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  • concrete-accelerator
  • calcium-formate-powder
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Calcium Formate Cement Accelerator

Calcium formate (construction-grade) is gaining more popularity due to its multiple benefits. It has a great advantage in concrete, dry mortar, and tile adhesive. It effectively accelerates the formation of tricalcium silicate. And it improves the workability of cement or mortar according to the dosage.


Calcium formate enhances the quality and performance of cement. As a strength accelerator, it extends opening time and improves adhesion.


Yuanwang is one of China’s most competitive calcium formate manufacturers and suppliers. Our calcium formate is mainly used in construction, industrial manufacturing and animal feed. And we proudly offer you competitive prices and exceptional service.


The Reason of Calcium Formate Used in Construction

Calcium formate is primarily used as a cement additive and concrete accelerator additive in the construction industry. Followed by the rising of urban architectures and a large amount of calcium formate consumption. The above factors have promoted the consumption of calcium formate, substantially leading to the growing demand for calcium formate in the global market.


Calcium formate is used as a cement additive to increase the hardness at an early stage. On top of that, calcium formate is also an inhibitor in building substrates and corrosion resistance. The majority of usage is the production of cement. Consequently, the increasing demand is a crucial element that drives the calcium formate market.

The Best Accelerator for Concrete

Calcium Formate for Construction

Product Overview

Appearance: White crystal powder.

Grade: Pure.

Calcium Content: >30.1%.

Solid Content: 98%.

Price: Negotiable.

Dosage: 1%-2.5%. Specific dosage increases as the temperature decreases.

Application: concrete, cement, and cement-based mortars. E.g., repair mortar, tile adhesive, etc.

Reliable Calcium Formate Supply

Yuanwang Support

Certification: ISO, CANS, SGS, etc.

Availability: In stock.

OEM Customization: Available.

Package: 25kG/bag. Support OEM.

Lead Time: 7-14 days. Specific time depends on order volume and location.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Shipping: FOB, CIF, CFR, etc.

Construction Calcium Formate

Top 5 Calcium Formate Highlights

1. Speed up the hardening speed of cement.

2. Enhance cement/concrete early strength.

3. Avoid slow setting speed in winter.

4. High strength and strong freeze resistance.

5. Excellent compressive strength with long-term durability.

Calcium Formate in Cement

Quick Solidification Accelerator & Antifreezing

Yuanwang calcium formate ensures projects are completed on time and to a high standard. Calcium formate lowers the water’s freezing point, allowing it to remain liquid at lower temperatures. It makes it easier for construction workers to lay the cement.


Calcium formate also increases the strength of cement. Making it long-lasting and ideal for low-temperature renovations.

Calcium Formate in Tile Adhesive

Maximizing Adhesive Power

Calcium formate enriches the characteristics of tile adhesives.


From delaying drying time to contributing to higher adhesion, it helps to provide a better result. It includes adding stability and strength during mortar application, increasing flexibility, water resistance, and homogeneity.

Calcium Formate In Concrete

Corrosion Resistant & Strength Enhancer

Calcium formate is an effective accelerant for the hydration of tricalcium silicate in concrete.


Yuanwang calcium formate promotes early strength development in concrete and provides desirable corrosion resistance. By using calcium formate in concrete, you can achieve superior strength and durability in their concrete structures.


Yuanwang Supports Your Cement Success

The Amazing Highlights of Yuanwang Calcium Formate

Yuanwang's Mission

Serve and create ultimate value for clients worldwide with absolute professionalism and high efficiency.



What additives should I add into the concrete?
How much accelerator to add to concrete?

The optimal dosage of the accelerator depends on different factors. For example, the concrete mix design, conditions, and the desired setting time. The recommended amount of calcium formate is usually 1% to 2.5% of the weight of cement. However, it is crucial to conduct trials and tests to determine the exact dosage for your concrete mix and requirements. Also, factors such as temperature, humidity, and project specifications can influence the dosage.

How many types of construction additives that WOTAIchem provide?

WOTAIchem is a professional construction chemical supplier and distributor in China. We provide high-quality HPMC, HEMC, HEC, RDP powder, calcium formate, superplasticizer, and various fibres for concrete reinforcement. You may reach out to us for more detailed information.

What is the use of calcium formate in construction?

Calcium formate works as a construction additive, effectively extending the opening time and improving adhesion. It helps to improve water stability, flexibility, and homogeneity. It speeds up the working process even in extreme weather, avoiding any weather-related delay occurs.

What is calcium formate used?

Calcium Formate is divided into two categories.
The first use is in construction additives. It has the great advantage to extends the opening time and improving adhesion.
The second application is in animal feed as a preservative, but not in human food. It’s a safe ingredient to extend product shelf life effectively.

What happens when calcium formate is heated?

Formaldehyde is formed when calcium formate is heated intensely. Formaldehyde is used in many building and household products.

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