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Superior Sample Quality

At WOTAIchem, we prioritize your satisfaction by providing a seamless sample delivery process. We carries out international-level quality control steps and is committed to high-quality standards. We ensure that the samples are the same quality as your order.


We provide construction additive products include RDP, cellulose ethers (HPMC, HEMC, HEC), concrete fibers(PPF, PVA, PET, PAN), superplasticizers(PCE, SM), calcium formate, and antifoaming agents for your projects.



Sample Order Process

WOTAIchem’s sample delivery process is designed to meet your needs efficiently and reliably. Once you have finalized the product and quantity of the required samples, our team will reserve it for you immediately. We will make sure the samples are meticulously prepared before shipping out.


WOTAIchem are always committed to providing you with better sample experience. We value your specific requirements and are open to accommodate additional requests you may have regarding the sample specifications.


Sample Packaging

WOTAIchem ensures that our samples are well prepared, adhering to our stringent quality standards.


Generally, 100-200g of samples is sufficient for testing purposes.


To ensure the sample safety, we have also incorporated sealable protective packaging to prevent any leakage of our quality construction additives. If you have alternative requirements, please kindly inform us. We will do our best to meet your needs.



Sample Shipment&Delivery

WOTAIchem understand the importance of timely sample delivery. Typically, we dispatch your samples within 2 working days. We provide you the option to choose between shipping via FedEx or DHL. Therefore, the specific shipping time also depends on your choice.


WOTAIchem provide not only the products. To maintain transparency, we also offer video recordings of the packaging process, ensuring you know the steps involved.


We proactively update you on the shipping status for your convenience. If you have any queries about when to expect to receive your samples, our professional team is available to assist you.


Get Your Samples for Free!
Place your trust in WOTAIchem for a seamless experience from sample delivery to additive purchase.


Can we send the product that we find effective to you for analysis? Can you identify benchmark products for sample testing?

Certainly! We understand that your primary goal is to find the most suitable additive samples for your construction projects. If you have a product that has been effective for you, please send us samples. Our laboratory, equipped for in-depth analysis, will assist you in identifying the optimal additives tailored to your requirements.


How It Works:

1. Submit Your Additive Sample:

Ship samples of the additives you’ve found effective in your construction projects.


2. Comprehensive Testing:

Our technical experts will conduct a detailed analysis of the provided additive samples.


3. Benchmark Product Identification:

Post-analysis, we’ll identify benchmark additives within our range that align with or surpass the performance of your current additives.


Testing Timeline:

The testing process typically takes around 7 working days.


Next Steps:

Based on the results, we can explore the possibility of sending samples of the identified benchmark additives for direct usage and evaluation in your projects.


Feel free to send us your additive samples, and we’ll leverage our laboratory capabilities to guide you toward the most suitable additives for your practical testing and evaluation.

How long does it take for the samples to arrive?

The transit time for sample delivery depends on the chosen shipping method and the destination. Typically, it takes 7-14 days for the samples to reach your location.

Are the samples packaged securely to prevent damage during transit?

Absolutely. We understand the importance of secure packaging to ensure the samples remain intact during transit. Our team follows strict packaging procedures to safeguard the samples and minimize the risk of damage.

What is the expected quality of the samples in comparison to the actual products?

The samples provided by WOTAIchem are representative of the quality you can expect from our actual products. We maintain strict international-level quality control standards to ensure consistency and reliability in our samples and products.

How to test samples of concrete additives?
Different concrete applications may require different testing methods. However, to test concrete additives, a common method is to prepare block molds and pour the well-mixed concrete with additives into them. The molds are then placed outdoors under natural conditions until the samples are completely dry, observing for any cracking or changes.
How do you ensure the safe use of your products?
We provide comprehensive Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). And the operation manuals, along with product samples. These documents contain ingredient tests and usage instructions. Ensuring proper handling and safe use of our products. Plus, storing our products in dry, ventilated conditions is important to maintain their quality and safety.
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