

– Cement mortar and high-performance concrete.

– Cement-based self-leveling materials.

– Various precast components and products are made from cement concrete.

– Cement-based grouting, pressure grouting, injection grouting.

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