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Superplasticizer Manufacturer

Superplasticizers are also known as water reducers or water reducing agents. It can increase the fluidity of concrete and maintain its strength. They play a crucial role in building materials.


WOTAIchem is a leading super plasticizer manufacturer and supplier. We operate an individual superplasticizer factory in Shandong province. We ensure efficient inventory management, flexible payments, and fast shipping!


Also, we support free sample testing. The strict QA system ensures your final goods have the same quality as the samples.


Super plasticizer category



Best Superplasticizer for Concrete: Water Reduction Rate

Melamine plasticizers (SM): Melamine-based super plasticizers. A quite popular choice and can reduce water by 15% to 20%.

Polycarboxylate plasticizers (PCE): Polycarboxylate plasticizers or PCE super plasticizers. your top #1 choice in modern construction. They can achieve a water reducing rate up to 25%.

Types of Superplasticizer

PCE Powder

Polycarboxylate Based Superplasticizer

PCE plasticizer is a high efficiency water reducing agent that exhibits excellent overall properties and versatility.


It offers a high water reduction rate, slump retention, and compatibility with various cement types.

Concrete Plasticizer

PCE Liquid Superplasticizer - PCE 6023

Liquid plasticizer improve mortar and concrete fluidity, for easier mixing and shaping.


With less water in the mix to achieve good workability.


Boosting concrete strength.


Excellent Reistance to freeze-thaw cycle and corrosion.

SM Powder

Melamine Based Superplasticizer

SM Super plasticizer reduces the risk of alkali-aggregate reaction in cement. Advantageous for winter construction.


It also promotes early strength. Resulting in improved performance during early stages of curing.

Top 3 Best Selling Superplasticizers

As one of the leading powder admixture polycarboxylate superplasticizer manufacturers in China, the following three grades of plasticizers work pretty well for clients in various industries!


WOTAIchem also provides customized water reducing plasticizers for concrete or cement. We will help you design quality superplasticizers for your construction tasks. Talk to our expert for your specific needs now!

  • PCE6020

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Dosage: 2-3kg per ton.

  • PCE6021

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Recommended: cement-based mortar.

  • PCE6022

    Active ingredients: ≥90%
    Water reduction rate: ≥25%
    Gypsum-based selfleveling mortar.

Superplasticizers Packaging and Volume

WOTAIchem super plasticizer powder is widely used in the construction industry. For example, high-strength plaster, plaster base self-leveling floors, cement base self-leveling floor, waterproof floor, repair mortar, special high-strength mortar, and more.


For both PCE and SM plasticizers, we provide standard packaging of 25kg/bag, and 200kg/pallet.

  • plasticizer-packaging

    Also available in a 2,000-kilogram pallet, and other custom volumes. Store in a covered container to prevent rain or water evaporation.

  • 2000kg-plasticizer

    Also available in 25-kilogram bags, and custom volumes. Store in a covered container to prevent rain or water evaporation.

  • plasticizer-factory

    If you require any customized volume, packaging, or other parts related to the visual effect, contact us for OEM customization!

Quality Superplasticizers Bring You Awesome Results!

Super plasticizer has unique properties that contribute to concrete production. They can disperse cement particles evenly and promote uniform hydration.


High-performance construction materials can stands extreme weather, abrasion, and corrosion. With the extra dosage of mortar super plasticizer, enjoy effortless pouring, setting, and lower cost!

  • mansonry-mortar
    WOTAIchem Super plasticizers can significantly reduce the water content in concrete without compromising workability.
  • gypsum-plaster-mortar
    WOTAIchem super plasticizers help maintain the concrete’s strength and consistency  by ensuring proper dispersion and hydration.
  • plasticizer-improve-fluidity
    Improved Fluidity
    By increasing the fluidity of concrete, our super plasticizers allow for easier placement and better compaction of your project.
  • good-plasticizer-product
    Extended Setting Time
    Superplasticizer for concrete effectively delay the initial setting time. Providing more time for concrete pouring, placement and finishing.

Your Reliable Source To Buy Superplasticizer from China

Plasticizer price: negotiable.

OEM customization: Support.

Availability: In stock.

Lead time: 7-14 days. Specific dates will determined by your order volume.

Annual capacity: > 80,000 Metric tons.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Shipping: FOB, CIF, CFR, and more.

WOTAIchem prioritizes long-term partnerships rather than large-scale profits. Join our dealer group today! Different dealer categories correspond to additional price and policy advantages.



Difference between Plasticizer and Superplasticizer

Plasticizers and super plasticizers are added to concrete to make it easier to work with and use less water. However, they are different in effectiveness and application.


The first generation of plasticizers has a low water reduction rate, ranging from 5% to 10%. With new technology and formula improvements, the latest super plasticizers generally have a higher water reduction rate. However, the effectiveness can vary based on the dosage, mixing, and otherfactors in real situations.


