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At WOTAIchem, we have a diverse collection of construction chemicals, cellulose ethers, VAE RDP, calcium formate, antifoams, concrete fibres, superplasticizers, etc. We help you to source it, produce it, and deliver it. You have full access to all our product categories.


Sometimes you may have to stock up in advance to deal with any uncertainties. We have five major production bases in China where we keep your stock safe and accessible. You may request a shipment wherever you need them.


Supply Chain Capabilities

-Supply chain visibility. We keep tracking and monitoring the stock’s movement. Visibility makes it possible to anticipate potential interruptions. Spot issues, and make proactive decisions that will improve the supply chain system.


-Collaboration with dealers. Teamwork is essential for effective supply chain management. It ensures smooth coordination, information sharing, and goal alignment.


-Risk management. There may be demand fluctuations, transportation delays, or even natural disasters. Developing contingency plans are essential to address unforeseen events.

Fulfillment for Large Volume Orders

At WOTAIchem, the annual capacity for RDP is up to 20,000 tons, and HPMC is over 40,000 tons. We’re well-equipped to handle fulfilment for large volume orders. No matter if it’s in peak season or off-peak season. We constantly support you with stocks in all volumes.


We understand the importance of providing flexible payment terms and shipment options to meet diverse needs. Thus, we’re here to support you with the most convenient method. At the same time, we ensure speedy and on-time delivery.



Be Proactive and Leading the Industry

Our proactive approach ensures we offer solutions in advance. Anticipating and addressing potential issues. Whether it’s pandemics or extreme weather conditions, we are fully prepared to handle any uncertainties that may occur. By partnering with a reliable distributor like WOTAIchem, your best interests are always a priority. We navigate through changes with experience and ensure smooth operations for you.


WOTAIchem has the background of SOEs representatives in China. We have extensive networks and connections across the globe. And we’re able to get what you need regardless of your location.

We’re Your Supplier, Factory and Distributor in Global Supply Chain System.

How does WOTAIchem supply chain management work?

Supply chain management for construction additives, including planning and coordinating.


WOTAIchem construction additives cover an extensive collection of products. They’re widely used to enhance their performance in concrete, cement, mortar, or coatings.


Sourcing is the first step to making sure high-quality materials are adopted. It’s followed by efficient manufacturing and maintaining product quality and consistency. QC measurements are implemented to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. After customer orders are confirmed, we coordinate and arrange for transportation. At the same time, we will provide a tracking number for visibility. Every step involves effective communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

How many warehouses do you have in China?

As a global construction additives supplier, we have multiple warehouse locations in China. It reduces transit time and allows for quicker delivery to the harbors. With fully renovated production bases, we ensure a stable supply chain.

What is the difference between HPMC products A and B?

Both products have the same molecular formula and composition from a chemical standpoint. HPMC A has better water retention capabilities in terms of product performance. A is slightly more expensive than B due to a higher concentration of active ingredients. We recommend you choose A for superior performance.


Our HPMC products have been extensively tested and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our HPMC is consistent and reliable for various applications.

How do I choose the appropriate viscosity for HEMC(MHEC) products, and what is the equivalent of 1 Lac viscosity?

The viscosity of HEMC(MHEC) products is essential when selecting a product for your specific application. Generally, higher-viscosity products are recommended for thicker coatings or applications that require more excellent water retention.


If you require the maximum viscosity for HEMC/MHEC products, our highest viscosity is 100,000, equivalent to 1 Lac. If you’re located in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Pakistan, 1 Lac equals 100,000 viscosity.


*Appropriate viscosity for your specific application may vary depending on coating thickness, substrate type, and environmental conditions. We recommend consulting with a WOTAI professional first. You may also perform testing to determine the optimal viscosity for your needs.

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