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  • HPMC-drymix-mortar
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HPMC for Drymix Mortar

WOTAIchem is a reliable HPMC supplier for dry mix mortar additives. Drymix mortar is a good quality building material with excellent operating and laying characteristics. It consists of special Portland cement, well-graded mortar sand, and selected additives.



WOTAIchem HPMC is an key additive in dry mortar mix. It is commonly applied to all forms of cement-based mortars.


Our HPMC powders can extend opening time to improve hydration and adhesion. It avoids the quick drying condition to cause cracks. Providing much longer opening time and acts as a thickener to control the mortar stickiness.


  • HPMC Powder Price: Negotiable.
  • Payment: T/T, LC, OA.
  • OEM Customization: Support.

HPMC for Drymix Mortar

HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) is one of the key additives in drymix mortars. It has many characteristics contributes to the mortar performance, such as water retention and film formation.


WOTAIchem HPMC powder prevents mortar drying too quickly. Our HPMC products has great water retention in different dry mortar mix. It is also an excellent dispersant and thickener. It increases mortar cohesion and improves workability.

Product Overview

Product Name: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

Appearance: White to off-white powder.

pH Value: 6-8.

Grade: Construction.

Type: Cost-effective, modified, pure, and OEM.

Annual Capacity: 40,000 metric tons.

Certification: ISO, CANS, SGC, etc.

MOQ: 1000kg.


Hot Selling HPMC Powder-Dry Mortar Additives

Product Viscosity(mPa.s) Recommended Applications
T400 300-500 Self-leveling
T50K Series 40,000-55,000 Wall Putty/plasters
T75K Series 65,000-75,000 Tile adhesives/EIFS
HPMC-WA  55,000-65,000 Cost efective putty/adhesives
HPMC-WB 40,000-50,000 Cost efective putty/adhesives

The 3 Major Functions of HPMC in Drymix Mortar

HPMC in Drymix Mortar

Excellent Water Retention

Water retention is an important factor of HPMC. Its viscosity, dosage, and molecular structure also have a significant impact on its water retention level.


Typically, a small amount of HPMC can greatly increase the water retention of a mortar.

HPMC in Drymix Mortar

Good Thickening Effect

HPMC increases the viscosity of the mortar, significantly improves the bonding ability of the mortar to the substrate and improves the resistance to sagging.


The thickening effect of HPMC also improves the resistance to dispersion and homogeneity of the newly mixed material.

HPMC in Drymix Mortar

Air-Entraining Function

HPMC is a surfactant with surface activity and air-entraining effects. It improves the workability of freshly mixed materials and  increases the plasticity and smoothness of mortar during operation.


Also, HPMC powder contributes to the spreading of mortar and increases mortar yield and reduces production costs.


Package and Delivery Solution

Package: 25kg/bag; 500-600kg/pallet.

Package Material: Multi-layer paper bag with PE-lined inner.

Appearance: Support custom design.


Delivery: Straight from the factory.

Shipping Options: CFR, CIF, FOB, etc.

Period: 7-14 days. ETA depends on your location.

Free Samples are Available!

Claim your free sample of HPMC for drymix mortar now! Experience the quality firsthand and see the difference it makes in your projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dry Mortar VS Wet Mortar
Dry mix mortar Wet mix mortar
Dry mix mortar is suitable for more delicate projects such as grouting, tile repair, reinforcing or repairing concrete. Wet mix mortar is usually better for more extensive projects created from scratch, such as house building.
Storage time: Storage time:
Dry mix versions are only mixed when required. Offering greater flexibility in terms of storage, large quantities can be stockpiled. Wet mixes already contain water, as a matter of fact, they need to be used within 24 hours of the mixture being affected.
Equipment and site requirements: Equipment and site requirements:
Dry mix mortar requires application equipment that mixes the dry material with water at the construction site. An ideal option for small to medium-sized projects in delicate concrete where workers have better control. Wet mixing mortar requires more space on the construction site. So trucks can access and deliver the concrete material, making it more suitable for larger projects.


How do I prevent cracks in my concrete from quickly drying in hot weather with low humidity?

I recommend adding RDP powder to your existing formula to solve your issue. A complete formula incorporates HPMC, RDP, and PP fiber for your application. Following this formula, you can achieve optimal results and ensure effective performance in your desired industry.


RDP, or Redispersible Polymer Powder, enhances mortar’s flexibility, elasticity, and flexural strength. Its primary function is to make the concrete harder to break while promoting its durability and longevity.


Cellulose ether is a valuable additive for mortar as it can retain water and thicken the mixture, providing an extended opening time. This feature enhances the workability of the mortar, ensuring that the concrete does not dry too quickly.


PP fiber is a specialized material that can be added to concrete mixtures to improve their strength, resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. The concrete becomes much more durable and better to deal with the pressure. Additionally, PP fiber enhances the crack resistance of the concrete.

How does HPMC work in mortar?

· Water Retention

HPMC is a high-molecular polymer. It forms a mesh-like structure that encapsulates cement and mixing water. This structure prevents moisture loss and slows cement hydration.


· Thickening Principle

HPMC’s film-forming and mesh-like structure. It along with its hydroxyl groups on long polymer chains. Ensuring stable mortar structure. HPMC introduces many tiny, distributed bubbles that hinder aggregate sedimentation. It benefits cement-based materials such as dry mortar and polymer modified mortar. Providing excellent water retention and workability.

How is dry mix mortar manufactured?

Dry-mix mortar is produced in a special plant with special facilities for batching and mixing all the necessary ingredients in a production-controlled process. It provides excellent technical properties for construction work to meet strict performance requirements. It is a mixture of cement, sand, minerals and functional additives in proportion to each other.

What is drymix mortar?

Dry mix mortar is a good quality building material with excellent operating and laying characteristics. Drymix mortar composition consists of special Portland cement, well-graded mortar sand, and selected additives. It is commonly applied to all forms of masonry works. With high quality for brick and block placement.

What is dry mix concrete?

Dry mix concrete is all the dry materials in a bag, going through a delivery pipe with water on the construction site. Wet mix concrete, on the other hand, is a complete mixture that usually needs to be stored in advance on a concrete truck before being delivered to the construction site.

What is dry mix mortar used for?

Dry mix mortar is suitable for more delicate projects such as grouting, tile repair, reinforcing or repairing concrete.

Why does the volume of mortar increase when cellulose ether is added?

Cellulose ether functions to retain water, thicken, entrain air, and delay the setting time. The entrained air increases the volume of the mortar, ensuring its cohesion and preventing dispersion.

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