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Drilling Fluid Organic Silicone Defoamer Supplier

WOTAIchem is one of the leading China silicone defoamer manufacturers. We provide organic silicone defoamers for the oilfield industry. It reduces the foaming tendencies and air entrainment in drilling fluids.


Our organic silicone defoaming agent are designed with minimal environmental impact in mind. Thus, it features low toxicity. Suitable for types of drilling fluids.


WOTAIchem organic defoamer powder is a silicone-based all-purpose defoamer. Primarily used in water-based drilling fluids. Adding a defoamer to drilling fluid reduces surface tension. It also breaks foam bubbles over a wide range of conditions.


  • Stability in oil drilling liquid formula.
  • Preventing foaming from occurring.
  • Silicone defoaming agents have good resistance to heat resistance.

WOTAIchem Organic Silicone Defoamer X18C

WOTAIchem is dedicated to providing silicone solutions for foam control, especially in drilling fluid. With years of research and development, we present you with the most effective and consistent foam control.

Appearance White or slightly yellowish emulsion. 
Free of sediment or mechanical impurities.
Emulsion Ionic Type Weak Anion
Defoam Rate 70
Foam Control 75
Testing Method
pH Value 6.5~8.5
Tested with accurate test strip (5.5-9.0)
pH vaue testing method: GB/T 26527-2011
Viscosity (25/mPa.s) 200~400
Viscosity testing method: GB/T 5561-2012

Your Trusted Source for Effective and Consistent Foam Control for Drilling Optimization

WOTAIchem is a leading drilling chemical supplier in the industry. Here’s why you should consider partnering with us:

ISO certification ensures that our products meet rigorous international quality standards.

Fast Shipping

Enjoy expedited shipping options when you partner with us. Fast shipping out and timely delivery matter to us all.

Flexible Payment Methods

You may choose the best payment option for your business needs, whether T/T, Western Union, or credit cards.

Our R&D specialists are ready to provide technical help and guidance. They help you with decision-making.

We are committed to adjusting our solutions to your specific requirements. Formulations and specialized packaging.

As a partner, you can access exclusive benefits and promotions. We help you save on chemical procurement costs.

We also Provide Other Additives for Your Drilling Operation

WOTAIchem Industry Solutions

Silicones can be used in aqueous and non-aqueous situations. Organic silicone defoamers are the best choice. With many years of experience and dedication to drilling additives production. We create better products and improve manufacturing techniques.


WOTAIchem silicone defoamers prevent and manage foam in various critical areas, including:


-Drilling fluid systems.

-Oil and gas separators.

-Gas Sweetening Unit.

-Refinery distillation processes.


WOTAIchem defoamers play a crucial role in maintaining efficiency and safety within the industry.

Optimized Supply Chain and Fast Delivery

Having a well-organized system for getting materials is important in construction. WOTAIchem makes sure our supply chain system is super efficient. We can deliver construction materials in a timely manner. We make things smoothly, so your projects don’t get delayed and don’t end up costing more than you should.


When it comes to stock preparing and shipping out, we guarantee that you get your stocks when you need them.


WOTAIchem Customer Support Team

WOTAIchem’s sales team offers professional support. We follow a Customer Perspective concept, focusing on your satisfaction rather than profit. Our team members are passionate about the industry and have experience and knowledge. They assist you with formula selection based on your project needs.


Let us know your expectations, and leave the rest to us to handle!

Partner with Leading Drilling Fluid Additive Manufacturer and Help You Succeed!


Why is foam control important in industrial processes?

Foam control is crucial in industrial processes for several reasons. It can impact the production process’s efficiency, safety, and quality.


Efficiency. Excessive foam can slow down the process. They reduce production rates and increase operational costs.


Safety. Foam can sometimes pose safety hazards. For example, overflowing containers or hindering visibility may lead to accidents.

What is silicone defoamer for drilling fluid, and how does it work?

Silicone defoamer for drilling fluid is a specialized chemical additive in the oil and gas industry. It controls and eliminates foam formation in drilling fluids. Foam can be a series issue during drilling operations as it can hinder the efficiency and safety of the process.


Foam-Control. Silicone defoamers effectively reduce and suppress foam formation, ensuring smooth drilling operations.


Chemical Composition. These silicone-based defoamers contain active ingredients that break down foam bubbles.


Application. They are added to drilling fluids to prevent foam from interfering with the drilling process.

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