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  • water-reducer
  • water-reducing-agent
  • china-water-reducer
  • water-reducing-admixture
  • water-reducer-product
  • superplasticizer-package

Water Reducer Supplier from China

Water reducer, also known as a plasticizer, is strongly recommended for concrete construction. Polycarboxylate plasticizer (PCE) is one of the most popular additives in this category. They’re in a free-flow powder form.


PCE water reducing agent by WOTAIchem offers you the following characteristics:


  • Superior water reduction rate of up to 30% for cement-based applications.
  • A low dosage is required, as it’s highly concentrated!
  • Good dispersion and workability, and high fluidity.
  • Boost early and final strength of cement-based projects.
  • More featured products: calcium formate, concrete fiber, defoamer, starch ether, and retarding agent. Contact us today for more details! And request FREE samples!

Water Reducer Admixture Grades

Adding water reducing agent to concrete provides good slump retention in concrete admixtures. With a specific dosage and mixes, it’s possible to reduce water content by up to 25-30%, resulting in high strength concrete! Highly recommended for concrete manufacturing!

  • powder-water-reducer
    PCE 6020
    Active ingredients ≥90%
    Water reduction rate ≥25%
    Dosage 2-3kg per ton
  • powder-water-reducer
    PCE 6021
    Active ingredients ≥90%
    Water reduction rate ≥25%
    Major use Cement-based mortar.
  • powder-water-reducer
    PCE 6022
    Active ingredients ≥90%
    Water reduction rate ≥25%
    Major use Gypsum self leveling
  • powder-water-reducer
    PCE 6031
    Active ingredients ≥90%
    Water reduction rate ≥30%
    Major use Exclusive for UHPC

Water Reducer Ordering and Shipping

Standard size: 25kg/bag, and 200kg/pallet.
Customization: Support formula modification, size, packaging, and logo.
Lead time: 7-14 days. Depends on order volume. Able to fulfill urgent orders.
Payment: T/T, LC, OA.
Shipping: FOB, CIF, CFR, and more.
MOQ: 1000kg.


Water Reducer Storage Guide

Keep WOTAIchem water reducers in a cool, dry spot, away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. For the purpose of maintaining its quality and effectiveness.


Exposed to high temperatures, or moisture can affect its quality and performance. Keeping it in optimal conditions helps preserve its properties, ensuring consistent results.

An Experienced China Plasticizer Supplier

Looking for high-quality concrete water reducing admixtures from China? WOTAIchem is your trusted resource. With years of experience, we specialize in producing different types of concrete additives.


We sell our products to more than 30 countries, like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia. We’re looking for partners from all over the world to join our dealer group!


Discover Our Multiple Benefits

Get free samples to test, and support of third-party inspection.

We control quality with our factory production and strict QC tests.

We can customize and change product formulas for you.

Our experienced team works together to help you with practical knowledge.

We have different payment options to make it easy for you.

Orders ship quickly from our factory, so you get them fast!

– Modern factory facilities ensure high-capacity production to meet your needs year-round!

Hot Topics

Can water reducers be used in hot weather conditions?

Yes, the WOTAIchem water reducing agent can be used in hot temperatures. We designed our product to be suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

Does water water reducing agent impact the setting time of the concrete mixture?

WOTAIchem water reducing agent does not affect the setting time of concrete. Provided follows the recommended dosage.

Can I use water water reducing agent together with other admixtures?

WOTAIchem water reducing admixture is compatible with most other admixtures. Other commonly used additives in concrete including calcium formate and retarders.

Why is water reducing agent a sustainable additive?

WOTAIchem water reducing admixture helps to reduce cement consumption. Also, it cuts down on material wastes, and lowers transport and labor costs.

How to reduce water absorption in concrete?

Adding water reducing admixture to concrete can reduce water absorption. It ensures proper curing of concrete by keeping good fluidity for an extended period after pouring.

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