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  • snow-weather
  • sodium-formate-powder
  • sodium-fromate-supplier
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Your Trusted Snow Salt Manufacturer

As winter approaches, the demand for salt for melting ice and snow increases. The sodium formate is also used as sidewalk salt or snow salt. It delivers consistent and reliable performance in challenging winter weather.


Yuanwang is one of the leading ice melt suppliers in China. We provide you with the best salt for snow removal. Our snow melting salt is manufactured through strict QA systems and standards.


Best Snow Salt for Ice Melting

Sodium Formate Ice Melt Product

Product Overview

Appearance: White powder.

Use: Snow and ice melting.

Price: Negotiable.

OEM Customization: Support.

Lead Time: 7-14 days. ETA depends on your location and order volume.

Shipping: FOB, CIF, CFR, etc.

Delivery: Direct shipping from factory.

Snow Melting Chemicals

Trust Source for Ice Melt Supply

> Independent Factory. Yuanwang owns two ice melt salt factories in Shandong and Hebei Province.

> Stable Ice Melter Supply. We implement strict quality control systems in production. Annual capacity is over 40,000 Metric tons.

> Swift Supply Chain. We have global supply chain networks. This ensures the rapid delivery of our snow melting products to you.

> Third-Party Quality Testing. Yuanwang collaborates with multiple global authoritative testing organizations. We support the issuance of third-party quality testing reports.


Yuanwang Snow Salt Specifications

  • sodium-formate-grade
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 98%
    Organic Material ≤1.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤1.0%
  • sodium-formate-lv
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 95%
    Organic Material ≤3.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤2.0%
  • sodium-formate-hv
    Item Sodium Formate
    Appearance White powder
    Sofo Content 92%
    Organic Material ≤3.0%
    Iron(Fe) ≤0.005%
    Moisture ≤4.0%

Choose Excellence, Choose Yuanwang

ESG Strategy
We use eco-friendly materials and sustainable methods for eco-friendly snow salt manufacturing.
SOE group supports Yuanwang chemical research and manufacturing. Our team delivers tailored solutions for your needs.
Flexible Payment
We support various payment methods for your orders. For example, T/T, L/C at straight, PayPal, and more.
Efficient Supply

We prioritize on-time deliveries and consistently uphold stable supply chains to meet your large volume orders.

Yuanwang Snowmelt Salt Serves In...

  • de-ice-salt
    Efficient De-Icing Solutions

    As a de-icing agent, our ice snow salt keeps roads, sidewalks, and surfaces safe during winter.



    It has rapid ice-melting capabilities. And ensure hassle-free winter maintenance.

  • concrete-pouring
    Cold-Weather Concrete

    Our snow melt for concrete addresses this by promoting concrete in winter conditions.



    Snow melt won’t harm concrete. Ensuring concrete safe snow melt process.

  • airport-runway
    Airport Runway Safety

    Ensuring safe takeoffs and landings is critical, especially in winter.



    Snow salt is vital in maintaining airport runway safety by preventing ice accumulation.

  • landscaping-site
    Snow Salt in Landscaping

    Yuanwang ice melt for snow goes beyond functionality to enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.



    Keep gardens and public areas accessible and inviting in winter.

  • residential-area-winter
    Residential Winter Maintenance

    Snow salt is your ally in residential winter maintenance.



    Suitable for melting icy driveways and walkways. Ensuring a safe environment.

Snow Melting Products Volume and Packaging

25kg Bag

Available in customised volumes.

Keep the bag closed in a dry and ventilated place.

Customize Volume

Customized snow salt standards with 25kg/bag.

Keep the bag closed in a dry and ventilated place.

Yuanwang is Your Ice Melt Chemical Partner for Winter Challenges

Lab Capablities
Production Bases
Supply Chain Expertise
Full Service Support
Dealer Benefit


Can I touch snow salt with bare hands?

It is generally safe to touch snow salt with bare hands. Sodium formate, the main component, is not harmful to the skin. However, prolonged contact may cause mild irritation for some individuals. It’s recommended to wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wearing gloves is recommended to prevent any potential skin irritation. Safety first!

Should you salt your driveway before or after snow?

For optimal results, it’s recommended to salt your driveway before the snowfall. Applying snow salt in advance creates a barrier. This action can make it easier for you to shovel or plow accumulated snow later. Pre-salting helps prevent ice bonding and enhances the overall effectiveness of the snow and ice-melting process.

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