Application Industry

  • Drilling fluids. WOTAIchem additives are specially formulated for drilling fluids. They lubricate the drilling bit and carry the cuttings to the surface.

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  • WOTAIchem produces a range of construction additives for your building and construction use. They simplify the process and increase overall efficiency.

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  • Daily chemicals are used in our daily lives. It includes personal care, cleaning products, and households.

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  • Premix refers to pre-blend chemical compounds for use in certain applications. Majority in building materials. It’s simple to use and saves you plenty of time.

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  • Asphalt mixture requires a certain dosage of additives or fibers to increase the overall performance. Normally, they’re resistant to extreme weather conditions.

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  • Ingredients added to the concrete mixture are meant to modify the properties. For example, the setting time, strength, and workability.

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  • In order to have a shining and polished surface, paint additives are required to add to the formula. It eliminates bubbles and creates the desired result.

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  • Looking for tile adhesives that are strongly secured even on horizontal surfaces? WOTAIchem has all you need in the tiling industry.

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Wall Putty Skim Coat

WOTAIchem cellulose ether and re-dispersible polymer powders are commonly seen in wall putties.


Cellulose ethers offer excellent water retention to the putty mixture. Ensuring enough moisture within the base layer as well as the top one.


HPMC cellulose makes the putty easy to work with and extends opening time.


Redispersible polymer powder provides extra adhesiveness. Plus anti-sagging results.


Tile Adhesive

WOTAIchem cellulose ether is simple to use. It controls water evaporation in all types of tiles. Significantly increase the bonding strength.


VAE dispersible polymer powder is your must-have ingredient for tiling. With that, your tiling process is much easier with anti-sagging and impact resistance. It attaches to the different surfaces firmly.

Dry Mix

Dry mix mortar additives HPMC effectively extends cement opening time. It avoids quick drying and hardening of the mortar mixture. HPMC powder acts like a thickener to control your mortar thickness.


MHEC/HEMC powder helps you target common challenges. It prevents cracks and poor adhesion. Whether you’re using masonry mortar or cement-based mortar, MHEC is your all-in-one solution.


In masonry mortar, MHEC enhances water retention and adhesion.

In cement-based mortar, MHEC extends workability with a high level of moisture content. It controls air entrapment to achieve a smooth finish.


Paints Coatings

WOTAIchem’s hydroxyethyl cellulose is a popular ingredient for paints and coatings. To be specific, water-based coatings, latex paints, and real stone paints are commonly seen scenarios.


HEC works well with pigments to make your paints look shining and smooth. It’s compatible with other ingredients in paints and coatings to achieve the desired consistency.

Self Leveling

Self-leveling is a common flooring material in buildings and construction. It is usually poured out onto the surface, and it will level itself out without additional smoothing and leveling procedures.


WOTAIchem has several additives that are recommended for self-leveling purposes.


HPMC in self-leveling: increased fluidity and high compressive strength.


VAE RDP powder in self-leveling: extends opening time and enhances mortar strength.


Plasticizer in self-leveling: Spead effortlessly and level uneven surfaces easily.



WOTAIchem products are popularly used in the ETICS system. They improve adhesion, increase impact resistance, and avoid cracking. They combine multiple benefits in just a small dosage of additives.


HPMC in ETICS: thickener and binder. It helps in creating a strong and consistent mixture and holds the insulation board firmly in place.


VAE RDP powder in ETICS: Redispersible polymer powder improves adhesion and attaches the insulation board securely in place. It enhances overall strength and ensures a long-lasting result in building insulation.


Detergents are our everyday essentials. Detergent additives can extend the shelf life of the product. It allows the products to be stored for two years or even longer.


With added cellulose additives, it can remove dirt and contaminants from different materials.


WOTAIchem cellulose ether additives options for detergent include HPMC, MHEC, and HEC.


Oil Drilling

Oil drilling operation involves HEC cellulose, sodium formate, and polyanionic cellulose. Drilling fluid serves the purpose of lubricating and cooling the drilling bit. And also carrying the cuttings back to the surface.


Sodium formate in drilling fluids acts as a shale stabilizer. It helps to stop the dirt from falling apart and keeps the hole steady during drilling.


Polyanionic cellulose acts as a filtration control agent in drilling fluids. It controls the flow of the liquid and prevents solids from drilling fluids. Maintaining the quality of fluids.

Animal Nutrition

WOTAIchem produces calcium formate in animal feed grades, except for industrial and construction grades.


Calcium formate is an effective animal feed additive. It provides a source of calcium. It’s a basic ingredient needed for strong bone development and health in animals.


Calcium formate is generally safe for use in most animals. It improves the absorption of nutrients and is beneficial for the digestive process.


Redefine Construction Chemical Industry by WOTAIchem


WOTAIchem is a member of the Yuanwang group. It offers us financial backing and valuable resources.


Explore our exclusive formulas! We can also analyze and customize them to meet your specific needs.


WOTAIchem holds triple ISO certifications. Ensuring international quality standards.


Collaborate with us for customization! We analyze your current applications and identify the best product matches!


Our QC system and multiple tests ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards.


The R&D dept. We are dedicated to innovating and improving our products to meet the evolving needs.


Our supply chain system is optimized to ensure efficient and reliable product distribution regardless fo your location.


WOTAIchem payment and delivery processes are designed for your convenience and efficiency.


WOTAIchem strives to reduce environmental impact to a minimum. Promote ethical business practices.

Free Samples are Available!

Take the first step towards construction excellence. Contact WOTAIchem today to discuss your project’s needs. We provide tailored solutions for your specific requirements.


Why are construction chemicals important?

Construction chemicals are important for the following reasons.


Enhance durability.
Construction chemicals reduce your maintenance cost. You only need a small amount of it added to your building materials; it contributes to the overall performance. Superplasticizer, for example, reduces the amount of water needed during construction. And eventually delivers remarkable results. You’ll be impressed by how it can create a smooth and level surface with very little water. And resulting in a higher-quality result.


Construction efficiency.
With added construction chemicals, your building materials are easy to work with. They’re compatible with different types of materials, with extra thickness and water retention.


Construction chemicals streamline your construction process. It leads to significant savings in both time and labor. They help to expedite progress and stay ahead of schedule.

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