Sodium Formate for Leather

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Quality Sodium Formate for Leather

Sodium formate is a key ingredient in leather processing. Its unique properties enhance leather quality and softness, ensuring superior tanning performance. Plus, it aligns with environmental friendliness. Making it a sustainable choice for the leather industry.


WOTAIchem is your trusted source for sodium formate manufacturers in China. We offer reliable OEM solutions for the leather industry. Our dedicated team ensures the highest quality standards for sodium formate structure and formulation.


Besides leather applications, you can also find sodium formate in oil drilling and snowmelt.


  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Consistent Performance
  • Environmentally Responsible

Leather Industry: Sodium Formate Uses

Tanning Agent

Sodium formate turn raw hides into supple and durable leather. It enhances the absorption of tanning agents and results in high-quality leather.

pH Regulator

Sodium formate acts as a pH regulator during leather processing. Stabilizing pH enables the leather to stay in optimal condition and consistent quality.


Sodium formate is often used as a preservative for leather. It extends the shelf life and maintains excellent condition during storage.

Sodium Formate for Leather Specifications

At WOTAIchem, we’re proud to offer various  sodium formate solutions. They’re customized  to meet your leather prodution needs.

  • sodium-formate-grade
    Premium Grade
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 98%
    Organic Material ≤1.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤1.0%
  • sodium-formate-lv
    Grade A
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 95%
    Organic Material ≤3.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤2.0%
  • sodium-formate-hv
    Grade B
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 92%
    Organic Material ≤3.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤4.0%

Sodium Formate Beyond Leather Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry
Textile Industry
Construction Industry
Formic Acid Production

WOTAIchem Sodium Formate in Leather Tanning

WOTAIchem produces sodium formate under rigorous quality control. Our comprehensive solutions offer added benefits, guaranteeing superior results:


1. Reduced Processing Time: Sodium formate can help accelerate the leather tanning process. Its ability to improve the absorption of tanning agents. Thus, the tanning can be completed more efficiently.


2. Consistency in Color and Texture: Sodium formate contributes to uniformity in leather quality. Ensuring consistent color and texture across leather products.


3. Compatibility with Other Additives: Sodium formate is compatible with various additives used in leather tanning. This versatility allows you to fine-tune their processes. And achieve the desired leather characteristics.


What Can You Expect From WOTAIchem?

  • teamwork-supply
    Stable Supply Chain
    At WOTAIchem, you can rely on a stable supply chain that ensures consistent access to quality products, meeting your production needs reliably and efficiently.
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    Research & Development
    Our dedicated R&D team continually innovates and refines our additives. We offer cutting-edge solutions and keep you at the forefront of your industry.
  • additives-certified
    International standards
    WOTAIchem proudly holds ISO certifications. Showing that our additives meet the highest industry standards. Providing you with reliable choices.
Ready to experience the WOTAIchem advantage? Contact us today to explore our premium sodium formate products and elevate your leather tanning process to new heights!

Is sodium formate toxic?
Sodium formate is generally considered safe when handled and used appropriately. However, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines. Ingesting or inhaling large quantities can be harmful. Always consult safety data sheets and handle them with care. If you have concerns about using sodium formate in your application, feel free to contact WOTAIchem for help.
What is sodium formate used for in the leather industry?
Sodium formate serves multiple purposes in the leather industry. It cleans and softens leather, leading to superior finishes like suede. Additionally, sodium formate plays a role in various steps of leather tanning, often acting as a pH-neutralizer.
Is sodium formate corrosive?
Sodium formate itself is not typically considered corrosive. However, its solutions can be mildly corrosive to certain metals. So, taking precautions when handling concentrated sodium formate solutions is advisable, especially in contact with metal surfaces.
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