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>Sales Contract&Proforma Invoice
We will send you a sales contract and a Proforma Invoice (PI) for your review and approval upon order confirmation.


>Advance Payment
To initiate the processing of your order, we kindly request a 30% advance payment. This payment ensures the reservation of your products and the commencement of the manufacturing or stocking process.


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Production&Order Fulfillment

> Manufacturing/Stocking Time

After receiving your advance payment, it takes approximately 5-7 working days to manufacture or stock the products.



> Order Lead Time

The lead time for your order is typically between 7 to 30 days, which will be different by country/region.

Upon receiving confirmation, we will swiftly dispatch your order, guaranteeing timely delivery.

Shipping Process

>Shipping Preparation

We will book the voyage for your shipping while the products are being manufactured or stocked. This allows for a timely and efficient shipping process.


>Shipping Documents and Details

Upon receipt of your payment, we will share loading pictures, videos and shipping details, including the Bill of Lading (BL) number, container number, and consignment details.


Packing Display for Cellulose Ether(HPMC、HEC、HEMC)

> Dimension of Cellulose Ether(HPMCHECHEMC) packing bag: 0.85m*0.43m*0.15m.


> Load capacity of a bag: 25kg.



> 20 GP Container

Load capacity is 10T, needs 20 pallets(400 bags) Each pallet holds 5 layers of bags, the load capacity is 500kg.

*Ground Loaded: 14 T.



> 40 HC/HQ Container

Load capacity is 22T, needs 40 pallets(960 bags) , the load capacity is 600kg.


– Ground Layer: 5 Layer/Pallet.

– Upper layer: 6 Layer/Pallet.



*Ground Loaded: 27 T.



Packing for RDP

> Dimension of RDP packing bag:



> Load capacity of a bag: 25kg.



> 20 GP Container

Load capacity is 14T, needs 20 pallets(560 bags).

*Ground Loaded: 18 T.



> 40 HC/HQ Container

Load capacity is 22T, needs 40 pallets(960 bags).


– Ground Layer: 7 Layer/Pallet.

– Upper layer: 6 Layer/Pallet.


*Ground Loaded: 27 T.



What are the internal dimensions of a 40-foot high cube container, and how many packages of cellulose ether and RDP powder can it accommodate?

The internal dimensions of a standard 40-foot high cube container are 2.35 meters and 2.69 meters in height version. Now, let’s consider the packaging dimensions for the products:


– RDP Powder (700kg): 20 packages

> Dimensions: 1.1m x 1.1m x 1.4m


> Considering the height constraint of the container (2.69m), you can stack two layers of adhesive powder packages vertically, leaving room for effective and secure storage.


– Cellulose Ether (500kg): 20 packages


> Dimensions: 1.1m x 1.1m x 1.1m


> Given the container’s width and height, you can efficiently pack up to twenty packages of cellulose ether in a 40-foot-high cube container.

Please note that these calculations are based on standard packaging dimensions and may vary depending on specific considerations. Always consult your logistics and packaging experts for precise loading and shipping configurations.

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