Cement Additives

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  • cement-admixture
  • hemc-manufacturer
  • mortar-additive-hpmc
  • hydroxy-ethyl-cellulose
  • melamine-water-reducing
  • cold-weather-additves
  • construction-calcium-formate
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Your Trusted Cement Additives Supplier

WOTAIchem is one of the leading cement additives manufacturers in China. We provide you with an OEM solution for your cement additives.


We manufacture cement additives under strict quality control systems. Every batch ensures stable quality. We own five factories in Taian and Dezhou city. They all support large-volume production.


Exploring Our Various Types of Cement Additives

Cement additives are materials added to cement to enhance its properties or performance. They can be categorized into grinding aids, strength enhancers, and performance enhancers. These additives can modify various properties of cement.


Our cement additives are available under two brands. They are WOTAIchem™ and Yuanwang™. WOTAIchem offers cellulose ethers, RDP powder, and super plasticizers. Yuanwang offers a range of other cement additives. That includes calcium formate, fibers, defoamers, and more. All of them support OEM grade additive production. Our expert team will provide formulation and guidance tailored to your needs.


Our cement additives improve the bonding capabilities with other materials. For example, concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other surfaces. Reducing the risk of delamination or detachment over time.


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Oilfield Cement Additives

We also provide oil cementing additives for the oil and gas industry. These additives improve the properties of cement slurries. Contributing to the well construction and cementing operations.


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WOTAIchem is your go-to choice of additives to make cement waterproof. Cement additives waterproofing creates a barrier in your cement mix. These additives can prevent water from seeping into the concrete structure.


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WOTAIchem cement additives help to speed up the setting time of cement in cold weather. We also provide cement additives for quick drying. Calcium formate is the best choice for you to add to cold weather conditions.


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WOTAIchem Cellulose Additives in Cement


HPMC finds use in cement-based tile adhesive, dry mix mortar, gypsum plaster, and tile grout.


It excels at water retention and adhesion to boost both workability and performance.


MHEC powder serves as a thickener to increase viscosity in formulations.


WOTAIchem MHEC chemical are widely used in wall putty and tile adhesive to improve the adhesion properties of construction materials.


HEC powder offers excellent water retention and thickening abilities when added to cement and concrete.


It is employed in oil drilling and coatings to increase thickness and prevent drooping.

Cement Additives for Strength
— One Solution, Multiple Performances

  • redispersible-polymer-powder
    Cement Additives for Waterproofing - 5042N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • polymer-powder-supplier
    Cement Additives for Adhesion - 5043N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • polymer-powder-manufacturer
    Cement Additives for Waterproofing - 5045N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • rdp-powder-manufacturer
    Cement Additives for Waterproofing - 5046N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • rdp-powder-factory
    Cement Additives for Waterproofing - 5047N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • preium-rdp-powder
    Cement Additives for Adhesion - 5048N
    Appearance White powder
    Protective colloid PVA
    Solid content 99%
    Average particle size 300μm
  • polyacrylonitrile-fiber-manufacturer
    PAN Fiber
    Diameter 13±1um
    Length 4-50mm
    Density 1.18g/cm3
    Color Yellowish
    Crack Elongation 15%±5%
    Tensile Strength ≥800Mpa
  • ppf-fiber-supplier
    PPF Fiber
    Length 3mm
    Tensile Strength 450Mpa
    Elasticity% 40-100
    Wear Resistance Good
    Moisture Rate% 0-0.05
    Melting Point 165℃
  • PVA Fiber
    PVA Fiber
    Configuration Monofilament
    Tensile Strength 240ksi(1600MPa)
    Flexural Strength 5700ksi(40GPa)
    Available Length 0.375″(8mm)
    Aspect-Ratio 210.52
    Melting Point 435°F(225°C)
  • calcium-formate-supplier
    Calcium Formate
    Appearance White crystal powder
    Purity% ≥98.00
    Moisture% ≤0.50% 
    Calcium Content% ≥30.10
  • PCE Superplasticizers
    Appearance Powder
    Active ingredient ≥90%
    Water reduction ≥25%
    Application Cement
  • water-reducer-supplier
    SM Superplasticizers
    Appearance White Powder
    Bulk Density(g/L) 700±200
    Moisture% ≤5
    Cement Paste Fluidity ≥200
  • Defoamers
    Grade OEM
    Appearance White powder
    pH value 6.0-9.0
    Defoaming rate % >60

Flexible Payment Solutions Available for Your Cement Additive Orders

T/T Wire Transfer
Efficient transaction method. Typically, it ranges from 2-5 business days.
L/C at Sight
Instant payment for samples, but may incur up to a 5% transaction fee.
WOTAIchem will offer full process service throughout the entire purchase.

Why Do Cement Additives Matter in Construction


– Improving the strength of concrete.


– Increasing resistance to wear and environmental factors.


– Extending the structure’s lifespan.


– Mixing and pouring cement is simpler.


– Adjusting the setting time for specific requirements.


– There are fewer cracks, and it sticks to other things better.

Our 90% Cement Additives Serve In

Sustainable Future with Cement Additives through Partnerships

Your Cement, Your Way!

Ready to elevate your construction projects with superior cement performance? We offer free samples and customized formulas to meet your specific needs. Let’s build success together!



Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

How to make cement stronger?

Strengthening cement involves enhancing its compressive and tensile strength. And this can be achieved by following these steps:


1. Use Quality Cement. Start with high-quality cement as the foundation for strong concrete.


2. Add Reinforcements. Incorporate materials or additives into your concrete mix. They can add structural strength and reduce the risk of cracks.


3. Optimal Mix Ratios. Follow recommended cement-to-aggregate ratios. Ensuring the right balance for maximum strength.


4. Proper Curing. Allow your cement to cure adequately by keeping it moist and protected from extreme temperatures during the curing process.


5. Consider Additives. Utilize cement additives designed to improve strength and durability. These additives can be included in the mix or applied as surface treatments.

How to waterproof cement?

Waterproofing cement is made easy by using specialized additives to make concrete waterproof. These cement additives are mixed with concrete during the preparation process. They can help create a protective barrier that prevents water from seeping through.


To make your cement waterproof, follow these steps:


1. Choose the Right Additives. Select high-quality waterproofing additives to enhance water resistance.


2. Proper Mixing. Carefully mix the waterproofing additives with cement or concrete according to the instructions. Ensure even distribution throughout the mixture.


3. Appropriate Application. Apply the cement mixture with waterproof additives to the desired area. For example, foundations, basements, or walls.


4. Curing Time. Allow your cement to be cured properly.

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