Titanium Dioxide for Paints and Coatings

China Titanium Dioxide for Paints and Coatings

Titanium dioxide has outstanding light scattering properties and is used in paints to give whiteness, brightness, and durability of color that cannot be achieved with any other raw material. Our titanium dioxide for paint is branded under Yuanwang™.


Yuanwang has established a strong reputation in the market of titanium dioxide for paint and coatings. Our titanium dioxide products are exported to over 40 countries. That includes the United States, India, UAE, Pakistan, and other regions.


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  • Payment: TT, LC, OA.
  • OEM Options: Support.
  • MOQ: 1000 kg.

Why is Titanium Dioxide in Paint?

Titanium dioxide (TiO₂) is excellent in its ability to provide whiteness, covering power, brightness, and durability in paints. Its exceptional light scattering properties help you get stunning paints and coating performance. No other raw material can match its capacity to enhance the visual and protective qualities of coatings.


Titanium dioxide used in paint is an indispensable ingredient in the coating industry. So far, it has developed more than 100 years of history.

Information on Titanium Dioxide for Paint&Coating

Titanium Dioxide Paint Pigment

Product Overview

Chemical Formula: TiO₂.
Appearance: White powder.
Category: Rutile titanium dioxide.
Titanium Dioxide Uses: Paints and Coating.
Availability: In Stock.
Compliance: ISO, SGS, etc.
CAS No.: 13463-67-7.
Packaging: 25 kg/bag; 500 kg/bag; 1000 kg/bag. Support custom-made packages.

titanium dioxide for paint and Coating

General Titanium Dioxide

Model: YWR6618 and YW6628.
Brightness: ≥97.5.
Tiniting Strength: ≥110
Content of Rutile: ≥97.5%.
Oil Dispersion: ≥6.0 Hegman.
Major Application:
Water-Based Coating(Gloss/Semigloss/Flat)
– Powder Coating
– Coil Coating
– Metal Furniture Coating
– Road-Marking Paint
– Industrial Paints

titanium dioxide for paint and Coating

Titanium Dioxide - YWR6668

Viscosity: Low.
Role: Organic treatment agent.
Brightness: ≥97.5.
Tiniting Strength: ≥110
Content of Rutile: ≥97.5%.
Oil Dispersion: ≥6.0 Hegman.
pH Value of Aqueous Suspension: 6.5-8.5.
Major Uses: Woodware Paint, color paste and sheet.

titanium dioxide for paint

Titanium Dioxide - YWJHA110

Content of Titanium Dioxide: ≥98.5%.
Brightness: ≥97.5.
Tiniting Strength: ≥110
Content of Rutile: ≥97.5%.
Oil Dispersion: ≥6.0 Hegman.
Main Applications:
Interior Coating
– Interior Decoration Paint
– Semigloss/Flat Water-Based Coating
– Metal Furniture Coating
– Industrial Paints

Benefits of Titanium Dioxide in Coatings

  • colorful-paints
    Opacity and Brightness
    • Titanium dioxide is renowned for its high refractive. It imparts excellent opacity and brightness to coatings. This means that less pigment is required to achieve the desired whiteness and coverage.


    • The hiding power of titanium dioxide ensures that the effective conceal the substrate.
  • titanium-dioxide-for-paint
    High Whiteness and Gloss
    • The high whiteness of titanium dioxide is a critical attribute that enhances the aesthetic appeal of coatings. This property ensures that the coatings appear pure and vibrant.


    • Titanium dioxide contributes to the gloss of the coatings. Giving the coating a shiny finish that enhances the appeal of the surfaces.
  • water-based-paint
    Ease of Dispersion in Various Paints
    • Yuanwang titanium dioxide powder is designed for easy dispersion in various coating formulations.


    • This quality ensures that the pigment can be uniformly distributed throughout the coating matrix. Preventing issues such as clumping and streaking.
  • blue-paint
    Color Strength and Blue Undertone
    • The color strength is known as tinting strength. It ensures that coatings can achieve the desired hue with less pigment, enhancing cost-efficiency.


  • titanium-white-pigment
    Weather Resistance
    • Titanium dioxide enhances the weather resistance of coatings. It protects coatings from degradation caused by environmental factors such as UV radiation and temperature.


    • As a result, coatings retain their appearance and integrity over a longer period. And reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repainting.

Titanium Dioxide Pigment Uses

Expertise in Manufacturing Titanium Dioxide Paint Additives

Yuanwang is a professional China titanium dioxide factory supplying bulk volume. Our factory uses advanced domestic and international technologies and automation equipment.


We use DCS control system for stable production quality. Our annual production capacity for titanium dioxide is 100,000 tons, with 30% of the output used in the coatings industry.

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Swift Delivery and Shipping Solution

Delivery: Straight from the factory.
Shipping Coverage: Worldwide.
Shipping Options: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.
Free Sample: DHL or FedEx.
TDS: Provided.
Period: 7-14 days. Specific arrival time depending on your location.

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