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Construction Additives from WOTAI High-Performance Chemicals

Our product range includes cellulose ethers such as HPMC, HEMC, HEC, RDP powders, calcium formate, superplasticizers, and PP fibres.
We know your concerns and expectations. And we are committed to developing strong customer relationships built on trust. We work closely to develop OEM solutions to complex technical problems. We always aim to provide timely, flexible, reliable and customer-focused service.

HPMC Related Videos

How HPMC Enhances Liquid Soap and Detergent Performance?
How Do You Dissolve HPMC in Water?
Exploring the Benefits of Adding HPMC to Detergents
How to Evaluate HPMC Quality: Effective Methods and Tips
How to test HPMC water retention?
Cellulose Ether Viscosity Test

HEC Related Videos

Why HEC is important additive in latex paint?
How Does WOTAIchem Test HEC Viscosity?
Why is HEC used in latex paint?
HEC Viscosity Test

RDP Powder Related Videos

Good Film Formation Properties of VAE Redispersible Polymer Powder
Good film formation properties of VAE RDP powder
How do you judge the quality of RDP powder?
5 benefit of adding RDP powder to your tile adhesive
RDP Ash Content Test

Water-reducing Agent Related

PCE Superplasticizer Fluidity Test
WOTAI Quick Dissolve SM Superplasticizer
WOTAI PCE Superplasticizer
Why Do We Add Water-reducing Agents to Concrete?
Superplasticizers Dosage for Better Concrete Performance

Application Related

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Dealing with Bubbles in Tile Adhesive
Top 3 Factors Lead to Cracks in Tile Grout
High vs. Low Viscosity Cellulose in Putty Application
How to Mix Cement Plaster Mortar? | Step-by-Step Guide
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