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China PCE Liquid Manufacturer

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer(PCE) is also known as polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer. WOTAIchem is a leading PCE liquid manufacturer in China. Our liquid polycarboxylate superplasticizer are manufactured under strict QA systems. The raw materials we use are non-toxic.


WOTAIchem also offers other concrete water reducing agents for your needs. We support large order production with stable quality. All super plasticizer meets international standards.  For example, solid PCE superplasticizers and SM superplasticizers.


  • High water reduction.
  • Improve fluidity.
  • High slump retention.
  • Enhance workability for concrete placement.
  • Suitable with various cement and conrete types.

PCE6023 Liquid Superplasticizer Specifications


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Liquid Polycarboxylate Based Superplasticizer Solution

WOTAIchem concrete superplasticizer additive exhibits broad adaptability alongside other concrete admixtures. The PCE liquid exhibits outstanding resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and corrosion.


A 1 ton of base PCE liquid can yield 8 tons of finished water-reducing agent. We recommend adding 7-12 kilograms per cubic meter of concrete.


WOTAIchem offer spolycarboxylate superplasticizer OEM customized services. Our expert teams will guide you on superplasticizer dosage adjustment. If you have specific needs, we can provide tailored PCE chemical formula ratios for you.


WOTAIchem Strengths In PCE Superplasticizer Manufacturing

WOTAIchem has a strong background in SOEs. Providing us robust innovation and technical support. Our R&D and quality control have attained leading positions in China.


We operate polycarboxylate superplasticizer production bases and advanced laboratories. Our annual manufacturing capacity for PCE superplasticizers over 80,000 Metric Tons. Utilizing our efficient supply chain, we can deliver to your specified location within 7-14 days.


PCE Liquid Superplasticizer for Concrete Mixture

  • construction-road
    General Construction

    · Improves flow for large projects.


    · Extends workability for complex structures.

  • construction-railway

    · Enhances workability and durability.


    · Retains a high slump for rail concrete structures.

  • bridge-construction
    Infrastructure Projects

    · Supports railway and bridge projects.


    · Offers freeze-thaw resistance and corrosion protection.

  • airport-construction
    Airports and Terminals

    · Concrete handling for efficient construction.


    · Stable during extended setup times.

  • concrete-superplasticizer
    Precast and Cast-in-Place

    · Ideal for both methods.


    · Maintains consistent performance in various structures.

  • construction-superplasticizer
    Challenging Projects

    · Ideal for prolonged setting times.


    · Maintains a high slump in critical projects.

Get Your FREE Liquid Plasticizer Samples!

Request a free sample of WOTAIchem’s liquid type polycarboxylate superplasticizer for unparalleled construction performance. Explore custom formulations tailored to your needs!

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What are the differences between solid and liquid superplasticizers?
What is the difference between PCE vs naphthalene based plasticizer?

PCE plasticizers are better than naphthalene-based ones for construction. Here’s why:


1. More Efficient
PCE plasticizers need less to do the same job – they reduce water in concrete by up to 45%, much more than naphthalene-based ones.


2. Less Slump Loss
Unlike naphthalene-based ones, PCE-based concrete stays pumpable for an hour, even with higher dosages.


3. Higher Dosage Limit
You can use more PCE superplasticizers before hitting the limit. Making it great for strong, low-water concrete.


4. Better Workability
PCE-based concrete is uniform, doesn’t segregate, and looks good. Great for high-grade concrete.


5. Stable
PCE plasticizers don’t separate or crystallize during storage. They are also eco-friendly.


In short, PCE plasticizers give better plasticity, control slump loss, and improve concrete durability. They provide more significant strength enhancement and shrinkage resistance to your project.

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