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Starch Ether for Wall Putty/Skim Coat

Yuanwang is a leading China starch ether manufacturer specializing in quality HPS powder for putty chemicals. With a focus on HPS manufacturing, we are dedicated to enhancing wall skim coatings. Our advanced lab and efficient supply chain guarantee reliable starch ether for wall putty applications.


Yuanwang expert teams provide professional OEM solutions based on your wall putty powder formula. Partner with us for superior starch ether powder and experience excellence in wall putty applications.


  • Improve putty anti-sag ability.
  • Provide rapid thickening performance.
  • Low dosage can achieve smooth putty application.
  • Good lubricity. Improve the operating performance and make the putty operation smoother.
  • HPS powder can be used with hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) to reduce the use of cellulose ether.

TOP 2 Main Roles of Starch Ether for Wall Putty

As one of the rheology modifiers, starch ether provides significant benefits to putty applications. Here are the main roles for two different types of wall putty tasks:


Interior Wall Putty

In interior wall putty applications, hydroxypropyl starch ether ensures that the putty is easy to apply. Resulting in a flawless and polished surface. It contributes to a pleasant user experience and enhances the visual appeal of indoor spaces.


Exterior Wall Putty

For exterior wall putty, starch ether enables better adhesion and longevity. It can help the surface to be resilient against harsh weather conditions. Improved consistency and flowability contribute to efficient application and a more durable finish.


Product Overview

Product Name: Starch Ether or HPS.

Brand: Yuanwang.

Origin: Shandong Province, China.

Application: Wall putty/skim coat.

Highlights: Anti-slip. Increase workability. Rapid thickening.

Formula: Designed by experts.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Delivery: CIF, CFR, FOB, etc.

Wall Putty Grade HPS Powder Specifications

Product: YW-302.
Grade: Construction.
Appearance: White or slightly yellowish powder.
Solubility: Dissolve in cold water.
Viscosity: 300-800 m.Pas.
Moisture: ≤10%.
OEM Customization: Support.
MOQ: 1000 kg.

Top 4 Advantages of Starch Ether In Wall Putty

Starch Ether for Wall Putty Advantages

Enhancing Putty Workability and Thixotropic Properties

One of the primary benefits of using starch ether in wall putty is its ability to improve workability and thixotropy.  With starch ether, the wall putty becomes smoother and easier to handle during application. Providing a superior user experience in putty applying operations.

Starch Ether for Wall Putty Advantages

Improving Wall Putty Texture and Sensation

Starch ether significantly enhances the texture and sensation of the wall putty. The presence of starch ether ensures that the putty spreads effortlessly on surfaces.


Finally, leaving a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish. This improves the overall appearance of the wall and enhances the feel of the applied putty.

Starch Ether for Wall Putty Advantages

Boosting Putty Mortar's Yield Value

Starch ether plays a crucial role in increasing the yield value of mortar. This means the mortar becomes less prone to sagging or sliding off vertical surfaces during application. The increased yield value ensures that the putty adheres better to walls.


Starch ether also helps prevent material wastage and saves both time and cost during construction.

Wall Putty Grade Starch Ether Packaging and Shipping

Package: 25kg/bag; 500kg/pallet.

Appearance: OEM options. You can add a logo or other items to the package.


Delivery: Direct from the factory.

Method: CIF, CFR, FOB, etc.

Free Sample: DHL or FedEx.

Period: 7-14 days. May vary on your location.


Yuanwang Excellence In Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether Production

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Request Your Free Starch Ether Sample Now!

Elevate your wall putty formulations with Yuanwang starch ether. Act now – request your HPS free sample today!

Other Compatible Wall Putty Chemicals with Starch Ether!


How to Address Bubbling Issues in Wall Putty?
Why does skim coat develop bubbles?
The occurrence of bubbles in skim coat can be attributed to several factors from a customer’s perspective:
  • The system’s alkaline nature: Introduction of acidic substances leads to the release of carbon dioxide due to the decomposition of calcium carbonate.
  • Quality of latex powder: Inferior products may result in excessive air bubble formation.
  • Cellulose ether: While neutral to weak alkaline, this substance requires exposure to air to function but should not lead to bubbling.
  • Bubbling on walls: If the wall is a concrete base, bubbles might form due to the need for interface agents for tile adhesion.
  • Applying skim coat to tiles: Application to tiles might result in bubble formation.
Can Starch Ether (HPS) replace cement/heavy calcium powder as a binder in wall putty production?

Starch Ether (HPS) is an additive designed to enhance performance. It is not a primary material for wall putty. Local manufacturers might be using pre-gelatinized starch, not HPS.


While pre-gelatinized starch with CMC can create interior wall putty, it may become yellow over time, and its quality might not meet the desired final results of the correct formula.

Is starch ether for wall putty environmentally friendly?

Yes! Hydroxypropyl starch ether(HPS) is derived from starch. It is a renewable and biodegradable resource. Therefore, Yuanwang-YW302 starch ether is an eco-friendly choice for construction applications.

What are the recommended dosages for starch ether?

The dosage varies based on specific applications. For expert guidance in selecting the optimal amount for desired effects, feel free to reach out to our team of professional formulation experts at Yuanwang. We are here to assist you in making the right choices for your construction projects.

How much time is required for the putty to dry while ensuring its strength? Is it better to dry fast or slow?
Under normal conditions, the putty takes about a day to dry. If it dries within one to two days with the appearance of ash, it might be due to the quality or dosage of HPMC not being sufficient.
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