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With years of experience and industry expertise, we specialize in developing and producing a wide range of high-performance additives that enhance the quality, strength, and durability of concrete. Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and unparalleled customer service has made us a preferred choice among construction professionals worldwide.


At WOTAIchem, we produce cellulose ethers, fiber, calcium formate, superplasticizers, and deformers, primarily for construction use.


Commonly Used Concrete Additives

-Accelerators: Enhance early strength development and reduce setting time.

-Retarders: Control setting time and provide extended workability.

-Superplasticizers: Enhance flowability and workability without compromising strength.

-Air-entraining agents: Introduce controlled air bubbles for improved freeze-thaw resistance.

-Fiber reinforcement: Improve crack resistance and flexural strength.

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

WOTAIchem owns five production bases in China, with the investment of Yuanwang Group. We have just established a new R&D centre in Tai’an, and it’s currently under renovation. With our formula research and development strength, we can provide you with productive solutions.


Our team of professionals are here to assist you with all the technical support for product applications and dosage adjustment. We ensure optimal results with WOTAI chem!


Sustainable Manufacturing

As an environmentally responsible manufacturer, we implement multiple sustainable practices. The concrete additives we produce are formulated to minimize environmental impact. At the same time, they enhance concrete performance. We emphasize resource conservation and waste reduction. We constantly contribute to the greener construction industry with an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Quality over Quantity Everytime

At WOTAIchem, quality always matters. It’s what is being paid for. We have a complex and strict QC system to guarantee you an international standard. We conduct rigorous testing to bring you concrete additives with consistent performance. We belong to the local SOE-Yuanwang Group, so we value our brand image more than anything. Thus, this reminds us that only quality products can maintain a good reputation in the long run.

Partner with WOTAIchem

Partner with WOTAIchem to grant you access to numerous effective concrete additive solutions. With exceptional technical support from R&D specialists and a reliable supply chain worldwide. We will always stand by to deliver solutions to meet your project requirements.
Our laboratory experts provide comprehensive support throughout the research and development process, including process selection, analytics, and formula generation.
We maintain a high level of professionalism in all facets of our organization. We continue investing in the expansion and development of our workforce. As a dealer, we make sure you get the very finest service.v
Whats are the most commontly used high performance concrete additives?

High-performance additives are also called HPC additives. Some commonly used concrete additives are superplasticizers, cement accelerators, fibers, defoamers, and cellulose ethers such as HPMC, MHEC/HEMC, and HEC.


Superplasticizers are high-efficiency water-reducing agents. It improves the workability and fluidity of the concrete without compromising its strength.


Cement accelerators are, for example, calcium formate. It’s used to expedite the setting procedure and promote the early strength of the concrete.


Fibers are used for concrete reinforcement. Our most popular fibers are Polypropylene fiber, PVA, PAN, and PET. You may consult us for further product-related questions.

How to evaluate concrete workability?

Concrete workability assesses the uniformity and ease of pouring and compaction during production. It is a comprehensive measure of flowability, cohesiveness, and water retention.


· Flowability. It refers to concrete flow and fills molds.

· Cohesiveness. It indicates the materials’ ability to stay mixed without separating or segregating.

· Water retention. Concrete exhibits its ability keep water content during production.


The ideal workability exhibits easy pouring, strong cohesion, and minimal water loss. Striking this balance ensures efficient and durable construction.

What concrete additives are considered sustainable concrete additives?

Sustainable concrete additives come from the earth’s natural renewal resources. For example, cotton or wood pulp. It includes cellulose ethers, water reducing agents, including PCE and SM water-reducing agents. They can result in more sustainable concrete with lower water usage.


By implementing sustainable concrete additives into construction operations. The building industry will eventually reduce its carbon footprint.

Do you have concrete additives for cold weather?

In cold weather conditions, concrete face particular challenges, such as delayed setting time, compromised strength, and freeze-thaw damage. To handle all the problems mentioned, some concrete additives are recommended in winter.


Accelerators and anti-freeze agents are typically used in such conditions. Accelerators promote early concrete strength by reducing its setting time. Anti-freeze agents are designed to lower the freezing point of concrete admixtures. It maintains good workability.

How much superplasticizer should be added to concrete?

The superplasticizer dosage in concrete varies depending on factors. For example, the type of superplasticizer used, the desired concrete properties, and the mix design.

The typical dosage of superplasticizers usually ranges from 0.1% to 0.3% by weight of cement content.

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