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HPMC for Decorative Render

Decorative renders are applied to external walls to give them a smooth and even look. It also helps to shield the underlying surface from weather damage and wearing away. WOTAIchem provides construction-grade HPMC for all your complex uses.


HPMC in Smooth Render Finish:

>>Thickener and rheology modifier
>>Reduce Cracks and Shrinkage


WOTAIchem cellulose ether factory, located in Shandong, China. We make quality HPMC powder for numerous sectors. With over 40,000MTs annual capacity for the cellulose ether category. Our HPMC powder is also used in paints, coating, drilling fluid, and daily chemicals.


Place your order with us, and we ensure a smooth transaction with multiple payment methods. Additionally, enjoy fast delivery to get your products as quickly as possible!

Recommended Grades for Decorative Render

WOTAIchem manufactures multiple grades of building materials. Decorative renders are one of the most popular choices. It adds a touch of style and protection to exterior walls.


For your external renders, we recommend the following grades: TPA50K, TPB50K, and TP-Pr50K. These grades are designed to bring out the best results. Except for T series, the W series is also available for decorative renders.

  • premuim-cellulose
    Moisture ≤5%
    pH 6-8
    Appearance White-offwhite powder
    Viscosity 4,000-5000mPa.s.
    Good slip resistance and open time.
  • high-quality-cellulose
    Moisture ≤5%
    pH 6-8
    Appearance White-offwhite powder
    Viscosity 4,000-5000mPa.s.
    Excellent slip resistance and open time.
  • cellulose-ether-product
    Moisture ≤5%
    pH 6-8
    Appearance White-offwhite powder
    Viscosity 4,000-5000mPa.s.
    Properties: Good water solubility.

Customized HPMC Grades for Decorative Rendering

With 3 cellulose ether factories to support the rising demand in the global market, WOTAIchem provides customized HPMC for your decorative rendering system.


We understand that each application varies based on geographic location and individual preferences. You have the option to select exclusive formulas from WOTAIchem. We can also change the current formulas to fit what you want.


Let us know your preferred technical data, e.g., moisture or ash content rate, or the results you wish to achieve. Our technical support will figure out the right mix for you and send you free samples for testing. The WOTAIchem team is here to help you with all we know!

Choosing WOTAIchem HPMC for Decorative Render, Here's Why

1. WOTAIchem HPMC plays its part in decorative rendering as a thickener and a rheology modifier. It improves workability and spreadability. It makes the rendering easy to mix and apply.


2. HPMC in decorative rendering also improves stability and consistency. It reduces sagging and slumping during application.


3. WOTAIchem HPMC is an effective binder and film-forming agent. It enhances the adhesion to different surfaces and provides a solid and lasting bond. The film-forming ability protects the render from severe weather damage.


4. HPMC for decorative render reduces cracks and shrinkage. It has a strong water retention capacity and keeps enough moisture within the render. It prevents drying too quickly.


Discover More HPMC Uses Except Decorative Render

Enhance your decorative render work with WOTAIchem HPMC. Test it for free. Connect with us!

HPMC for Decorative Renders: Why We're Different


WOTAIchem benefits from government financial support from the YuanWang Group. This ensures a reliable production of quality HPMC.


WOTAIchem offers technical assistance for customizing formulas for your specific needs. You get solutions that exactly match your requirements.


Each batch of cellulose ether goes through quality checks multiple times. We guarantee the best performance with every dosage of HPMC.

Quality Consistency

Our samples and actual stock maintain the same high quality. We provide free samples for you to test, with a tech report for your reference.


We accept TT, LC, and others. Allowing you to choose the option that suits you best. Our goal is to make transactions straightforward and convenient.

Swift Worldwide Delivery

We prioritize quick delivery of your orders through direct supply from the factory. Wherever you are, we ensure a fast dispatch without any delays.


How is decorative render applied, and what is the typical application process?

The application process of decorative rendering involves a few crucial steps. Follow these steps to ensure long-lasting results.


1. Cleaning and Preparing the Surface.
Before application, the surface must be cleaned and prepared. It’s essential to achieve good adhesion between the render and the surface. Remove any contamination, such as loose particles or dust.


2. Apply the Base Coat.
Once the surface is clean, the following procedure is applying a base coat. The base layer is the foundation for the decorative render to achieve the expected adhesion. This layer is usually made of a unique material, like cement or polymer, to make a strong base. Applying the base coat requires careful work to ensure it’s smooth and even. This helps the decorative render stick well and with aesthetic appeal.


3. Skillful Application for a Perfect Finish.
Making the decorative finish look good’ requires skillful application. You might need special tools like a trowel to ensure it’s even and consistent. Avoid irregularities.


Applying decorative render is a step-by-step process. Each step is super important to ensure the final result is strong, sticks well, and looks great!

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