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Your Premium Winter Salt Supplier

Winter salt, sometimes also called road salt. A crucial product to keep road conditions safe during icy weather. It prevents ice forming and melts existing ice and snow on road surfaces.


As a premium road salt supplier in China, we work with you to increase profits through production, service, and delivery!


We produce winter salt through high-tech manufacturing facilities. Research and development for formula upgrading. And we have an experienced team of professionals committed to bring you only the best quality products in the industry!


With our reliable supply chain, we consistently ship products to different overseas areas. When you order from us, we guarantee that they’re always available and will be delivered whenever you need them!

Snow and Ice Salt

Salting roads in winter is essential for safe transportation. Winter salt, also known as bulk salt, is the most economical way to achieve that.


Yuanwang specializes in producing sodium formiate for winter road salting. Our sodium formate products are becoming increasingly popular in countries like the US, Canada, and Russia. We export bulk and packaged salt according to your specific requirements.


Looking for salt for roads? Get a free sample from us to test it first!

Buy Winter Salt from China

Winter Salt Product

Ice melting Salt

Winter salt product: Sodium Formate.
Chemical formula: HCOONa.
Physical appearance: White powder.
Application: Ice and snow salt, snow removal.
Salt bulk price: Negotiable.
Customization: Support formula modification, packaging, and size.

Sodium Formate

Ordering and Shipping

Payment Terms: OA, TT, LC.
MOQ: 1000 kg.
Sample Delivery: FedEx or DHL.
Stock Delivery: Ocean or air freight.
Shipping Options: CFR, FOB, CIF, etc.
Lead Time: 7 to 20 days, depending on order volume and urgency.
Delivery Period: 7 to 14 working days.

Best Salt for Ice Melting

Bulk Salt Supplier

Buy salt in bulk? Yuanwang is your reliable source to ensure your roads and pathways remain safe and clear! Our premium winter salt is highly effective in various kinds of winter conditions.


Instead of selling a single product, we are offering a complete winter salt solution! We handle sourcing, manufacturing, QC, packaging, shipping, and distribution. We’re your trustworthy ingredient supply!


Customize your bulk order; we assist in size and packaging customization. Like to have your logo printed to increase brand awareness? We can help you with that!

Eco Friendly Road Salt

Pavement Salt

Sodium formate is considered to be a safe road salt. It’s an eco-friendly additive that comes with other benefits as well.


>Lower impact on the environment. Compared to the traditional type of deicing salt, such as sodium chloride, sodium formate is less harmful.


>Less corrosion. Sodium formate ice melt doesn’t cause damage to the road surfaces, which helps to minimize maintenance costs.


>Safe for plants. Sodium formate doesn’t cause any negative effects on roadside plants.


Winter Salt Specifications

Hot Topics

Where to buy road salt?

You can buy road salt from local stores or factories. Some local stores will ship to your designated location as per your request. But if you need a large quantity for your project, buying winter salt from China is a better option.


At Yuanwang, we have our factory specializing in the production of winter salt, certified with ISO Quality Management.


Typically, when our sample testing is passed, we can further negotiate prices. Once you place an order, our factory will start the production process according to your requirements. We support factory inspections, so you’re welcome to visit our factory any time!


Buy road salt from Yuanwang allowing you to enjoy factory prices and factory shipping-out. We offer direct shipments to the nearest port, saving you time and extra transportation costs!


*For further details on buying snow salt in bulk, contact us today!

Can I use salt on the asphalt driveway?

Yes, you can use salt on an asphalt driveway to melt ice and snow, but use it according to recommended dosage to avoid damage. And go for less corrosive de-icing salts like sodium formate.

How often to salt driveway?

You may salt your driveway only when there is significant ice or snow buildup. Follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations.

Will ice melt damage the driveway?

It could be, but only if the ice melt product isn’t used properly.


Some ice melt products containing harsh chemicals can probably cause asphalt or concrete surfaces to deteriorate over time. So, it’s better to choose a product that is less corrosion, follow recommendation, and clean up any residue after the ice has melted.


For more questions about sodium formate ice and snow melting, start and inquiry or leave us a message!

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