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China HEC Powder Manufacturer

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a thickening agent derived from cellulose. It is a white and water-soluble polymer.


WOTAIchem is one of the leading hydroxyethyl cellulose suppliers in China. We provide various grades of HEC powder for your different uses. Our HEC powder provides good dispersion and thickening capabilities. You can find them in paints, construction, oil fields, and daily chemicals.


WOTAIchem also offers OEM solutions for HEC powder. We provide customized formulas and plans supported by our factory and professional team. All goods ensure stable quality in every batch.


  • Price: Negotiable.
  • Payment: TT, LC, OA.
  • MOQ: 1000 kg.
  • Delivery: 7-14 days. Support shipping options like CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.

Buy HEC from Reliable Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Supplier

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose - HEC

Product Information

Brand Name: WOTAIchem.
Place of Origin: Shandong Provience, China.
Availability: In stock.
Viscosity: 15,000-55,000 m.Pas.
OEM Customization: Support.
Grade: Construction, paints and coating, oil production.
Package: 25 kg/bag; 500 kg/pallet.
Compliance: ISO, SGS, CANS, etc.
Free Sample: DHL or FedEx.

Advantages of HEC Powder

Excellent HEC Powder for Better Performance

From enhancing waterborne coatings to elevating personal care products, construction and more——WOTAIchem HEC powder is your go-to solution for your formula.

What can you benefit from our HEC powder:
– Good water retention and thickening.
– Preventing layering.
– Resistance to microbial erosion.
– High salt tolerance and PH insensitivity.

Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Properties

WOTAIchem HEC powder is surface-treated. We manufacture HEC products by optimizing the production processes. These procedures result in improved uniformity compared to traditional HEC powder.


Our HEC cellulose has higher molar substitution compared to regular HEC products. As a result, our HEC products have great enzymatic stability. This feature makes them more resilient against enzymatic breakdown. It is good for the final paint performance. You can find our HEC chemicals are highly used in paints and coatings.


Plus, HEC powder also has denser cross-linking with protective colloids. Provide better performance for different tasks.

  • TE30K
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Moisture ≤5%
    Ph value 6-8
    Application Paints
  • Appearance White to off white powder
    Moisture ≤5%
    Ph value 6-8
    Application Paints
  • TE100K
    Appearance White to off white powder
    Moisture ≤5%
    Ph value 6-8
    Application Oil field

Main Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Uses - Modern Paint & Coatings

WOTAIchem is a professional HEC powder manufacturer in China. Our HEC chemicals are essential components in the paints and coatings industry.


HEC cellulose is a binder and thickening agent that provides architectural coatings. Our products offer superior color retention, water resistance, and alkali resistance. We proudly contribute high-quality results with our HEC materials for many industries’ needs.

  • hec-application
    Real Stone Paints

    Real-stone paint comes with a decorative effect similar to granite and marble. Made of natural, colorful stone powder. It gives an imitation stone effect on the exterior walls.


    HEC in real-stone paint prevents powder spatter and enhances adhesiveness. Helping you achieve better performance.

  • hec-in-paint
    Emulsion Paints

    HEC is the best additive for emulsion paints/latex paints.


    One of the main functions of HEC is excellent thickening. It increases the color of the paint and provides color variants for your emulsion paints. Our HEC delivers fast and effective dissolving properties.

  • hec-in-coating
    Waterborne Coatings

    Waterborne coatings consist of inorganic silicate binders dissolved in water.


    HEC is either used alone or combined with other thickeners. WOTAIchem HEC is a frequently used thickener in exterior paints. It’s compatible with many paint ingredients.

Our Commitment at WOTAIchem

Group Support

We build factories and an R&D center with the support of the Yuanwang.

ISO Certification

Our ISO certification ensures our products meet international standards.

Production Bases

We operate 5 production bases with modern manufacturing techniques.


We provide exclusive WOTAIchem solutions for your specific applications.

QC System

We ensure each product category meets the highest quality indicators.

Supply Chain

A consistent and reliable resource to support global business partners.


