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Your Global Reliable Partner in Construction Chemicals

WOTAIchem is a dedicated construction chemical manufacturer based in China. While we may not be the Number One supplier in the industry, we are committed to providing outstanding products and services. Our mission is to create value for global customers!


We focus on customers’ perspectives. That makes us different.


Our main goal is to understand and meet your requirements. Instead of seeking fast profits, we’re here for long-term development, aiming to build strong and lasting partnerships!

Exceptional Support and Custom Solutions

At WOTAIchem, we go beyond providing products. We provide technical support and formula modifications as your unique solutions. Our dedicated team of Research and Development professionals are ready to assist you.


As a VIP customer, we promise you a smooth experience with our team support at every step. Your service doesn’t just come from one person; it’s a team’s effort. Different team members will be there to assist you during the whole process. We make sure you get the help and knowledge you need all along the way.


-Market analysis and application scenarios.
-Custom formulas based on geographic locations.
-Dosage guides for multiple and combined additives.

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Reliable Quality and Sustainable Supply

1. Consistent quality. Implementation of DCS and SIS systems monitoring production quality and safety.


2. Stock-sample alignment. Sample quality aligns with the actual stock. Every batch is traceable with a COA attachment.


3. Global supply. Stable supply to global business partners with an annual capacity of up to 40,000 MTs.


4. Safe Transactions. Supported by the SOE-Yuanwang Group with financial backing. Offering you a selection of secure payment options.


5. OEM Design and Customization. Professional art and design team specializing in logo and packaging design.


6. Direct factory supply. Get cost savings with direct factory supply and fast logistic service.

Cellulose Ether


-Carefully selected fine cotton.
-White to off-white powder.
-Impressive water retention.
-Indispensable in mortar applications.


-High heat resistance.
-Excellent water retention.
-Good Workability.
-Extended opening time.


-Outstanding coating performance.
-Achieves a smooth result without flocculation.
-Prevent the occurrence of separate layers.
-Excellent scrubbing resistance.

Other Mortar Additives


-High-quality spray powder with various uses.
-Include second drying step to avoid clumping.
-Crack resistance, strong adhesion.
-Suitable for a wide range of applications.


-High water reduction rate.
-Reduce water usage, enhance cement strength.
-Enhance cement fluidity and workability.
-Small dosage and minimize shrinkage.


-Enhance pre-curing speed and cement strength.
-Preventing slow setting at low temperatures.
*Feed grade: High calcium content, low heavy metal content.

Your Reliable Construction Chemical Manufacturer

SOE Support. With the exclusive support of Yuanwang Group, we have secured superior land resources. We established three major production bases for cellulose ether, RDP powder, and superplasticizers respectively.


Triple ISO Certification. WOTAIchem products are ISO-certified. It reflects our commitment to delivering not just products but solutions! Get complimentary samples to test and experience the difference by yourself!


Stable Supply Chain. We maintain a stable supply chain to serve worldwide countries, with three factories. We invite you to collaborate and join our dealer’s network. Unlocking more advantages and benefits exclusively for dealers!


Flexible Payments. At WOTAIchem, we prioritize your convenience and financial flexibility. We offer a range of payment methods. For example, T/T, LC, and PayPal to accommodate your needs.


Quick Delivery. We focus on fast and efficient shipping. Once your order is confirmed, our factory starts production. usually takes about 7-14 days. We ensure prompt shipment directly from our factories.

Working Hard to Deliver Exceptional Products and Service

Advanced Technology

We adopted German-made equipment and modern manufacturing technology aligned with international standards. Our R&D center continually develops new and improved formulas.

Quality Consistency

Quality is a significant factor in our business development. We maintain strict standards for samples as well as actual stocks.

Customization Service

We’ve been practicing OEM over the past years, and we’ve gained numerous positive feedback from regular clients worldwide. We customize the formula that best suits your current application.

Annual Capacity

Our yearly production capacity is up to 40,000MT for cellulose ether, 20,000MT for redispersible polymer powder, and 20,000Mt for the rest of the products. With timely delivery, regardless of volume.

ISO Certificates

WOTAIchem has obtained ISO certifications. It represents Quality, Safety, and Environment. The qualification reflects our dedication to bring you nothing but quality products.

Customer Service

Our business partners are from over 30 countries, with a proven record of excellent customer support. We’re client-centric, and your satisfaction is always our major concern.

Moments with WOTAIchem

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  • formula-modification
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Our Client Reviews

  • construction-chemical-partners

    Your RDP product ultra flexible types + HEMC are outstanding! In both laboratory test results and practical usage.

  • construction-chemical-partners

    Your products are performing well. To start the collaboration, we wish to purchase 1 pallet of HEMC TE75 and RDP 5045N.

  • construction-chemical-partners

    WOTAIchem flexible RDP, HEMC modified, after 1 day, the adhesion is outstanding!

  • construction-chemical-partners

    The samples were approved by the cutomer laboratory and we will get back to you very soon with new order details.

Get in Touch

We're a group of passionate and energetic people who love to explore the industry. We build positive

relationships through outstanding service with each interaction. Our support team is always here for you.


Popular Applications

Mortar is used to fill the gaps between the bricks when building walls. It has recently become very popular because it continuously reduces mixing time and labor costs.
Our products have good thickening lubrication effect and increase the smoothness of gypsum putty. Extend opening hours and improve processability.
Perfect water retention provides excellent opening time for the construction process. Good thickening and viscosity improve the bonding strength.

Partner with WOTAIchem, Your Reliable Partner in China!

Join our dealer network for competitive prices!


-All stocks are shipped directly from the factory.

-Enjoy marketing assets to support your local sales targets.

-Complimentary visit to our factory for quality inspection.

-Experience exclusive perks upon reaching your yearly goal!


WOTAIchem is ready to help you save costs and boost your ROI!


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  • cnocrete-admixtures

Innovating with Yuanwang Group in Concrete Additives

WOTAIchem operates under the Yuanwang group. They invest in our R&D center and provide land resources for factories set up.


Yuanwang Group is a professional manufacturer of concrete additives.


Featuring products: calcium formate, concrete fiber, defoamer, starch ether, and retarding agent.

Linkwor Custom Solutions
Need customized formulas? Linkwor is our sister brand that focuses on creating custom solutions. We aim to provide affordable options that best suit your needs!

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What does hydroxypropyl methylcellulose do?

HPMC is widely used in our daily life. Construction-grade HPMC is the key ingredient for dry mix mortar, tile adhesive, joint filler, wall putty/skim coat, self-leveling floor, and gypsum plaster. Detergent grade HPMC is a perfect dispersant and thickener, to extend product shelf life.

Why is calcium formate used for construction?

Calcium formate significantly increases the growth of calcium alumina in the early stage of cement hydration, accelerates the hydration of C3S and improves the early strength of cement products, but has little effect on the setting time of cement. The physical properties of calcium formate are stable at room temperature and are not easily caked, making it more suitable for use in dry mortar, with good resistance to freezing and thawing and negative temperature construction.

What is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose made from?

HPMC is obtained from natural renewable resources, fine cotton, and wood pulp.

Is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose safe?

HPMC is a safe ingredient to use in construction, pharmaceutical, food additives, and detergent. It’s harmless to humans, as well as our environment.

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