Titanium Dioxide for Plastic

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Titanium Dioxide for Plastic Factory

Yuanwang manufactures TiO2 titanium dioxide for plastic factories. TiO2 is used as a white pigment in plastic to make it resistant to heat and look brighter.


Titanium dioxide acts like a nucleating agent in plastic. It reinforces the plastic structures and increases their durability. TiO2 can also increase heat resistance and make the plastic withstand higher temperatures. At the same time, it prevents deformation and degradation. Eventually, make the plastics more reliable and last a long time.


Titanium dioxide in Plastic offering:


  • Heat resistance.
  • Prevent color fading.
  • Brightness and opacity.
  • Excellent workability and hiding power.
  • Weather resistance and light reflection.

Titanium Dioxide for Plastic and Masterbatch

High-quality TiO2 products are beneficial to the plastic industry. It helps to resolve color, opacity, and other issues caused by different weathers. YWR6658 comes with many advantages. It has a thinner film, and even brighter color, and can enhance light reflection to meet global market needs.

Yuanwang is a leading TiO2 manufacturer in China. We provide titanium dioxide for masterbatch manufacturers. YWR6658 is exclusively made titanium dioxide for plastic.

  • powder-plasticizer
    TiO2 content ≥97
    Brightness ≥97.5
    Oil absorption g/100g ≤15.5
    Tinting strength ≥116
  • Parameters
    Rutile content ≥97.5
    Residue on seive ≤0.02
    Volatile at 105 ≤0.25
    Surface treatment Aluminum
  • Applications
    Masterbatch Yes
    Engineer plastics Yes
    PVC Yes
    Solvent ink Yes

Titanium Dioxide Plastic

Titanium dioxide for plastics offer several benefits that enhance the finished results.

  • Boosting production efficiency by using less plastic resin and ensuring even spread.
  • Providing opacity and whiteness to the plastic.
  • Remaining stable at high temperatures.
  • Easy to blend and work with.
  • Compatible with various types of base resins.
  • Improving UV and light resistance.
  • Non-toxic.

Titanium Dioxide
Essential Plastic Additive

TiO2 titanium dioxide is a key additive for plastics production. Yuanwang aims to be a top brand of TiO2 manufacturing in the global market. We continuously improve and apply new technologies to produce the best quality products for you.


If you’re interested in exporting rutile titanium dioxide from China:

>You may book an appointment to visit our titanium dioxide factory in Shandong Province.

>Send an inquiry or request free samples. If you need formula guidance or modifications, our team is here to help!

More Than a Titanium Dioxide Supplier

Looking for reliable TiO2 suppliers? Yuanwang is a China titanium dioxide supplier and also an SOE organization. We are operated and managed by the government. Yuanwang is a platform that helps international business partners trade and grow.


We’re certified with ISO certifications. All product-related procedures are standardized and follow set protocols.


We offer quality products, well-managed inventory, and reliable delivery to the global market. Other than titanium dioxide, we also provide types of concrete additives. Like calcium formate, concrete fiber, etc.

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