Titanium Dioxide for Ink

China Titanium Dioxide for Ink Printing

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a key ingredient in the formulation of white and light-colored inks. It is renowned for its superior opacity, brightness, and durability.


Yuanwang™ is one of the leading titanium dioxide suppliers in global markets. We understand the critical role in enhancing various types of ink performance and aesthetic appeal.


We manufacture various titanium dioxide grades specifically for the ink industry. Our titanium for ink ensures exceptional print quality and longevity for different applications.


  • Type: Rutile titanium dioxide.
  • Tio2 Powder Price: Negotiable.
  • Service: Provide tailored guide for titanium dioxide ink formula.

What Is the Use of Titanium Dioxide in Ink?

Titanium dioxide in ink serves as a pigment to enhance color vibrancy, opacity, and UV resistance. These features can ensure high-quality print results.


As one of the ink additives, titanium dioxide also improves the durability and longevity of printed materials. It can help achieve and maintain the final ink quality over time. This makes titanium pigment a preferred choice in various ink types. That includes solvent-based, water-based, and tin-printing inks.


The concentration of titanium dioxide in ink formulations varies depending on the ink type and the desired properties. The amount used is usually between 10-30%.

Major Applications of Titanium Dioxide for Ink

TiO2 pigment

Solvent-Based Ink

Solvent-based inks are widely used for high-speed printing and applications that require quick drying times.


The inclusion of TiO2 powder provides superior coverage and vibrant colors. This makes them ideal for printing on non-porous surfaces such as plastics, foils, and metals.


Model: YWR6618, YWR6658, YWR6668.
Brightness: ≥97.5.
pH Value: 6.5-8.5.
Rutile Content: ≥97.5.

titanium dioxide pigments

Water-Based Ink

Water-based inks are gradually gaining popularity due to their environmentally friendly properties. These inks are primarily used for printing on paper and other porous substrates.


Titanium dioxide enhances performance by its high opacity and brightness. Finally, resulting in crisp and clear prints.


Model: YWR6668.
Tinting Strength: ≥110.
Oil Dispersion: ≥6.0 Hegman.
Residue on Sieve(45μm): ≤0.02.

printing ink ingredients

Tin-Printing Ink

Tin-printing inks are designed for printing on tin and other metal surfaces. Titanium dioxide ensures that the printed images and text stand out sharply against the metallic background.


Titanium dioxide is ideal for adding to printed materials that endure harsh conditions like high temperatures and moisture.


Model: YWR6618, YWR6668.
Content of Titanium Dioxide: ≥94.0.
Oil Absorption: ≤19.5 g/100g.
OEM Options: Support.

Free Sample of Titanium Dioxide White Pigment

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Wholesale Titanium Dioxide for Ink with Quality Assurance

Enhanced Brightness
Excellent Opacity
Vibrant Color
Long-lasting Durability
UV Protection
Eco Friendly
High Stability

China TiO2 Used for Paints and Inks

At Yuanwang, 60% of our titanium dioxide production is dedicated to the paints and inks industry. We are proud to serve customers from over 40 countries worldwide, offering them our expertise and high-quality titanium dioxide products.


Our innovative OEM solutions with titanium dioxide have revolutionized the industry, enhancing the vibrancy, longevity, and overall performance of paints and inks. Let’s start your 1V1 conversation with our experts today!


Package and Shipping Solution

Packaging: 25/500/1000 kg per bag.
Material: Paper-plastic composite bag.
Appearance: Can be customized.


Shipping: CIF, FOB, CFR, etc.
Free Sample: DHL or FedEx.
Delivery: 7-14 days. Specific times vary on location.
Third-party Test Report: provided.

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