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Expert Service and Exclusive Formulas for Drymix Materials

WOTAIchem’s exclusive formulas are applicable for dry-mix building materials. They deliver exceptional performance. Our innovative solutions not only meet but often exceed industry standards.


WOTAIchem offers a diverse product portfolio. That includes cellulose ethers (HPMC, MHEC, and HEC), RDP powder, concrete fibers, calcium formate, superplasticizers, defoamers, and more.


Whether you’re in the pre-sales phase or seeking assistance after your purchase, we’re dedicated to providing you with our wealth of knowledge and the expertise we’ve gained over the years. Your success is our priority!


OEM Contract Manufacturing Service

At WOTAIchem, we are a talented group of professionals committed to improving your satisfaction in all aspects. We develop supply chains and better serve all your needs.


Whether you want to create a new product or upgrade an existing one, our contract manufacturing capabilities provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for formula processing.


We handle everything from the idea to the start of selling. Our team can help develop new processes and optimize ingredients so your product goes from the lab to the market.


We offer multiple packaging solutions and volumes for all additives. You may choose from different types of packaging and sizes. Pick the one that fits your packaging needs the best!


Quality is above all. We care about ensuring quality and safety, from sorting out raw materials to running production. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the quality assurance and qualifications you need.


Choose WOTAIchem is choosing a reliable partner and a one-stop shop. We help you with the research and development of new formulas and search for new ingredients.

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