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  • concrete-accelerator
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Calcium Formate -Industrial Solutions

Calcium Formate (industrial-grade) is a premium chemical additive. Its versatility and beneficial properties make it an indispensable additive in industrial processes.


WOTAIchem is a trusted high quality calcium formate supplier and manufacturer. We committed to delivering excellent products tailored to your industrial needs. Our products undergo stringent quality control measures with international standard. It helps in ensuring purity, reliability, and consistent performance of your calcium formate used in construction. Trust our team to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific industrial requirements.


In addition to its industrial applications, calcium formate powder also finds applications in animal feed and cement production.


The Reason for Calcium Formate Used in Industry

Calcium formate is widely utilized in industrial applications for several reasons. Its use in the industry stems from its concrete-enhancing properties. For example, accelerating the setting and curing process, resulting in faster construction progress.


Additionally, calcium formate acts as a moisture control agent. It can prevent damage caused by excess moisture. It is an effective anti-freezing agent in low-temperature environments, ensuring smooth operations. Moreover, its role as a gas generation agent in safety explosives allows for controlled gas release. Calcium formate is vital in enhancing industrial processes and outcomes with diverse applications.

Top 6 Industrial Applications of Calcium Formate

Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

Calcium Formate in Leather Tanning

Calcium formate serves as a masking agent and buffer in leather tanning. When added to tanning formulations, calcium formate promotes faster and more efficient penetration of chromium into the leather. It also acts as a substitute for formic acid in acid-pickling operations.
Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

Additives for Resins

Calcium formate is an additive in resin formulations to enhance their performance and characteristics. It improves the curing process and increases hardness. And improves the adhesion and stability of resin-based products.
Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

De-Icing Agent

Calcium formate proves effective as a de-icing agent. It can prevent the accumulation of ice on surfaces. It finds use in airports, highways, and other transportation infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient operations during winter conditions.
Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

Anti-Freezing Agent

Calcium formate is utilized as an anti-freezing agent, preventing ice and frost formation. It finds applications in various industries. Refrigeration, cold storage, and winter road maintenance are.
Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

Drying Agent

With its excellent moisture-absorbing properties, calcium formate serves as an effective drying agent. It is used in industries where moisture control is essential. For example, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food production.
Industrial-grade Calcium Formate Uses

Gas Generation Agent

Calcium formate is crucial in environmental applications. Specifically in removing harmful sulfur oxides (SOx) from fossil fuel waste gases emitted by power plants and other industrial facilities. Good for sustainability.

The Amazing Highlights of WOTAI Calcium Formate

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    Global Certified

    WOTAI present you with products that are recognized and certified around the globe.

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    Market Growth

    Global calcium formate demands are multiplying. WOTAI serve clients worldwide with consistent quality.

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    Modified Solutions

    WOTAI calcium formate is based on safe formulas. The team focus on modified solutions that are effective and secure.

WOTAI's Mission

Serve and create ultimate value for clients worldwide with absolute professionalism and high efficiency.


What is the difference between industrial-grade calcium formate and feed-grade calcium formate?
The main difference lies in the standard levels of heavy metals and arsenic. Feed-grade calcium formate has lower levels of heavy metals and arsenic than industrial-grade. This is important because when animals consume feed containing high levels of heavy metals, it becomes challenging for them to metabolize and eliminate these metals from their system. Finally, it can be detrimental to animal health.


On the other hand, calcium formate for industrial use does not have specific requirements regarding heavy metal and arsenic content and has a broader range of applications.
Is calcium formate for industrial uses toxic?
No, WOAIchem’s calcium formate is considered non-toxic, making it safe for handling industrial applications.
What happens when calcium formate is heated strongly?
When calcium formate is heated strongly, it decomposes, releasing carbon dioxide and calcium carbonate.
What is calcium formate used for?

Calcium Formate is divided into two categories.
The first use is in construction additives. It has the great advantage to extends the opening time and improving adhesion.
The second application is in animal feed as a preservative, but not in human food. It’s a safe ingredient to extend product shelf life effectively.

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