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Redispersible Polymer Powder for Mortar Mix

Mortar mix, also known as mortar ready mix or dry pack mortar, is a very common building material. It’s often used in wall putty, tile adhesive, self-leveling, and gypsum plaster.


Dry mortar mix is crucial for keeping cement mortar ready to use. Typically, dry mortar mix includes additives like redispersible polymer powder. As it improves mortar properties. This improvement happens when you combine water with the dry mix.


Redispersible polymer powder is an important mortar composition. It not only enhances bonding, adhesion, flexural strength, and workability. But it also reduces fluid-loss, gas migration in various construction materials.


1. Bonding and adhesion. Sticks better and adheres well.
2. Flexural strength. Withstand bending and stress.
3. Reduce water loss by retenting the fluid content.
4. Improve gas migration and workability.

RDP for Dry Mix Mortars

China VAE RDP Powder Factory

Product Overview

Product Name: Redispersible polymer powder or RDP.

Grade: Construction.

Type: Cost-effective and premium.

RDP CAS Number: 24937-78-8.

Availability: Standard type in stock.

Formula Support: Expert-designed dry mix mortar ratio.

Package: 25 kg/bag. 500-600 kg/pallet.

Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Delivery: CFR, CIF, FOB, etc.

Construction RDP Chemical

Dry Mixed Mortar Grade RDP Powder Specifications

Appearance: White or off-white powder.

Polymer Type: Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion.

Solid Content: ≥97%.

pH Value: 6-8.

OEM Options: Support.

Ash Content: 10-20%. Custom based on your requirements.

Recommend Product: T-5010E, T-5023N, T-5043N, T-5045N,, etc.

Applications: wall putty; tile adhesive; self-leveling; EIFS systems; other cement-based mortars.


Polymer Powder For Mortar Mix: Top 5 Essential Areas

Redispersible polymer powders are smooth, white powders created by spray drying VAE emulsions. When mixed with water, these powders disperse quickly and return to their original liquid state. While maintaining the same properties as the initial emulsion.


WOTAIchem offers various RDP powders for types of mortar in construction application. Discover now>>

Wall Putty

RDP powder makes wall putty flexible and stick well.


RDP chemical in dry mix mortar can creates a smooth finish on indoor walls. Cover imperfections and form a good base for paint.

Tile Adhesive

RDP powder enhances tile adhesive adhesion and flexibility.


It creates a strong bond between tiles and surfaces. Ensuring a durable installation for both wall and floor projects.

Gypsum Plaster

RDP polymer powder makes the plaster easier to work with and sticks well.


As a result, RDP powder helps you achieve a smoother application and a surface that sticks well to walls and ceilings.


RDP polymer contributes to better flow and workability.


It ensures a level surface, perfect for preparing before installing different flooring materials. Achieve an even and flawless finish.

Wall Insulation

RDP polymer powder in EIFS or ETICS offers thermal benefits.


RDP powder creates a lasting and weather-resistant exterior. It’s crucial for keeping the insulation system strong over time.

Order RDP Polymer Powder at WOTAIchem

WOTAIchem offer various RDP powders for your dry mix mortar applications. That includes T-5010N, T-5041N, T-5042N, T-5046N, T-5047N, and T-5048N.


We’re also trying to give you even more options with our OEM solution. If you want something that’s not on our regular list or different grades, just tell us, and we’ll try to help.


You can reach out to us if you want more info about prices, samples, applications, or grades. We’re here to help with whatever you need!


WOTAIchem's Quality Mortar Additives and Construction Chemicals

At WOTAIchem, we know the importance of ready mix mortar in construction. We’re proud to serve you with quality mortar additives. They are essential additives for repairing mortar, floor leveling, grouts, tiles, and more uses.


Our best-selling additives are cellulose ether, plasticizers, calcium formate, and defoamers. We make sure each kind of mortar admix we offer is made just right. This helps improve certain qualities and makes your product work better.


If you require any affordable construction chemicals, please get in touch with us. We’re here to support your project with high-performing additives!

Get Your Free RDP Sample for Drymix Mortar Today!

Experience the quality and performance of our RDP powder for dry mix mortar. Perfect for improving workability, adhesion, and durability in your construction projects.


Request your FREE sample now and see the difference for yourself!



Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What is stronger concrete mix or mortar mix?

Concrete Mix
The concrete mix contains cement, sand, gravel, or stone.
It’s a strong and durable combination. Mainly used for building foundations, sidewalks, and driveways.


Mortar Mix
Mortar mix contains cement, sand, and water. It is not as strong as a concrete mix.
It is commonly used to hold bricks or stones together in walls and for small masonry projects.


Concrete mix is generally stronger than mortar mix. As it contains additional components like gravel or crushed stone, suitable for heavier-duty construction. Mortar mix is designed for bonding bricks and stones in walls but is not as robust as concrete.

What is the chemical composition of redispersible polymer powder?

RDP polymer powder is made mainly from Vinyl Acetate (VAE) and Ethylene. Occasionally, it might also have Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA).


Redispersible polymer powder is produced through spray-drying VAE emulsions. Adding RDP powder to mortar makes mortar more sticky. It adds flexibility and makes it more resistant to water. RDP powder is used in different construction areas, like wall putty, tile adhesive, and plaster.

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