W Series Cellulose Ether Products

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Your Affordable and Cost-effective Solutions

At WOTAIchem, we provide two collections of cellulose ether products, the W and T series. The W series is your affordable option with excellent results. It belongs to our standard grade. In contrast, the T series is our premium grade, manufactured with high-purity raw materials.


Additionally, our lab strength allows us to modify the current formulas to meet your project needs. You may choose from the existing formulas or customize a new one!


-OEM Manufacturing and Technical Support


-Flexible payments for your convenience


-Fast shipping and door-to-door delivery


-Customer support in a timely manner

Affordable HPMC Powder Products

W Series


Type: Moderate modification.

Appearance: White to offwhite powder.

Moisture:  ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Usage: Wall putty, cement plaster, crack resistance mortar, crack filler.

W Series


Type: Moderate modification.

Appearance: White to offwhite powder.

Moisture:  ≤5%.

PH value: 6-8.

Usage: Wall putty, cement plaster, crack resistance mortar, crack filler.


4 Major Benefits of W Series Cellulose Ether

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    W series standard grades of HPMC and MHEC help you control project expenses without compromising quality and performance.

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    Competitive Pricing

    Standard-grade cellulose comes at competitive prices compared with premium grades. It reduces your overall cost on the entire project.

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    Bulk Availability

    W series becomes an even better deal when you buy in bulk. We offer exclusive discounts and rebates for large quantity orders.

  • formula-test

    The W series’s established formulas have proven effective and productive for our regular clients. It reduced unexpected issues.

  • iso-standard
    Regulatory Compliance

    Our W series meets corresponding industry-specific regulations and standards. All product lines have gained ISO certifications.

Annual Capacity of WOTAIchem Cellulose Ethers


40,000 tons.


40,000 tons.


17,000 tons.


18,000 tons.


4 Reasons Why Choose WOTAIchem as Your Trusted Partner

When you choose WOTAIchem, you’re gaining a committed partner dedicated to your formula’s success. We’re here to support you with technical guidance, product support, etc. Your success is our success too!


-Leading manufacturing technique combined with a strict QC system. Aligned with ISO standards, we serve you with nothing but quality.


-To ensure our samples are strictly aligned with the consignment stock. Our technical report indicated batch numbers for easy tracking.


-RD and technical support for formula improvement. Whether it’s an upgrade or a new creation, we’re open to all collaborations.


-Our after-sales support always provides you with more than one solution. We’re not just a supplier. We’re your partner in finding the right solution you need.

Package and Volume Customization

Our Standard Packaging

W series products are available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/pallet. Customization volumes are available, with your own logo or designs.


Hit the button below and start the customization!

Free Samples are Available. Request It Now!


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

What are the different grades of HPMC?

Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC) is popular in different sectors. At WOTAIchem, our HPMC products are mainly applied in construction and daily chemicals. For example, wall putty, tile adhesive, self leveling, gypsum plaster, tile grout, and EIFS/ETICS.


You may find the right grade for your project needs by referring to the viscosity and corresponding applications.


To make the process easier, you may click to contact us or drop us an email for further information.

What’s the difference between HPMC and MHEC/HEMC?

HPMC at around 60°C~75°C and HEMC >80°C normally. It depends on different production technologies as well. In summer, HEMC water retention capacity remains the same viscosity and dosage, especially in India. HPMC with lower gel temperature will lose thickening and water retention effect in a hot environment. Therefore accelerating the hardening of mortar.


HPMC uses fine cotton as raw material to go through the alkalization process. Plus etherification agents propylene oxide and methyl chloride. Then formulated into a non-ionic cellulose ether HPMC.


The production process of MHEC/HEMC is similar to that of HPMC. The only difference is etherification agents. Instead of propylene oxide and methyl chloride, HEMC uses ethylene oxide and methyl chloride. Ethylene oxide requires more advanced production technology. Due to its storage condition, risk control, and fewer manufacturers, the price of HEMC is higher.

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