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  • hydrophobic-powder-manufacturer
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China Hydrophobic Powder Manufacturer

WOTAIchem silicone hydrophobic powder is a powdery hydrophobic agent. Our main model is RDP-8044. It is a free-flowing white powder. And designed for cementitious mortars.


WOTAIchem is your trusted hydrophobic powder manufacturer in China. We manufacture hydrophobic powder using strict manufacturing processes. All RDP polymers meet international standards. Our expert teams provide OEM solutions with formulas for your needs.



WOTAIchem Hydrophobic Powder Specs - RDP 8044

Polymer Type Vinyl acetate-ethylene
Flexibility Ultra-flexible
Tg. -5
OEM Formula Support

WOTAIchem Waterproof RDP-Water Repellent Powder Benefits

WOTAIchem’s redispersible powder polymer is highly used in waterproof building materials. It can provide many strengths to your dry mix mortars.


> Improved adhesion.


> Flexural strength.


> Abrasion resistance.


> Waterproof protective film. Provide better water resistant performance than standard RDP powder.


> Lower Tg. range. It is suitable for compounds that need good water repellency.



WOTAIchem Mortar Waterproof Solution

SOE group supports WOTAIchem R&D and manufacturing. We offer various quality waterproof mortar additives for your dry mix solution. Our factories use advanced manufacturing equipment. Ensuring your bulk volume orders are stable quality.


WOTAIchem keeps long-term partnerships in mind. We offer exclusive benefits for our dealer or agent groups. For example, the price and policies.


> Other recommended additives: HPMC, MHEC, superplasticizers, and more.


Hydrophobic Powder Supply and How to Use

WOTAIchem is your reliable partner for stable hydrophilic powder supply. We own global supply chains to supply our quality RDP powder to clients around the world.

Payment: T/T, OA, LC, PayPal for sample delivery fee.


Lead time: 7-14 days. The exact ETA depends on your location.


Delivery: FOB, CFR, CIF, and more.


Packaging: Support customization. E.g., Logo, color, and package details.

> Recommend dosage: Add approximately 2 kilograms per ton of mortar. The hydrophobic powder dosage can also be adjusted according to your specific requirements and standards.



WOTAIchem Silicone Hydrophobic Powder Uses

WOTAIchem hydrophobic powders plays an important role in ready mixed mortars. As a hydrophobizing agent, it can be used in many cement-based applications. You may find our hydrophobic powder in tile grouts, joint fillers, wall putty, EIFS, and cement-rendering tasks.

Hydrophobic Powder Packaging and Storage

Standard Package

25 kG/bag and 500 kG/pallet.


Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.



Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call, we’re always at your service.

Customized Volume

Available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


Also support grade customization.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call/e-mail, we’re always at your service.

Waterproof Dispersible Polymer Powder Storage & Usage

Storage Recommendations

– Store Silicone Hydrophobic Powder in a dry place below 30℃.


– Avoid moisture and direct sunlight to maintain product integrity.


– Keep the product in a cool, dry environment for optimal storage.

Usage Instructions

– Use hydrophobic powder within 12 months from the date of purchase.


– Tightly seal the packaging if any product remains to prevent moisture intrusion.

Get Your Free Hydrophobic Powder Sample!

Are you ready to experience the transformative power of WOTAIchem’s hydrophobic powder? Request your free sample now and witness the unparalleled benefits in your industry.



WOTAIchem is Your Reliable Supplier for Waterproof Mortar Chemicals

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

How to mix hydrophobic powder with water?

Mixing the hydrophobic powder with water is a straightforward process. Follow these steps for optimal results:


1. Measure the Powder. Start by measuring the required amount of hydrophobic powder based on your specific application.


2. Gradual Mixing. Slowly add the powder to the water, stirring continuously. Adding the powder gradually to prevent clumping and ensure even dispersion is crucial.


3. Stirring. Stir the mixture thoroughly, ensuring the powder is well-distributed. Use a stirring tool to achieve a consistent blend.


4. Allow Settling. After stirring, allow the mixture to settle for a brief period. This enables hydrophobic properties to take effect.


5. Application. Once the mixture is ready, apply it according to your intended use. Hydrophobic properties will provide the desired effect, whether for coatings, treatments, or other applications.

How does hydrophobic powder work?

The hydrophobic powder is quickly dissolved in water. It forms a polymer emulsion to evenly distributes within the mortar system. After cement undergoes hydration, the cement, sand, and polymer emulsion cross-link internally. Thus, forming a waterproof layer can increase the strength of the waterproof membrane layer.


The active ingredients in the hydrophobic powder can seal the fine pores inside the mortar. As a result, it enhances the total water resistance ability. It can be applied to waterproof bathrooms, swimming pools, and exterior walls.


The dosage of hydrophobic powder is proportional to the waterproofing effect. We recommend adjusting the dosage based on specific application needs. You can also consult our experts anytime for guidance on RDP customizing formulations.

Does the slight color variations affect the product's functionality?

Slight color variations in the polymer may occur due to natural manufacturing processes. But, these variations do not impair the functionality of the hydrophobic powder.


WOTAIchem commitments to quality ensures these cosmetic differences have no impact on the properties or performance. You can trust in the consistent and reliable functionality of our product. If you have specific concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer support for further help.

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