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  • hpmc-supplier
  • mhec-manufacturer
  • pet-fiber
  • polypropylene-fiber-supplier
  • fiber-manfuacturer
  • synthetic-fiber-manfuacturer
  • sm-superplasticizer
  • pce-superplasticizer
  • construction-calcium-formate

Construction Additives Manufacturing Hubs

As a leading additive manufacturer in China, we prioritize sustainability and innovation. With support from state-owned enterprises, our manufacturing and R&D drive excellence.


Our five advanced production bases make us offer more than products. We are also committed to delivering top-quality construction additive OEM solutions for you.


WOTAIchem Core Products:


HEC Production Base

At our HEC production base, we manufacture HEC powder exclusively using our own formula. WOTAIchem skilled engineers and two dedicated technical teams ensure top-quality production. We also store samples for one year before shipping.


> Annual Production Capacity: 12,000 Metric Tons.
> Unused Capacity: 7,000 Metric Tons.


MHEC/HEMC Production Base

Invested by Yuanwang Group, our MHEC/HEMC Production Base embodies our commitment to quality. We preserve samples for one year before shipping and conduct on-site experiments. Then, providing you with the real-time test reports.


Our robust infrastructure and dedicated team ensure the excellence of our MHEC additives. As result, meeting industry standards consistently.


> Annual Production Capacity: 40,000 Metric Tons.



PCE Production Base

Our PCE production base with strong financial backing from the Yuanwang Group. The core of our production process lies in self-manufactured emulsions. This strategy grants us precise control over quality and consistency. Reinforcing our commitment to delivering quality PCE superplasticizers for your needs.


> Annual Manufacturing Capacity: 80,000 Metric Tons


VAE RDP Production Base

Our 100% owned RDP production base specializes in producing both the W and T Series. We prioritize quality assurance by utilizing the highest-grade Celanese emulsion available. Ensuring that our RDP additives consistently meet and exceed industry standards.


> Annual Production Capacity: 30,000 Metric Tons.


WOTAIchem Main Construction Additives Packaging

Cellulose Ethers Customized Volume

-Available: 25kg/bag, 500kg/pallet, and 1MT/pallet.


– Cellulose powder is packed in multiple layers of a paper bag with a PE liner.

RDP Customized Volume

– Available: 25kg/bag and 500kg/bag.


– Moisture-resistant packaging included.

Superplasticizers Customized Volume

– Available: 25kg/bag and 2,000kg/pallet.


– Should be stored in a covered bag or container to avoid rain or water evaporation.

Concrete Fibers Customized Volume

– Available in 20kg package.


– Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Calcium Formate Customized Volume

– Available: 25kg/bag.


– Keep the bag closed in a dry and ventilated place.

Request free additives sample produced at state-of-the-art production bases!


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What steps do you take to minimize production waste?

Our production process is eco-friendly and clean. It complies with international standards. We’ve invested $15 million in advanced wastewater treatment systems.


Plus, we are ISO certified factory. This emphasizes our dedication to the well-being of our workers. For example, dust-free environments to safeguard from harmful pollutants.

How is Quality Control (QC) managed in your manufacturing?

We employ a powerful DCS to ensure precise product control. The DSC stands for “Distributed Control System”. This advanced system can uphold our stringent quality standards. Also, enhances efficiency and product consistency.

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