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  • wall-putty
  • floor-tiling
  • self-leveling
  • eifs-system
  • drymix-material
  • wall-putty
  • floor-tiling
  • self-leveling
  • eifs-system
  • drymix-material

Customize Your Construction Additive Formulas

At WOTAIchem, we provide customized formulas to meet specific grades. Other than our standard product offerings.


Our classic and premium product range is suitable for many applications. For example, wall putty, tile adhesive, self-leveling, and EIFS/ETICS. Mostly in the use of dry mix materials.


Our classic range is more affordable. It is a cost-effective solution. The premium range is created for customers who are seeking the best. WOTAIchem is opening up even more possibilities for you. We continue to maximize your product potential with continued innovation.

Concrete Chemicals Customization

WOTAIchem provides a range of concrete chemicals. Our product categories include cellulose ethers, RDP powder, superplasticizers, foam control, calcium formate, and concrete fibers.


The RD center of WOTAIchem is well-equipped with advanced facilities. Our team frequently conducts experiments to test formulas and make necessary modifications. We’ve been helping out with a number of business partners to research and create custom chemicals.


Both premium and classic ranges contain 400, 20000, 45000, 75000, and 70000S grades.


Current grades contain 400, 20000, 45000, 75000, and 70000S grades. For pure grade, choose MH-T100K/200K.


Currently avaiable grades: W4116N, W4024N, T5012N, T5043N, T5045N Flexible, T5046N, T5048N.

Construction Chemicals Custom Manufacturing

WOTAIchem specializes in custom chemical manufacturing. We make chemicals based on your project needs. No matter if it’s a special mix, or a special mix, or something entirely different. We ensure you get the perfect tailor-made concrete additives you want.


Customization allows you to optimize additives for specific project requirements. Improving performance.


We stay ahead by creating special additives that solve new construction problems.


Customization ensures consistent, high-quality additive production. Ensuring reliable performance in every batch.

Start Customization Now

There are many options on the market today, but most of the products are similar. You need to compare their features and prices, look for the best deal, and make the right decision.


If your needs are not in our existing product categories, we offer four simple steps to help you find the perfect solution you want.


Custom Formula Easy Steps

Start Your Research

Contact out online professionals, we help you locate the best HPMC for your current project. We’ll be sharing more detailed information with you. For example, technical data, or equivalent brands.

Sample Testing

Once you have a list of the products you need for your project, you may contact us for free samples. Sample testing helps you to see the product’s result by yourself. We encourage you to test and feel the difference before placing an order.

Instant Quotation

You may request a quotation if you’re satisfied with the testing result. We’ll share all the information regarding the cost breakdown, payment methods, delivery time and duration, and after-sales support.

Transaction and Delivery

Once we reach an agreement, we’ll start the production process and arrange shipping out if there is available stock. You can pay on the agreed terms, and we’ll ensure it reaches you on schedule.

Let Wotaichem Help You with Formula Research and Development.


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What are the available grades for the WOTAIchem cellulose ether category?

When it comes to HPMC and MHEC products, we offer them in two distinct series: W and T.
The WP and WE series provide cost-effective solutions. Making them suitable for those with limited budgets while still delivering consistent results.


In contrast, the TP and TE series represent our commitment to superior quality. Tailored for customers who seek the best in the industry.


Our HEC products find common applications in paints, personal care items, and oil production.


Should you have any interest in our products, don’t hesitate to contact our online specialists. We’re available to answer all your inquiries.

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