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Calcium Formate In Multiple Grades

Calcium formate is a white crystalline powder. It is formed by the reaction of formic acid with calcium ions.


Calcium formate is commonly used in various industries, including construction, animal feed, and industial uses.


Yuanwang calcium formate powder additive helps improve the speed and hardness of cement-based materials. It enhances the early strength development and adhesion properties during the formulation process.


If you’re looking for a reliable calcium formate factory, Yuanwang is the top option!


  • MOQ: 1000 kg.
  • Calcium Formate Price: Negotiable.
  • Payment: LC, T/T, OA.
  • Delivery: CFR, CIF, FOB, etc.

Product Overview

China Calcium Formate Manufacturer

Product Details

Appearance: White crystalline or powder.

Calcium Formate Formula: Ca(HCOO)2.

Bulk Density: 900-1000g/L.

Calcium Formate Solubility: Easily soluble in water. The aqueous solution is transparent and colorless.

Grades: Animal Nutrition&Feed; Construction; Industrial uses.

Annual Supply Capacity: 20,000 Metric Tons.

Animal Feed Grade Calcium formate

Calcium Formate for Animal Feed

Highlights: Organic calcium; High calcium content; Low heavy metal content.

1. Promote mineral absorption in farmed animals.

2. Good water solubility.

3. Good palatability for livestock and poultry.

4. Helpful for the growth and health of animals.

Construction Grade Calcium formate

Calcium Formate for Construction

Highlights: Great for fasting the curing rate of cement.

1. No corrosiveness to steel bars and cement.

2. Improve the early strength of cement.

3. Does not reduce cement solidification strength.

4. Antifree in winter.

Reliable Calcium Formate Supplier with Swift Delivery

Shipping Solution

Appearance: Support logo design, color, and more OEM options.

Packaging: 25 kg/bag.

Container Capacity: 20-27 Ton for 20 ft container.


Shipping Coverage: Worldwide.

Period: 7-14 days. Specific time depending on your location.

Free Sample Shipping: DHL or FedEx.


Calcium Formate Specifications

Calcium formate is odourless and free-flowing white crystals. It’s a source of calcium and formate ions for an aqueous solution.


Yuanwang calcium formate is added into dry mixed building materials to speed up the setting speed of cement. Typically use of low-temperature construction environment. CF improves the early strength of cement. It applies for thermal insulation mortar, waterproof mortar and repair mortar.


Yuanwang’s commitment to calcium formate safety and quality starts with every detail and extends to our clients worldwide. We help you solve problems at every stage of the transaction process and provide online tech support.

  • Appearance White crystal powder
    Purity% ≥98.00
    Moisture% ≤0.50% 
    Calcium Content% ≥30.10
  • Construction Grade
    Appearance White crystal powder
    Purity% ≥98.00
    Moisture% ≤0.50% 
    Calcium Content% ≥30.10
  • Appearance White crystal powder
    Purity% ≥98.00
    Moisture% ≤0.50% 
    Calcium Content% ≥30.10

Top 3 Calcium Formate Uses

Yuanwang calcium formate for construction is primarily used in concrete, dry mortar, and tile adhesive. It influences the setting and hardening time by accelerating the formation of tricalcium silicate. calcium formate can modify the initial workability of wet mortar according to the usage amount.

  • calcium-formate-concrete
    Calcium Formate in Concrete

    Calcium formate helps concrete set within 4 hours. Ensuring early strength for mortar or concrete.


    Construction grade calcium formate boosts mortar strength without affecting other properties. Works pretty well with other additives.

  • calcium-formate-application
    Calcium Formate in Tile Adhesive

    Calcium Formate enhances tile adhesives by improving adhesion, durability, and strength.


    It’s great for tile adhesive mortars that need to be set quickly without getting too hard. It also boosts water resistance and flexibility.

  • calcium-formate-uses-feed
    Calcium Formate Feed Additive

    The EU has checked and confirmed that calcium formate is safe for all types of animals.


    Provided when used in the right amounts. The demand for calcium formate is expected to increase in the future.

Yuanwang Calcium Formate Highlights

Setting Accelerator

Calcium formate acts as a fast coagulation agent. It effectively shortens the cement setting time.


Calcium formate not only speeds up the cement setting process but also increases intensity.

Promote Workability

Calcium formate acts as an accelerator extends the opening time and improves adhesion.

Safe Additives

Calcium formate is used as a safe additive and preservative in feed for all animal species.

Elevate Your Calcium Formate Solutions

>> Team-based VIP Service

Yuanwang is your reliable source to buy calcium formate. We offer OEM solutions to your calcium formate’s specific needs. Our expert team provides professional guidance on formulation and support throughout the process.


>> Flexible Payment and Delivery Methods

You can choose different options according to your preferences. Plus, we also offer exclusive pricing and policy advantages for dealers. Contact our service team for more opportunities!



