What is Superplasticizing Admixture and How Does it Work?

Concrete is a versatile building material. It can be cast into many different shapes for multiple uses. However, to further improve concrete performance, admixtures are added to the concrete mixture.


Concrete admixture refers to materials that are added to the concrete before mixing. This kind of admixture can modify the concrete mixture. Whether for easy construction or reducing cost. However, there are different types of admixtures in the market. There are water-reducing admixtures, admixtures for retaining water, accelerated setting, etc.


Today, we’ll dive into a significant and Eco-friendly concrete admixture–superplasticizer.




Ⅰ. What is superplasticizer?


A superplasticizer admixture is a special concrete construction material. It makes the concrete easier to handle with increased fluidity. No extra water is needed. The fluidity is increased so as to increase the concrete strength. Superplasticizer admixture helps to build a strong and durable structure.


During concrete construction, water is added to make it easier to work with. But too much water can weaken the concrete and reducing its strength. To make stronger and longer-lasting concrete, it’s better to use less water, but you also want to maintain good strength. This is where superplasticizers come in.


Superplasticizers, also called water-reducer, can reduce water usage by 10% to 30%! They are an upgraded type of additive of traditional plasticizer. Superplasticizers make concrete easy to work with. Providing good fluidity and making it easy to pour.


Common types of superplasticizers include Polycarboxylate (PCE) based and Sulfonated Melamine Formaldehyde (SMF). These additives help improve concrete flows and perform during construction.


Ⅱ. How do plasticizers work?

1. Superplasticizer helps to disperse cement particles evenly, ensuring a throughout mix.

2. You can achieve the same strength in the concrete mix with less water.

3. Superplasticizer admixture makes the concrete easier to place and compact.

4. By reducing water usage, super plasticizers can increase the compressive strength of concrete.

5. Super plasticizers help concrete to last longer by making it more resistant to water and severe weather.




Ⅲ. How to Use Superplasticizer in Concrete?

WOTAIchem provides a step-by-step to help you use superplasticizer admixture correctly. Maximize its effect on a large scale.


1. Calculate the dosage or amount needed.

Superplasticizer admixture is effective in workability, strength, and fluidity, provided you have to use it right and with the correct amount. You may refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult our specialist for more tips. Know the cement weight and add a precise percentage of the superplasticizer.


The dosage varies differently based on the type of superplasticizer you choose as well. Certain types come with different water reduction rates that you need to be aware of.


2. Prepare all ingredients and mix them well.

After measuring all the dry ingredients, such as cement and aggregates, along with other admixtures, mix them well and thoroughly.


3. Add water to the dry mix compound.

Add water to the mixture, ensuring it’s evenly mixed. Mix until you achieve a homogeneous mixture.


4. Add superplasticizer admixtures.

Adding a plasticizer differs at this point. If you’re using plasticizer powder, you can add water to it before adding it to the concrete mix, or you can add the powder straight away to the concrete mix; that works, too. Just make sure it’s evenly distributed in the concrete mix. WOTAIchem also provides liquid plasticizer admixture, which you may choose based on your specific needs.


Continue mixing for a few more minutes; you will notice the mixture become more fluid and smooth with an added superplasticizer. Slowly add more water if needed. Please keep in mind that adding too much water can affect the concrete’s strength and durability as well.
Concrete placing process. Once you have the desired consistency, you may start pouring the concrete to where it needs to be.


5. Finish the process and concrete curing.

A proper concrete curing process is essential to achieve the best strength and durability. Allow it to settle and cure with enough time and condition.





a. Remember to consult the WOTAIchem team for the specific type of superplasticizer admixtures you are using.

b. Perform a trial test to determine the best dosage and mixing time for your application.

c. Take the temperature and humidity into consideration, as they can affect the performance of the concrete mix.

Ⅳ. Final Words

WOTAIchem offers a wide range of concrete additives to meet your needs for different uses. Our superplasticizer admixtures are known for their ability to improve concrete strength. And increase fluidity and durability.


We offer PCE and SM plasticizers in standard packaging sizes: 25 kg per bag or 200 kg per pallet. Customized volumes and bags are available, too.


At WOTAIchem, we make sure your concrete meets high standards and performs well. We’re constantly working on new solutions to meet the challenges of the industry. We’re committed to giving our customers the best support and technology possible! Choosing WOTAIchem today and exploring more reliable solutions!

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