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  • mhec-powder-supplier
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WOTAIchem Quality Additives for Cement Render

Render is an essential building material in the construction industry. It covers and protects the exterior walls of the building with a durable finish. Render is a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It provides a protective layer against weather and improves the appearance. One of the key indicators that determines the quality of the render is the additives in the cement render mix. The addition of WOTAIchem’s render additives can enhance its properties.


WOTAIchem provides the following products for your cement render. Their exclusive properties benefit your render application.

HPMC, HEMC, and redispersible polymer powder.


-Water retention capability.
-Good workability.
-Adhesion and strength.

Top 2 Additives for Cement Render


HPMC in cement rendering helps to keep enough water in the mix and makes it easier to work with. It has higher adhesive power, so the mixture doesn’t get sagging and cracking.


Related applications: wall putty, tile adhesive, dry mix, gypsum plaster.


In cement rendering, redispersible polymer powder makes the compound higher in adhesion. It also makes the cement mix more resistant to water and impacts.


Available grades: 5042, 5043, 5045, 5046, 5047, 5048.

7 Amazing Features of HPMC for Cement Render

  • fresh-mortar

    HPMC maintains enough water within the cement render mix for a longer time. It extends the opening time.

  • smooth-putty
    Easy to Apply

    HPMC makes the render easy to spread, shape, and apply. It results in a smooth finish without cracking.

  • tile-adhesive
    Strong Adhesion

    HPMC improves adhesiveness to various surfaces. It creates a strong bond that keeps the layer in place.

  • wall-without-cracks
    Prevent Cracks

    HPMC prevents cracks and shrinkage in cement rendering. The sticking property slows down the drying time.

  • tiling-process
    Sag Resistance

    HPMC is sag resistance in cement render wall application. Adding HPMC in render effectively avoids sagging.

  • durable-cocrete-mixture
    Highly Durable

    Finished cement render surface is more durable and long-lasting. It’s well protected against severe weather.

  • concrete-curing
    Opening Time

    HPMC in cement render gives workers more time to apply and smooth out the surface. Without worrying dries too fast.

What Makes Us Special: Direct Supply

Factory Production and Direct Supply: Saving You Money
We care about your needs and aim to save you money while providing high-quality products. Our stocks are carefully inspected and sent straight to the port, cutting out extra costs.


Quick Delivery to Suit Your Business
For payments and shipping, WOTAIchem offers various methods and speedy delivery. Shipping times depend on your location. Regular orders will be shipped within 7-14 working days. Large orders may take a slightly longer time to ship out.


Government Support and Customer Service

High-Quality Additives from WOTAIchem.
We’re committed to making quality additives. WOTAIchem, backed by the government’s YuanWang Group, has solid investments. Our factories, research centers, and advanced equipment, along with ISO certification, make us a reliable source for your needs.


Friendly Customer Service.
Your questions matter to us. Our expert team is here to guide you and make sure you’re satisfied with our solutions.

Polyvinyl Alcohol Packaging and Sizes

PVA Powder 20kg/Bag

Also available in custom volumes.

Suitable for concrete and shotcrete, cement, and mortar.

Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

PVA Fiber 20kg/Carton

Also available in custom volumes.

Suitable for concrete and shotcrete, cement, and mortar.

Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Other Related Products For Your Project


Have any questions? We are always here to help you.

How to make render stick?

In construction and building, cellulose ethers are commonly used to help render sticks. They act as a thickening and binding agent. They improve the workability and adhesion of the render. Ensuring a stronger bond. Cellulose ether contributes to the overall adhesion and durability of the rendered surface.

How does cellulose ether contribute to cement render floor finishes?

Cellulose ether plays a crucial role in cement rendering for floors. It enhances the workability and consistency of the render mix. It’s easier to apply and spread across the floor surface with cellulose ether. They also improve the adhesion of the render, helping it stick better to the floor. Additionally, cellulose ether reduces cracking and shrinking of the render. It results in a more durable and smoother finish for the floor surface.

How does cellulose ether contribute to a smooth render finish?

Cellulose ether significantly impacts the smoothness of a render finish. It improves the workability and consistency of the render mix. Allowing for easy application and spreading. Cellulose ether helps the render adhere better to the surface, reducing the chances of cracking and shrinking. As a result, it aids in achieving a smoother, more uniform finish on the applied surface.

Is cellulose ether an essential component in ready-mix render? Why?

Cellulose ether is an essential ingredient in ready-mix render. It helps the ready-mix render in a few key ways.


Enhanced workability. It makes the render easier to spread and apply. Improve the texture and workability for ready-mix rendering.


Excellent adhesion. It helps the render stick well to surfaces, so it doesn’t come off quickly, reducing the chance of detachment.


Less Cracking. Cellulose ether in cement rendering eliminates cracks. And prevent shrinkage. Cellulose ether helps with a more durable and stable finish.


Consistency: Cellulose ether helps the render look smooth and even. Achieve consistency and uniform texture.


Better Application. Cellulose ether makes the ready-mix render easier to handle and apply. Ensuring a more efficient and smoother application process.

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