Hydroxyethyl Methylcellulose

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  • hemc-powder
  • mhec-powder
  • mhec-additive
  • hemc-mhec-powder
  • cellulose-ether-package
  • hemc-packaging

Your Trusted HEMC Manufacturer In China

WOTAIchem is one of the leading China methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose manufacturers. Our hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose (HEMC) is also known as methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose (MHEC). It is a non-ionic cellulose ether.


HEMC powder is made from natural polymer cellulose. It provides many of the same benefits as other methylcellulose derivatives.


Our HEMC cellulose excels in water retention and improves adhesion. It has great film formation for construction projects. WOTAIchem™ HEMC powder is a safe, strong, and resistant product you can depend on.


  • Water retention and adhesive power.
  • High-temperature resistance.
  • Dispersant and suspension ability.
  • Perfect thickener and film formation agent.

WOTAIchem HEMC for Building Materials

MHEC’s full form is methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, aka HEMC. It’s produced from a natural renewable polymer, wood pulp, or refined cotton. It is a non-ionic cellulose ether that evolved from adding ethylene oxide to methylcellulose.


HEMC can be white to off-white powder, but it’s odorless regardless of color, safe for all animal species, and environmentally friendly. The main methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose uses is in tile adhesives, dry mix mortar, joint filler, wall putty/skim coat, self-leveling floor, gypsum plaster, EIFS systems.

Product Overview

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

Product Information

Product Name: Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose.
Category: Cellulose ethers.
Type: Standard, modified, pure.
MOQ: 1000kg.
Origin: Shandong Province, China.
OEM Customization: Support.
Availability: In stock.
MHEC Powder Price: Negotiable.
Payment: OA, TT, LC.
Delivery: 7-14 days.

hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose powder

HEMC Specifications

Reference Specification
Viscosity 400-100,000mPa.s (Brookfield RV 2%)
Methoxy Content 21-24%
Hydroxyethyl Content 7-10%
Ash ≤5%
Gel Temperature 70-85°C
hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose factory direct supply

Get a Free Sample Right Now!

As a China mhec-methhyl hydroxyethyl cellulose supplier, WOTAIchem supports your business with different types of HEMC of various uses.


Request our free samples now! Click to elevate your projects with cellulose ether solutions.

Hot Selling Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose - HEMC Grades

WOTAIchem is your reliable HEMC supplier in China. We  provide you with various grades HEMC for construction and household. They have different viscosity levels.


WOTAIchem cellulose ethers are divided into two series: W and T series. Our W series is your additives choice for its cost-effectiveness. And the T series represents the premium grade cellulose ether. They can deliver superior quality and outstanding performance to your projects.


WOTAIchem HEMC with high viscosity are mainly used for thickening, foaming, adhesion to improve water retention effect. Low viscosity HEMC are particularly used in dispersion and suspension.

  • quality-cellulose
    Type Cost-Effective
    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • tile-adhesive-mhec
    Type Modified
    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • mhec-powder-supplier
    Type Modified
    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • pure-mhec
    Type Pure
    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8
  • pure-hemc
    Type Pure
    Appearance White to off-white powder
    Water 6% or less
    pH Value 6-8

Top 6 Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Uses

WOTAIchem hydroxyethyl methylcellulose contributed to many aspects of our life and environment. With premium quality at reasonable prices. Let’s discover more!

  • rdp-mortar
    Drymix Mortar

    HEMC/MHEC for dry mix mortar increases pumping ability and makes the mortar easy to apply. Maintain enough moisture in the mortar and reach the best performance.

  • exterior-wall
    Tile Adhesive

    HEMC/MHEC for tile adhesive significantly improves compatibility and stickiness, reduces moisture evaporation, and makes the tiles firmly attach to the wall or floor without sagging or sliding.

  • Joint Filler

    HEMC for joint filler is stable and durable even at high temperatures, particularly in hot weather, and strong cohesiveness boosts construction performance. Make the construction more straightforward.

  • tile-adhesive-wall
    Wall Putty/Skim Coat

    MHEC for wall putty/skim coat is a versatile building material for interior and exterior walls. WOTAIchem HEMC restrains water loss and maintains a certain level of moisture.

  • rdp-self-leveling
    Self Leveling Mortar

    HEMC for self leveling compound is a good suspension agent, applicable for indoor floor coverings, water retention power good for liquidity and achieving a smooth surface.

  • Gypsum Plaster

    Adding MHEC to gypsum plaster makes it easier to work with and helps better bonding performance. It also strengthens the plaster and prevents it from drying out too quickly.

Our Promise to You

High Technology

Innovative experts and fully equipped laboratory.

Quality Assurance

DSC quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Effective Logistic

Safe and reliable logistic service covers over 30 countries.

Customize Service

Find the best formula for you with premium quality.

Reliable Factory for Efficient HEMC Cellulose Supply

WOTAIchem acquired investment from the Yuanwang Group. We gain substantial funds and technical support for our cellulose ether production. Our factories in Dezhou and Tai’an maintain a stable annual production capacity of 70,000 metric tons.


WOTAIchem offers global distribution services through efficient supply chains. We will ship the MHEC product directly from the factory. We also offer various transportation options. For example, CIF, FOB, and more choices. Our team ensures process tracking and VIP-tailored service for every stage of your order.


