Fast Curing Concrete Additives

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  • fast-curing-conrete-additives
  • sodium-fromate-supplier
  • synthetic-fiber-manfuacturer
  • melamine-water-reducing
  • melamine-reducer

Fast Curing Concrete Additives Manufacturer

WOTAIchem is your trusted rapid set concrete additives supplier in China. Our SOE group background provides financial and R&D support for concrete fast curing chemicals.


WOTAIchem maintains a stable production capacity. We offer various OEM solutions to meet your specific needs.


Our main fast curing concrete additives:

1. Calcium Formate:
– Early strength development.
– Accelerates setting times.


2. SM Superplasticizer:
– Fast plasticization for rapid results.
– Ideal for cold weather concreting. It offers freeze-thaw resistance.


3. PVA Fiber:
– Fast adhesion.
– Enhances bonding and toughness.


Product Information

concrete fast curing chemical

Product Overview

Application: Hardening accelerator for concrete or cement setting.
Availability: In stock.
Price: Negotiable.
MOQ: 1 ton for each category.
Certification: ISO, SGS, CANS, etc.
OEM Customization: Support.
Concrete Formula: Tailored concrete ratio solution by experts.

Cement Fast Setting Additives

Fast Delivery for Instant Concrete Curing Projects

Package: 25 kg/bag.
Appearance: Support OEM options, such as adding a logo, custom look, colors, etc.
Shelf Life: 2 years shelf life in original package.
Storage: Protect from direct sunlight, frost, and contamination.


Delivery: Direct from the factory.
Shipping: CIF, CFR, FOB, etc.
Free Sample: FedEx or DHL.
Period: 7-14 days.

Excellent Additive to Make Concrete Set Faster

Our main line of additive products is divided into two brands. WOTAIchem specializes in cellulose ethers and super plasticizers. Yuanwang offers other types of construction additives. We manufacture them through strict quality control systems. All our factories support bulk orders with stable quality.


We can also offer custom grade concrete additives for faster curing. Our team-based service ensures you have professional guidance at every step. Contact us today for more info!

Melamine Superplasticizer
Appearance White Powder
Bulk Density(g/L) 700±200
Moisture% ≤5
Paste Fluidity(mm) ≥200
Fineness Passing Rate ≥95
Category Superplasticizers
Calcium Formate
Appearance White crystal powder
Purity% ≥98.00
Moisture% ≤0.50% 
Calcium Content% ≥30.10
As% NA
PH Value NA
PVA Fiber
PVA Fiber
Product  Polyvinyl Alcohol
Configuration Monofilament
Tensile Strength 240ksi(1600MPa)
Flexural Strength 5700ksi(40GPa)
Category Concrete fiber
Appearance White fiber

How Our Fast Curing Concrete Additives Benefit Concrete?

  • concrete-projects
    Fast Cruing Time

    With fast curing concrete additives, projects can avoid slow curing.


    As a result, it adds total cost and delays the timelines.

  • climate-change
    Weather Sensitivity

    Concrete’s sensitivity to weather can disrupt projects.


    Fast curing additives ensure year-round stability.

  • concrete-additives
    Strength Concerns

    Concrete fast curing additives can slow risks of structural integrity.


    Fast setting cement additives ensure rapid early strength for your project.
  • wall-prepare

    Extended curing periods waste labor and equipment.


    Fast curing additives optimize resource use. Reducing costs.

  • construction-site
    Flexible Scheduling

    Traditional concrete limits project flexibility.


    Concrete accelerator admixture offers adaptable construction schedules.

  • parking-lot
    Sustainable Option

    Prolonged construction raises environmental impact.


    Fast curing additives promote energy efficiency and sustainability.

WOTAIchem Support You with Flexible Payment Choices

T/T Wire Transfer
Swift and efficient. Typically 2-5 business days.
L/C at Sight
Payment upon required document presentation.
Instant payment for samples, but may incur up to a 5% transaction fee.
We offer round-the-clock support throughout the entire process.

Your Secret to Speedy and Strong Concrete Construction

At WOTAIchem, we are dedicated to providing superior concrete additive solutions that meet your needs. Our fast curing additives are produced to help you complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Ensuring the durability and concrete strength every time.


Ready to take your construction projects to the next level? Contact WOTAIchem team now and discover how we can transform your building process with our solutions!


Expert Tips for Speeding Up the Concrete Curing Process

Fast Curing Concrete Additives-Building Futures


– Faster curing for quicker projects.

– Get projects done faster and more efficiently.

– Speedier projects are easier to manage.

