Best Super Plasticizer for Concrete

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  • sm-plasticizer-powder
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  • sm-plasticizer
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Concrete Admixture Super Plasticizer

WOTAIchem is your reliable partner when it comes to enhancing concrete mix properties. Our superplasticizer is an upgraded version of common plasticizers. It has unmatched power in reducing the water content rate in concrete mixes.


While standard plasticizers reduce water content by 10-15%, our super plasticizer goes further. Achieving a water reduction rate of 25-30%. The exceptional characteristics make it the Top #1 eco-friendly additive in concrete!


We proudly offer super plasticizer in concrete products as follows:

1. Polycarboxylate-based Superplasticizer, short in PCE. Available in both powder and liquid forms.

2. Melamine superplasticizer, specifically designed for concrete and mortar.

Hot Selling Plasticizers for Concrete

best superplasticizer for concrete

PCE Super Plasticizer for Concrete

Product Name: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer or PCE.

Appearance: White or slightly yellowish powder.

Packaging: 25kg/bag; 2,000kg/pallet.


OEM Options: Support.


Prefabricated Components

Specialty Concrete. E.g., UHPC and ECC.

Other Concrete and Related Applications.

liquid super plasticizer concrete

PCE Liquid Plasticizer for Concrete

Appearance: Liquid.

Plasticizer Price: Negotiable.

Moisture: ≤3.

Solid Content: 40%-50%.

Water-Reducing Rate: 30%-35%.

Application: Concrete.

MOQ: 10MT.

Dosage: Exact ratio in concrete will depend on your application formula.

Cement alkali reduction water reducer

Melamine Super Plasticizer for Concrete

Appearance: White powder.

Synonyms: SM superplasticizer.

Cement Paste Fluidity: ≥200mm.

Fineness Passing Rate: ≥95%.

Bulk Density: 700±200 g/L.

Properties: Moderate water reduction rate; low sensitivity; low air entrainment.

Application: Concrete; Abrasion-resistant floor.


Choosing the Right Super Plasticizer for Concrete

WOTAIchem is your reliable source for concrete additives. We aim to provide the best plasticizer for concrete applications. Our quality concrete plasticizer additives are PCE and SM super plasticizers. They are both water reducing admixtures. But, they have slight differences when it comes to actual application.


Polycarboxylate super plasticizer brings you a high level of workability and fluidity. It helps you achieve high strength and durability.


Choose PCE when your focus is water reduction. Primarily used for ready-mix concrete and precast concrete.


Melamine super plasticizer is a better option in hot weather conditions. The concrete is more likely to set quickly in warm temperatures.


SM plasticizer helps you to control the setting time. And allow you to handle and spread the concrete easily.

Top 5 Advantages of Plasticizers in Concrete

1. Uses Less Water. Plasticizers allow you to use less water in concrete admixtures without making them hard to work with. This makes the concrete stronger and less likely to crack.


2. Reduced permeability. Plasticizers help to reduce concrete permeability. It can produce a more densely packed matrix with fewer voids.


3. Increased adhesion. Plasticizers improve concrete adhesion to reinforcement materials. For example, steel bars and fibers. This results in stronger bond strength between concrete and reinforcement.


4. Stronger and lasts longer. Plasticizers help concrete become tougher and more durable. This means the structures made with this concrete are less likely to break and can bear different weather conditions.


5. Improve concrete flowability. Super plasticizers make your concrete smoother and easier to shape during construction.


Get FREE Samples for Your Concrete Project!

At WOTAIchem, we provide free samples and deliver them right to your door. We strongly suggest you test the sample first. We promise the sample quality is just like our current stock. If you want to adjust the strength or mix, our technical support team is here to help!


> Shipping Method: DHL or FedEx.

80% of Our Plasticizers in Concrete Serve Tasks Like

Your Partner for Super Plasticizer in Concrete

WOTAIchem owns independent water reducing agent factories in China. Our water reducer annual manufacturing capacity is over 80,000 metric tons. All our manufacturing processes are under strict quality control systems. We hold ISO and CNAS certifications. You can trust our super plasticizers that align with international standards.


WOTAIchem supports OEM solutions. We also provide custom services with formula guidance. Our team-based service will assist you in receiving professional support at every stage. Plus, various payment and delivery options are also available. Join our dealer group and enjoy exclusive benefits now!


Order your Super Plastcizer Today

Super plasticizers aim to make concrete more fluid without adding extra water. WOTAIchem’s super plasticizer helps you achieve high-strength concrete without weakening the strength.


Try a free sample today to see the quality of WOTAIchem. We highly recommend you test it on your concrete mix. We aim to provide you with a successful solution for now and in the future!


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Super Plasticizer Packaging and Volumes

PCE Super Plasticizer

PCE super plasticizer is available in 25kg/bag, 2,000kg/pallet, and other customized volumes. Logo and packaging customization is also available.

SM Super Plasticizer

SM super plasticizer is available in 25kg/bag, 2,000kg/pallet, and other customized volumes. Logo and packaging customization is also available.


Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

Do I need plasticizer in mortar?

If you want to make your mortar mix easier to work with, you can add things like plasticizers or other additives. But remember, only use them if you think it’s necessary. You also have the option to pick pre-mixed materials or buy factory-made mortar for a reliable and steady result.


WOTAIchem provides a wide range of mortar additives for different properties.


Cellulose ether: for mortar adhesion, water retention, and workability.
RDP polymer powder: For strong bonding strength and sag and crack resistance.
Starch ether: best to go with cellulose ether for ultimate good workability and extended opening time.
Antifoaming agent: To prevent bubbles in your mortar mix, use an antifoaming agent. It makes your materials work better.


We offer more additives. Contact us or click here to view more!

Why is my mortar crumbling?

There are several reasons why your mortar is crumbling.


1. Wrong cement water ratio
The proportion of cement and water is not balanced well. It may weaken your mortar mix and lead to crumble.


2. Not enough time to cure
The mortar needs enough time to cure and harden. Make sure there is sufficient time to cure.


3. Low quality ingredients
Try not to use any low-quality materials such as sand or cement. This could result in easily crumbling.


4. Mixing properly
Too much mixing or under-mixing can also affect its strength. Follow the recommended time frame.


5. Lack of Adhesion
Recommend to use of certain types of additives for enhanced adhesion.


6. Wrong Application procedure
Also consider weather conditions when applying the mortar, with proper application procedures.

Does the water reducer make concrete sets faster?

Water reducers do not affect the initial setting time of cement. Their primary function is to enhance the fluidity of the concrete mix. The setting time of cement is crucial during construction. The initial set should not be too quick, and the final set should not be too delayed.


Here are the main types of cement setting time requirements:

1. The initial setting time for Portland cement should not be earlier than 45 mins. The final setting time should be earlier than 390 minutes.


2. The initial setting time for ordinary cement should not be earlier than 45 minutes. And the final setting time should be at most 600 minutes.

How much plasticizer to use in concrete?

The amount of plasticizer used in concrete varies based on various factors. For example, desired workability, concrete formula, and project requirements. Typically, it’s added at a rate of 0.1% to 0.5% by weight of cement. However, the exact dosage should be examined through trial mixes and testing to achieve the desired concrete properties.

Does too much plasticizer weaken mortar strength?

Yes, using too much plasticizer in mortar can make it weaker. Plasticizers help make the mortar easier to work with and use less water. However, if you add too much, it can make the mortar weaker. It’s crucial to use the right amount to keep the mortar strong.

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