Creating Stronger Construction with WOTAIchem Products

  • Enhance paint adhesion, longevity, and color retention. Ensuring a durable and vibrant finish.

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  • Optimize tile adhesive for strong bonding and flexibility. Minimizing the risk of displacement and enhancing longevity.
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  • Enhancing application and reducing the likelihood of cracks or shrinkage. Resulting in smoother walls.
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  • Our cellulose ethers provide strength and crack resistance. As a result, it helps you maintain the appearance of your tiled surfaces.
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  • Ensuring consistency, superior adhesion, and long-lasting performance for construction projects.
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  • We offer fibers for your concrete reinforcement. Ensuring greater strength and resistance to cracks.
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  • Our additives enhance daily chemicals for improved stability and functionality. ensuring reliable everyday use.
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  • Offering you with improved adhesion, flexibility, and weather resistance for efficient building exteriors.
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  • Our additives make sure drilling fluid works well and stops unwanted bubbles from forming.
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  • Our additives enhance animal feed for improved nutritional content and quality. Finally, promoting healthier livestock.
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  • Ensuring easy application, superior flow, and smooth surfaces for floor leveling.
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  • Our solutions enhance leather tanning processes. Ensuring color stability and quality leather products.
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Product Quality Control

Product quality is our top priority. International organizations recognize WOTAIchem quality. The QC step is an essential link in our organization, which connects every step, from raw materials sourcing to stock delivery.


We select and inspect samples and record the inspection results, time, date, and by whom. We will remove the whole batch and check all programs if any defects are found.


WOTAIchem constantly revises existing formulas, focusing on practical value. Each solution is carefully tested multiple times to serve its true purpose.



Global Distribution in Construction Additives

WOTAIchem is a global leader in construction additives supply and distribution. We are supported by robust core lab capabilities with backgrounds in SOEs. We are expanding product R&D with technical support.


Also, we’re implementing ESG strategies for a sustainable future. And prioritizing efficient OEM solutions across all aspects of life.


WOTAIchem High Efficiency Products

WOTAIchem construction additives have become essential in building materials. All the construction chemicals are used in different areas and purposes. They significantly improve the strength of concrete, water resistance, hydration, and protection against corrosion or damage.


> Cellulose ethers (HPMC, HEMC/MHEC, HEC)

> RDP powder

> Calcium formate

> Superplasticizers(PCE, SM)

> Concrete fibers (PVA, PET, PAN, PPF)

> Others: sodium formate, HPS, and anti-foaming agents.



WOTAIchem Major Product Lines


HPMC natural polymer is derived from cotton and wood pulp. The powder has good water retention and is an excellent dispersant and thickener.


HEMC/MHEC is an essential additive in tile adhesives, dry-mix mortars, putties and cleaners. It has strong adhesion and high temperature resistance.


Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose is obtained from cellulose. It has many advantages in real stone paint, latex paint, and decorative paint with high salt tolerance.


RDP powders are obtained by spray drying of latex dispersions. RDP has fast solubility in water and improves mortar strength and cohesion.


Calcium formate is a construction additive as well as an animal feed preservative. It has an antifreeze effect and accelerates the mortar strength.


PP fiber is a man-made fiber made by polymerizing propylene. It is easy to work with and provides additional toughness and impact resistance to the mortar.


HPS dissolves in water to form a transparent viscous liquid. It achieves better freeze-thaw stability and has a fast thickening effect.


SM is a water reducer. It reduces water consumption but increases the strength and density of the mortar. It has good compatibility with various cements.


PCE is an effective water reducer in self-leveling, grouting materials, and grouting agents. It increases density and reduces shrinkage cracking.

Cellulose Ether Products (3)

  • HPMC-for-construction

    Architectural-grade HPMC enhances water retention. Cement or concrete often dries too quickly due to insufficient hydration. This basically causes cracking.

  • HEMC-building-materials

    HEMC and HPMC have similar roles in building materials. It’s just that HEMC has a higher gel temperature than HPMC, which means HEMC is more stable in hot weather.

  • HEC-for-construction

    HEC has the strongest protective colloid ability among all cellulose ethers. Its water retention level is much higher than methylcellulose. And good liquidity control.

RDP Products (3)

Transform Your Ideas into Formulas

Your unique formula is waiting to be created. Seize the opportunity to shape your project’s success by initiating the customization process today.



What is cellulose ether used for?

Cellulose ethers act as thickeners and stabilizers in many industries. Including construction, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care and daily chemicals. WOTAIchem cellulose ethers are mainly used in construction and daily chemicals.

What is HPMC polymer?

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is short for HPMC. It’s the most frequently used polymer. Depending on the corresponding viscosity, it can be used for adhesion, emulsification, bonding, suspension, film-forming, and gelation.

What is RDP chemical used for?

Redispersible latex powder is also called RDP powder. It is obtained through a complex spray-drying process. Currently, it is used as a chemical additive in building materials.

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