Discover Additives at Our Factory

WOTAIchem is a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction additives and admixtures. We have multiple production bases in China, where we produce various additives. We are equipped with modern facilities and leading technology.


Our major product lines:
1. Cellulose Ether: HPMC, HEMC, HEC.
2. Redispersible Polymer Powder.
3. Antifoaming Agent.

*Yuanwang Group products: Calcium formate, Concrete fiber, etc.



6 Major Applications of Superplasticizer in Concrete

The use of super plasticizers offers several benefits in concrete construction. These additives find wide-ranging applications in various concrete structures and projects.


Contact us today and tell us what you need. We’re here to support you throughout the entire construction process!

  • concrete-pouring
    Concrete Pouring

    Extensively used as water reducing admixture for concrete. Reducing the water-to-cement ratio enhances the concrete’s strength, durability, and overall performance.

  • Gypsum-Based Concrete

    It also find application in gypsum-based systems. When used in gypsum mixes, super plasticizers can enhance the material’s workability and flowability for your projects.

  • floor-leveling-mortar
    Self Leveling Floor

    Super plasticizers in self-leveling make it flow better and level smoothly. It reduces the amount of water in the mix. Improve mortar’s workability without losing strength.

  • precast-concrete-admixture
    Precast Concrete

    Super plasticizer is essential in the precast concrete manufacturing process. It helps concrete flow better and is easy to shape into the designs you need.

  • concrete-strength-accelerator
    High-Performance Concrete

    Strong and durable concrete is required for important projects. Super plasticizers are added for good workability, and enhanced strength.

  • bridge-building
    Building Bridges

    In the construction of bridges, super plasticizers are added to the concrete to make it stronger and able to support heavy loads. Without needing a lot of water.

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Experience WOTAIchem super plasticizer differences! Request a free sample or customize your formula for optimal concrete performance.


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What Are the Differences Between Solid and Liquid Super plasticizers?
What's the advantages of your super plasticizer products?
Polycarboxylate Super plasticizer (PCE):
– Low addition amount.
– High water reduction rate.
– Adaptability to various cements.
– Good slump retention for concrete.
– Environmentally friendly and stable product.
– Significant improvement in construction efficiency.
Melamine Super plasticizer (SMF):
– Enhances early cement strength.
– Improves compactness and surface gloss.
– Offers excellent waterproof and oil-resistant properties.
– Very low air content.
How does cement water reducing agent relate to super plasticizer dosage in concrete?

A cement water reducing agent, commonly known as a super plasticizer. It is essential to concrete construction. It helps to decrease the amount of water required for the desired consistency of concrete thereby improving its workability and flow.


The dosage of super plasticizer in concrete refers to the amount of this additive used in proportion to the weight of cement. By adjusting the super plasticizer dosage, you can achieve the desired fluidity of the concrete while minimizing the water content.

Does superplasticizer increase compressive strength?

Superplasticizers are also known as high efficiency water reducing agents. They are additives that can reduce water content. It is used in concrete to improve workability. The super plasticizers may contribute to compressive strength. It enables the production of quality concrete mixtures with optimized water-to-cement ratios. Their impact on strength can vary based on factors. For example, dosage, mix design, and curing conditions.

How much super plasticizer to add to concrete?

The optimal dosage of super plasticizer in concrete depends on various factors. For example, mix design, desired workability, and ambient conditions. As a general guideline, it is recommended to start with a dosage ranging from 0.5% to 2% by weight of cementitious materials.

How does super plasticizer work?
Superplasticizers work by dispersing the cement particles in the concrete mixture, allowing for better particle hydration and reducing interparticle friction. This results in increased flowability and workability without excessive water content.
What are the super plasticizer functions?

Super plasticizers, also known as a water-reducing agent, is usually used in dry concrete to improve work performance, enhance the compaction of concrete, increase density, and thus improve the surface finish of the concrete.

What happens when I add too much super plasticizer?
When you add an excessive amount of super plasticizer to concrete, the workability of the mixture increases. However, it’s essential to exercise caution because an overdose of super plasticizers can lead to undesirable workability, making it unsuitable for concrete construction.
What factors affect the water-reducing rate of super plasticizers?
The water-reducing rate is influenced not only by the type and dosage of the super plasticizers but also by the water-cement ratio (W/C), cement variety, and cement quantity.
What water reducer is suitable for road surface repair mortars?
For road surface repair, a high-efficiency polycarboxylate ether (PCE) super plasticizer with high reduction rate and low dosage is recommended.
Do your super plasticizers need to be dissolved or can they be directly mixed with powder?
WOTAIchem’s plasticizers can be directly mixed with the powder. There is no need for pre-dissolving.
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