WOTAIchem HEMC Cellulose Annual Capacity

Available HEMC Stocks

As a top HEMC manufacturer in China, the yearly output is up to 20,000MT. WOTAIchem has the most advanced technology in HEMC production. Our lab equipment, and factory facilities, are initially from Germany, with full capacity.

HEMC Raw Materials

WOTAIchem’s hydroxyethyl methylcellulose production capacity multiplies to meet global market requirements. We are always prepared to check, test, or measure materials in every supply chain link, with sufficient stocks standing by.

Your Trusted HEMC Manufacturer and Supplier in China

  • Annual Capacity

    WOTAIchem’s cellulose ether production capacity grows rapidly to meet global market requirements. As a top HEMC manufacturer, the yearly output is up to 20,000MT.

  • factory-manufactruing
    Quality Guaranteen

    WOTAIchem’s HEMC powder is quality guaranteed. We are client-centric and always make sure you find practical value within and continue supporting our business.

  • R&D Center

    WOTAIchem’s R&D Center has a team of talented people gathered for innovation and challenge, making every effort to provide society with the most effective solution.

WOTAIchem MHEC Cellulose Packaging & Sizes

25kg Bag

Also available in 500kg pallet, 1MT pallet.


HEMC powder packed in polythylene bag.


Keep in cool and dry condition, avoid direct sunlight or fire sources.


Keep in sealed away from humidity, due to its hydrophilic nature.

500kg Pallet

Also available in 25kg bag, 1MT pallet.


HEMC powder packed in polythylene bag.


Keep in cool and dry condition, avoid direct sunligh or fire sources.


Keep in sealed away from humidity, due to its hydrophilic nature.

1MT Pallet

Also available in 25kg bag, 500kg pallet.


HEMC powder packed in polythylene bag.


Keep in cool and dry condition, avoid direct sunlight or fire sources.


Keep in sealed away from humidity, due to its hydrophilic nature.

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Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

How to Test Viscosity of HEMC Powder?
How do you measure your HEMC? Do you have viscosity 200000 for tile adhesive?

HEMC for tile adhesives is Brookfield Viscometer 75,000mPa.s, equivalent to NDJ viscosity 200,000 mPa.s.


The HEMC Brookfield Viscometer is a standard tool for measuring viscosity. It ranges from 0.1 to 100,000 mPa.s, with an accuracy of ±0.5%. The HEMC Brookfield viscometer is also available in models with higher viscosity ranges, such as the HEMC-100K, which ranges from 100,000 to 1,000,000 mPa.s.


Different applications require different levels of viscosity for cellulose ethers. Our team can provide the conversion chart between NDJ measurements and Brookfield viscometers. This chart ensures you’re using the proper amount of cellulose ether for your specific needs.

Can you produce different packaging sizes according to my needs?

Yes! WOTAIchem offers customized packaging services for our chemical products. You can choose to select different sizes based on your requirements.


Additionally, we have a dedicated design team to support your packaging needs. You can opt for having your logo printed on the final packaging, or we can assist you in designing.

What are hydroxyethyl methylcellulose uses?

HEMC hydroxyethyl methylcellulose is widely used in construction, building materials, household. It’s a perfect water retention agent. Good water solubility, strong cohesiveness, dispersant and suspension. In construction. WOTAIchem HEMC is applicable in dry mix mortar, tile adhesive, wall putty/skim coat, self leveling etc.

Is it safe if accidentally consume hydroxyethyl methylcellulose?

HEMC is non-toxic, and it’s approved to be used as food additives, provided under a certain dosage. Excessive amount may cause irritation or other harmful effects.

Is hydroxyethyl methylcellulose natural or synthetic?

Hydroxyethyl methylcellulose is obtained from wood pulp or refined cotton, it’s natural resources.

Does hydroxyethyl methylcellulose dissolve in water?

HEMC is soluble in both hot and cold water.

What are the side effects of hydroxyethyl methylcellulose?

HEMC is safe to use as a food additive and medicine coating but depends on a certain amount. Over dosage may cause irritation or other harmful effects.

What is the difference between HPMC and HEMC?

The major difference between HPMC and HEMC is gel temperature.

HPMC at around 60°C~75°C and HEMC >80°C normally. It depends on different production technology as well. In summer, HEMC water retention capacity remains the same viscosity and dosage, especially in hot weather like in India. HPMC with lower gel temperature will lose thickening and water retention effect in a hot environment, therefore accelerating the hardening of mortar.

HPMC uses fine cotton as raw material to go through the alkalization process, plus etherification agents propylene oxide and methyl chloride, then formulate a non-ionic cellulose ether HPMC.

The production process of HEMC is similar to that of HPMC, the only difference is etherification agents, instead of propylene oxide and methyl chloride, HEMC uses ethylene oxide and methyl chloride. Because ethylene oxide requires more advanced production technology, and due to its storage condition, risk control, and less manufacturer, thus the price of HEMC is higher.

How do you store HEMC?

Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

Keep in cool and dry condition.

Do you test your product before delivering them to your customers?

Of course we do. This falls under our QA procedure, we always test our products before sending them away. we ensure every batch is at tip-top standard.

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