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PCE for Self Leveling

WOTAIchem is a reputable PCE superplasticizer supplier in China. We offer a versatile concrete modifier that caters to diverse construction needs. Our PCE for self-leveling serves as an essential additive for self-leveling mortar and concrete admixture.


Our PCE for self-leveling serves as an essential additive for self-leveling mortar and concrete admixture. With this innovative product, you can create level and polished surfaces. Also saves valuable time during construction projects.


As the top choice for construction professionals, WOTAIchem’s PCE superplasticizer delivers efficient and high-quality results. Its unique properties enhance the workability of self-leveling concrete. Making it ideal for self leveling agents and self leveling mortar applications.


  • Spread effortlessly
  • Level uneven surfaces with ease.
  • Minimizes construction time and maximizes efficiency.

WOTAIchem - PCE for Self Leveling Specifications

BULK DENSITY(g/L) 500-700

WOTAIchem Quality PCE for Self Leveling Benefits

PCE for SELF leveling

Enhanced Performance

WOTAIchem takes pride in providing top-quality PCE superplasticizers. With our exceptional product, concrete performance reaches new heights. The incorporation of our PCE in self leveling concrete significantly improves its workability. The result is a flawless finish. And creating a level and polished surfaces with ease.
PCE for SELF leveling

Increased Fluidity

Our PCE for self leveling offers the advantage of enhanced flowability in mortar mixes. This property allows concrete to spread effortlessly. And achieving a level surface with ease and precision. It simplifies the pouring process and reduces the need for excessive manual labor during construction.
PCE for SELF leveling

Time-Saving Solution

Efficiency is at the core of WOTAIchem’s PCE for self leveling. Our superplasticizer boasts high flowability.This attribute makes the pouring process swift and seamless. PCE can make concrete sets quickly.


Finally, reducing construction time without compromising quality. This time-saving advantage proves invaluable in meeting tight project deadlines and optimizing productivity.

Top 3 Applications of PCE for Self-Leveling

  • pce-superplasticizer-floor
    Flooring Solutions

    PCE for self-leveling is widely used in construction to create smooth. And the even surfaces for various types of flooring materials. Whether it’s ceramic tiles, wood, or epoxy coatings, PCE for self leveling ensures a flawless foundation for your important construction projects.

  • pce-superplasticizer-construction
    Commercial Projects
    WOTAIchem PCE based superplasticizer has high flowability and extended workability. The concrete can be quickly placed and spread over large areas. Also, reduce construction time and labor costs. Ideal for warehouses, logistics, and other projects with strict timelines.
  • self-leveling-mortar
    Renovation and Repair
    Self-leveling agents can help restore the floor to its original smoothness. PCE can deal with existing uneven or damaged concrete surfaces. This application is common in refurbishing old buildings, upgrading facilities, and repairing damaged concrete floors projects.

Why Partner with WOTAIchem?

  • quality-control-system
    Quality Products
    Our PCE superplasticizers are manufactured using advanced technology and rigorous quality control. Ensuring consistent performance and reliability for your construction.
  • sales-team-presentation
    OEM Solution
    With years of experience in the construction additives industry, our team of experts can provide tailored OEM solutions supports and expert guidance to meet your specific requirements.
  • additives-delivery
    Timely Delivery
    WOTAIchem understands the importance of delivering products on time. Thus, we are committed to delivering your orders promptly to keep your construction process on track.

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Experience the excellence of WOTAIchem’s PCE for self leveling and elevate your construction to unparalleled levels of success!

How does superplasticizer work in concrete?
Superplasticizers are also known as water reducing agents. It can improve concrete workability by dispersing cement particles and reducing the water-to-cement ratio. They create a negative charge on cement particles. Also, preventing clumping and making the concrete more flowable. This characteristic enhances its strength, durability and reduces the risk of shrinkage and cracking.
How to use self leveling compound on concrete?
When applying a self-leveling compound on concrete, remember to act swiftly. Mix the compound within 2-3 minutes. Next, promptly pour it onto the floor. Use a rake or other professional tools to spread and level the compound within 5 minutes.
Can self-leveling concrete be used outside?
Self-leveling concrete can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Its suitability for outdoor use depends on weather conditions, surface preparation, and the product’s intended application.
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