We provide various payment options and deliver promptly without delay.

Free Samples

We provides free samples, allowing you to try and test our products.

Top 9 Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Powder Highlights

WOTAIchem is a professional HEC chemical manufacturer on the market. Our HEC cellulose can help you achieve excellent performance in various applications. Here are our HEC powder key highlights:


1. High purity for consistent quality.

2. Use in both hot and cold water; viscosity stays consistent in aqueous solutions.

3. Tested for stability across a broad pH range.

4. Enzyme-resistant HEC for longer effectiveness.

5. Stable storage under various conditions.

6. Consistent viscosity over time.

7. Enhances color for a better paint appearance.

8. Provides transparency to the mixture.

9. Suitable for suspension, thickening, water retention, and colloid protection.


Professional Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Manufacturing and Supply

As one of the professional hydroxyethyl cellulose suppliers, WOTAIchem provides various high quality HEC products to meet several industries around the world. Our cellulose ether annual production capacity exceeds 70,000 metric tons. All are produced using premium materials such as refined cotton.


Throughout our production process, we prioritize ESG strategies in mind. We are aiming to provide you with a more sustainable HEC powder.


WOTAIchem boasts efficient global supply chains. We support direct shipments from our factories. Delivery times may vary depending on your location. Typically, it will range from 7 to 15 days.


HEC Powder Uses in Cosmetics & Others

Cosmetic & Skincare

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is derived from cellulose. It  is a versatile ingredient with gelling and thickening effect. It’s an essential additive for creating soap bubbles.


In addition, hydroxyethyl cellulose in cosmetics and personal care offers a multipurpose function.


Explore More

Drilling Activity

Hydroxyethylcellulose powder is a powerful substance with unique thickening, suspension, and lubrication properties in different oilfiled applications.


It’s frequently used in drilling mud. Because it can cool iron filings and increase the mud’s rock-carrying capacity.


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Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose Packaging and Sizes

25kg Bag
Also available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/pallet.
HEC powder should be stored in sealed containers in dry condition.
500kg Pallet
Also available in 25kg/bag and customized volumes.
HEC powder should be stored in sealed containers in dry condition.
Customized Volume
Also available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/pallet.
HEC powder should be stored in sealed containers in dry condition.
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    Mr. Davidson
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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

How to dissolve hydroxyethyl cellulose?

To dissolve hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), gradually add it to warm water while stirring until dispersed. Avoid clumping by adding it slowly in the water. You can adjust viscosity by adding more HEC or water.


For more technical guidance, you can get in touch with our professional tech support team with more help.

What is hydroxyethyl cellulose?

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is derived from cellulose. It’s nature’s most abundant biopolymer, found in the cell walls of plants as well as in wood and cotton. In addition to being a construction-grade additive, HEC is also used extensively in the daily chemical industry as a thickening agent.

Where does hydroxyethyl cellulose come from?

HEC is extracted from natural polymers. It has a white or yellow-white granular or powdered appearance and is soluble in cold water.

Is ethyl cellulose biodegradable?

HEC is a non-biodegradable and biocompatible polymer.

What is hydroxyethyl cellulose used for?

Hydroxyethyl cellulose powders are mainly used for real stone paint, emulsion paint, and inorganic waterborne coatings.

How to dissolve HEC in water?

To create aqueous solutions, certain protocols should be followed:


It’s important to gradually achieve thorough agitation while adding the HEC to prevent lump formation in the water. This process must be done before the viscosity begins to rise.


Agitation must be continuous until all of the HEC is fully dissolved. To simplify this process, one may look into wetting HEC with compatible alcohol or blending it with another powder with either low solubility or immiscibility with water, thus avoiding clumps and making it easier to prepare aqueous solutions.

What is the manufacturing process of HEC?

HEC is produced by reacting purified cellulose with sodium hydroxide to form swollen alkaline cellulose. Subsequently, the mixture is reacted with ethylene oxide to create a series of Hydroxyethylcellulose ethers.

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