– Consistent quality for predictable results.


– Quick strength boosts structure durability.

– Sturdier against the elements for longer life.

– Reliable quality in all seasons.

– Energy efficiency and sustainable construction.

Achieve Excellence through WOTAIchem Partnership


Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

Why does concrete crack after hardening? How can it be prevented?

Concrete can crack after hardening due to various reasons. Excessive loads causing tensile stress are a common cause. If concrete’s tensile strength can’t handle this stress, it cracks.


Reasons for cracking included as follows:

– Heavy loads.


– Drying shrinkage.


– Temperature changes.


– Additive reactions.


– Structural factors.


Tips to prevent cracking:
1. Address these aspects.


2. Reduce shrinkage through material choice, proportions, and curing.


3. Deal with temperature-related issues by controlling conditions during curing.

What additive can rapidly increase strength within six hours for Ultra-High Performance Concrete(UHPC)?

We recommend adding WOTAIchem™ PCE 6031 and Yuanwng™ PVA fiber to the concrete admixture. Please try adjusting the formula with the following UHPC concrete mix recommendation:


Concrete Mix Ratio: 52.5 Cement: 515
Silica Fume: 15
Microspheres: 120
Graded Quartz/Toughened Sand: 350
Steel Fibers: >57kg/ton
PCE6031: 4±0.5
Defoamer 802S: 0.5
Liquid LV30: 5 (concrete hardening admixture, added for precast elements)
Water: 91


The specific formulation may require adjustments based on the humidity and other factors of your location. You may contact our team at any time for more precise guidance on cement addition and mixing ratios.

Why does my concrete have white residue? How to fix it?

The white residues on concrete occur related to water factors. Rainwater, groundwater, or curing water can make the hardened concrete. It dissolves water-soluble colloidal. Or inorganic salt substances within the concrete and then react with carbon dioxide in the air, forming a sulfur substance. This substance becomes visible on the concrete surface once the water evaporates. Efflorescence is sometimes also called “white scum.”


Solution for removing these white residues from concrete:


Efflorescence can be removed by initially cleaning it with a soapy water solution. If it has carbonated, you can use a diluted hydrochloric acid solution to clean it and then rinse it with water.


It’s essential to use well-mixed and compact concrete to minimize porosity. This can be achieved by reducing the water-to-cement ratio. And it is minimizing the clay content in aggregates. You can use clean mixing water with high-quality cement and add water-reducing agents.


Proper curing practices and site protection against rainwater infiltration are crucial to mitigating efflorescence.

How to cure cement in just one week or less?

1. Choose the Right Cement Mix:

Consider using a high-early-strength cement mix to cure cement in one week or less. This type of cement is designed to gain strength quickly, aiding in faster curing.


2. Add Accelerators to the Formula:

Enhance the curing process by incorporating accelerators into your cement mix. Add 5-6 kg of WOTAIchem Calcium Formate and 1 kg of our hydrophobic agent to a 1 ton formula for optimal results. This powerful combination facilitates rapid curing without compromising the quality of the final product. However, the specific dosage should be adjusted based on your applications.


3. Optimize Mixing Conditions:

Use hot water to mix the cement. The elevated temperature contributes to the acceleration of the curing reaction. Promoting quicker setting and strength development.


4. Apply Curing Compounds:

To further expedite the curing process, apply a curing compound. The compound creates a protective barrier on the surface. Retaining moisture and allowing for controlled curing, even in challenging environmental conditions.

What are 3 additives you can put in concret

The top 3 concrete additives are air-entraining agents, water reducer, and accelerators.


> Air-entraining agents. They can introduce small and stable air bubbles during mixing. They also enhance the workability and improve freeze-thaw resistance.


> Super plasticizers. They can reduce water content in concrete admixture. Also, it improves the concrete strength and fluidity.


> Accelerators. They are additives to speed up the setting process. And are also good for the early strength development of concrete. They are particularly useful in cold weather conditions. For example, calcium formate.

How to level a concrete floor that slopes?

The concrete accelerator curing time or fast curing concrete additives varies. But, it is significantly shorter than conventional curing times. Often, accelerated concrete can reach enough strength in 4-12 hours, compared to the standard curing time of 28 days. But, specific curing times depend on the additives quality, environmental conditions, and project requirements.

How fast does concrete accelerator work?

Concrete accelerators usually start showing effects within 30 minutes to 2 hours. But, achieving full development may take anywhere from 6 hours to 7 days. This depends on various factors in your application. For example, temperature, humidity levels, and the specific accelerator used.

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