Cellulose Wood Fiber

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  • cellulose-wood-fiber
  • cellulose-fiber
  • wood-fiber-powder
  • cellulose-fiber-supplier
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Wood Cellulose Fiber Manufacturer

If you’re in need of wood cellulose fiber for construction, Yuanwang is your top market choice. We use DCS systems to monitor our fiber production. This control system ensures consistent fiber quality that meets international standards.


Over 90% of our wood cellulose fiber is utilized in construction for its strength and versatility. Currently, we have exported to over 30 countries worldwide.


  • Synonyms: Cellulose wood fiber.
  • Wood Cellulose Fiber Price: Negotiable.
  • OEM Options: Support.
  • MOQ: Negotiable.
  • Payment: T/T, LC, OA.

Product Overview

Wood pulp fiber for Construction

Product Information

Type: Eco-friendly cellulose construction fiber.

Compliance: ISO, CANS, SGS, etc.


> Asphalt Additives

> Wood Pulp Sponge

> Gypsum Products

> Concrete Mortar Mix

Wall putty/skim coat.

Adhesive mortars.

Quality Wood Cellulose fiber Supply

Wood Cellulose Fiber Specification

Appearance: Cotton-like or granular fibers.

Color: White or offwhite.

Grade: Organic fiber.

Fiber Model: YW85CF; YW75CF-01; YW75CF-02.

Length: 250-550 μm.

Fiber Content: 80-90%.

Brightness: 75-85%.

Moisture: ≤6%.

pH Value: 7.0±1.0.


Advantages of Wood Cellulose Fiber

1. Excellent thermal and heat insulation.

2. Uniform thermal expansion without shell cracking.

3. Higher wet film and coverage effect.

4. Improve water retention.

5. Good thickening effect.

What Set Us Apart?

Sustainable Manufacturing Practices
Professional Support at Every Stage
Global Timely Shipments Ensured
Trusted by Clients Worldwide
Prompt Assistance Provided
Industry-Leading Knowledge and Skill

Construction Anti Crack Fiber Solution

>> Wide Fiber Product Choices

In addition to powdered and fiber type of cellulose material, we offer concrete fibers. Our bestsellers include PPF, PVA, PAN, and PET fibers. Their combined use enhances concrete and mortar with excellent crack and impact resistance.


>> OEM Formula Desgin

Yuanwang expert team provides formulation guidance services. Our R&D center will design fiber reinforced mortar mix formulas based on your specific applications. As a result, helping you maximize your final benefits.


Fast Delivery with Flexible Options

Coverage: Global.

Third-party Quality Report: Provide.

Delivery: Straight from the factory.

Shipping Options: CFR, FOB, CIF and more methods.

Free Sample: DHL or FedEx.

Period: 7-14 days. Specific times vary on your port location.

Cellulose Wood Fiber Packaging and Sizes

10-20 kg/Carton


Keep cool and dry, and avoid direct sunlight or sources of ignition.

Customized Volume

Support appearance customization. Professional team can provide design solutions.


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What is wood cellulose made from?

Wood cellulose is made from the cell walls of wood. It primarily consists of cellulose. It is a natural polymer composed of glucose units. The cellulose fiber manufacturing process involves extracting and refining these fibers from various types of wood. That includes pine, spruce, or eucalyptus.


Here is the main process:

Screening-> Splitting-> High-Temperature Treatment-> Bleaching-> Neutralization-> Sieving


These processes can make different lengths and thicknesses to suit various applications. Due to treatment temperatures exceeding 250°C, it is a chemically stable substance under normal conditions.

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