Recommended Dosage of Calcium Formate

The dosage of calcium formate gradually increases as the temperature decreases. The specific dosage varies depending on various factors. That includes formula design, environmental temperature, etc. Here are some general dosage recommendations:


For dry-mix mortar and concrete:

The recommended dosage of calcium formate typically ranges from 0.5% to 1.0%. The maximum dosage is 2.5%. Even at a lower dosage of 0.3% to 0.5% applied during the summer, the early strength effects can still be observed.


For animal feed applications:

Our recommended dosage of calcium formate ranges from 0.5% to 1.0% of the total feed formulation.


Calcium Formate Manufacturing Process

Complex Method

Calcium formate is manufactured by reacting dilute sulfuric acid and calcium carbonate, or calcium hydroxide, to form a CF solution.


After filtering out the insoluble composition, the filtrate is concentrated and crystallized. CF is afterwards centrifuged and dried. However, this method is complex, with high energy consumption and production cost.

The simple method to manufacture calcium formate by the quicksand production technique.
Simple Method

Another method is called the quicksand production technique. Only use formic acid and calcium carbonate as raw materials. It’s a short process and easy to operate, with low energy consumption and a lower budget.


The final product is white, smooth-flowing crystal particles, good quality and high purity.

Calcium Formate Distributor You can Trust

  • group-support
    Government Support

    Yuanwang Group is owned by the local government.


    This connection makes it easy for us to get important land and technical resources. It helps us maintain a steady and reliable calcium formate manufacturing.

  • monitor-manufacturing
    Manufacturing Technology

    In our calcium formate factory, we use modern technology to make products efficiently.


    This ensures consistent and streamlined production. We promise to always provide you with high-quality quality products.

  • rd-professionals
    R&D Professionals

    At Yuanwang, we always want to be at the calcium formate chemical innovation forefront.


    We invest in ongoing research and development to keep up with the latest technology. We’re constantly making our formulas better for improved results.

  • qc-system
    Quality Assurance

    Calcium formate quality control tests are carried out multiple times during each stage.


    At Yuanwang, we strictly follow industry regulations and international standards. We only use quality raw materials in production.

Calcium Formate Packaging and Sizes

25kg Bag

Also available in customised volumes

Keep the bag closed in a dry and ventilated place

Customize Volume

Also available in 25kg/bag

Keep the bag closed in a dry and ventilated place

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Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

What is the difference between calcium formate crystals and powders form?
What is the calcium formate used in construction?

>> Calcium Formate in Concrete.

Calcium formate an additive without a corrosive effect on reinforcement. The primary role is to accelerate the hydration of tricalcium silicate in cement. And improve the cement strength at an early stage.


The majority influence of calcium formate accelerator depends on tricalcium silicate content in cement. The lesser the tricalcium silicate added, the better the strength effect. Furthermore, it will maintain the strength of the mortar at a later stage. It has an excellent anti-freezing impact.


>> Calcium Formate in Cement.

The fantastic concrete accelerator comes with a 2-in-1 function. It speeds up the cement setting process and avoids delaying the setting speed due to low temperatures in winter construction. At the same time, increase the cement intensity, especially at the early stage. It does the same in high temperatures as well.

How to test calcium formate quality?

Method 1: Loss on Ignition Test. Heat a 3-5g sample at 650°C for 2 hours, weigh it, and calculate the loss on ignition. Genuine calcium formate typically has a 20-30% loss on ignition.


Method 2: Ion Titration. Dissolve the sample, titrate Ca2+ with Na2CO3, (SO4)2—with BaCl2, and Cl—with AgNO3. The absence of other ions indicates high purity. Avoid simultaneous addition of Na2CO3, BaCl2, and AgNO3.


If you need further assistance or specific guidance, feel free to contact our team. Our experts will provide personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your needs.

What is calcium formate used for?

CF can significantly increase the growth of calcium alumina in the early stage of cement hydration and accelerate the hydration. It can improve the early strength of cement products but has little effect on the setting time of cement, and the physical properties of CF are stable at room temperature, not easy to agglomerate, more suitable for use in dry mortar, with good freeze-thaw resistance, and can be negative temperature construction.

Is CF soluble in water?

Yes. CF solubility: ± 0.04 g/100 g water.

Is CF safe?

Under normal circumstances, there is no dangerous reaction has been found.

Is calcium formate a preservative?

Researchers confirmed that CF could be used as feedingstuffs preservative for all animal species.

Why is CF used in cement?

CF is an additive without a corrosive effect on reinforcement. The primary role is to accelerate the hydration of tricalcium silicate in cement. And improve the cement strength at an early stage. The majority influence of calcium formate accelerator depends on tricalcium silicate content in cement. The lesser the tricalcium silicate added, the better the strength effect. Furthermore, it will maintain the strength of the mortar at a later stage. It has an excellent anti-freezing impact.

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