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China Calcium Formate Supplier

Calcium Formate isn’t just for construction. It’s also added to animal feed, especially for pigs and chickens. This helps them grow better and stay healthy. It reduces problems like diarrhea, helps their digestion, and stay healthy. Plus, it provides the calcium they need for strong bones.


The global demand for feed additives is constantly rising. So the government authorities have been setting rules to control quality. Calcium formate not only prevents nutrient loss but contributes to digestive health. Choosing a reliable calcium formate supplier is super important.


WOTAIchem as a calcium fomate Supplier:
Quality control over raw materials sourcing and manufacturing process.
-Strong investment from the SOE group for advanced technology.
Fast shipping to worldwide locations without unnecessary delays.

Calcium Formate Main Functions in Animal Feed

Calcium formate is a type of organic salt, and it’s used in pig and poultry feedstuff. It combines 31% of calcium and 69% of formic acid. PH value is neutral and contains low moisture. CF formula as Ca(HCO2)2. It’s a preservative with acidifying effect that acts on the gastrointestinal tract to support gut health. The digestion of the feedstock is determined by the indigenous micro-organism concentration within, with the prohibitive usage of prophylactic antibiotics in animal feed to control the disease. Thus other alternatives are needed to prevent bacteria growth in the gastrointestinal tract as the bacteria would weaken digestion and eventually cause gut disease.

Calcium formate works as a new type of acidified preserved feedstuff before consumption. Lower the PH value in the gastrointestinal tract, and prevent bacteria growth. Thus it’s suitable to use in animal feed.

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Calcium Formate Nutrition Enhancers Safety & Efficacy

WOTAIchem Calcium Formate in Animal Feed

Extend Shelf Life

Calcium formate is an inorganic compound widely used as a preservative in animal feed. The primary function of calcium formate is to acidify the feed, prevent microbial growth, and extend the shelf life. WOTAIchem CF has a wide range of applications in the feed industry. And it’s an essential ingredient in building materials as well.

WOTAIchem Calcium Formate in Animal Feed

Safe Ingredient for All Animals

Adding 15 grams of CF per kg of feed can effectively reduce the PH value. It’s also the recommended dosage according to European Union. WOTAIchem CF is safe for most animals and prevents bacterial growth.

WOTAIchem Calcium Formate in Animal Feed

Promote Nutrition Absorption

Calcium formate can help improve the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the digestive process. It works as a chelating agent, which means it helps to bind together other molecules to be more easily absorbed by the body. It supports the essential nutrients to be properly absorbed and utilized.

Your Professional Calcium Formate Supplier

  • iso-9001-quality
    Global Certified

    WOTAIchem provide you with high-quality calcium formate. Certified and recognized in the international market. Ensuring reliability and excellence in various applications.

  • marketing-growing
    Market Growth

    The global demand for calcium formate is multiplying. WOTAIchem serves clients worldwide with consistent quality. Meeting the growing needs of diverse industries.

  • modify-solution
    Modified Solutions

    Feed grade is based on safe formulas. The team focuses on modified solutions that are effective and secure. Ensuring the well-being of animals and the reliability of the feed.

  • group-support
    Government Support

    WOTAIchem is part of the Yuanwang group, which is connected to the government. We operate under their management, ensuring a stable and reliable supply.

  • manufacturing-facilities
    Manufacturing Technology

    We implement advanced equipment and technology into production process. Including reactors, mixers, storage tanks, quality checks, and automatic packaging systems.

  • laboratory-test
    Research Development

    We invest in research and development to keep up with the leading technology. We’re constantly improving on the existing formula to meet your specific needs.

  • quality-assurance
    Quality Assurance

    We choose quality raw materials for manufacturing. And we test them at every step to make sure the final products give the best results and performance.


WOTAIchem Continue Delivering

At WOTAIchem, we focus on providing solutions for you. We look at every aspect of different situations and bring you innovative solutions.


We have a diverse product portfolio, except calcium formate. WOTAIchem also offers customized solutions to target complex issues. Our highly skillful team will work closely with you to find the best solution. We understand the industry manufacturing process and provide you with the highest technical support.


No solution or requirement is complex for us. WOTAIchem aims to create value for global customers!

Your Reliable Supplier for Quality Additives

We’re your strong support for quality additives. We supply construction, paint, animal feed, and daily chemicals.


1. Quick Factory Shipping
2. High-Volume Production Capacity
3. Quality Control throughout manufacturing
4. Flexible and Secure Payment Options
5. Prompt Response and Delivery

Q&A Section

Is calcium formate a preservative?

Calcium formate can be used as a feed preservative for all animal species, provided the appropriate dosage is followed.

Is calcium formate a salt?

CF is an organic salt suitable for use in pig and poultry diets. It acts as a feed preservative and has an acidifying effect on the gastrointestinal tract, promoting intestinal health.

How is calcium formate manufactured?

CF is co-produced by manufacturing TMP, which is also called trimethyl propane. Calcium hydroxide, also called hydrated lime, is mainly used as a source of calcium. Butyral and formaldehyde react in an aqueous solution with the presence of an alkaline catalyst. Substantially forming unstable intermediates–dimethylol butyraldehyde (DIMBA). DIMBA reacts furthermore with formaldehyde to get trimethylol propane and CF. After that, calcium formate is extracted from the solution. Then going through heat treatment to remove formaldehyde. Finally, to dry out.

Is calcium formate safe?

Calcium formate powder may cause severe irritation to the eyes but not to the skin. It could be dangerous to inhale powders, though. It has a strong and stinging scent. It’s necessary to wear a pair of goggles and a mask when handling CF products.

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