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Shotcrete and Concrete Spraying Additives

At WOTAIchem, we produce types of shotcrete additives, from HPMC cellulose to concrete fibers. They enhance the performance and durability of concrete spraying.


No 1. HPMC cellulose contributes to workability, adhesion, and water retention.


No 2. Redispersible polymer powder improves adhesion, flexibility, and strength.


No 3. Calcium formate accelerates cement’s setting and enhances early strength.


No 4. The fiber reinforces the concrete mix, providing tensile and impact resistance.


No 5. Plasticizers improve concrete mixtures’ fluidity and pump ability.

Essential Additives for Shotcrete Mixtures


Adding HPMC cellulose ether to shotcrete or concrete spraying is crucial. It keeps the mixture from drying out too quickly and makes it easier to work with.


Redispersible polymer powder helps the shotcrete increase adhesion and reduce cracks. It makes the shotcrete cement more resistant to impact and sagging.


Calcium formate is a handy addition to shotcrete and concrete spraying. It accelerates the setting of concrete, making it dry and harden faster.

Plasticizers or superplasticizers are essential components in shotcrete admixtures. They increase fluidity and workability with less water.


Your sprayed concrete remains durable and long-lasting with fibers. It can withstand impact and severe weather conditions.

High QC Standard Since Day One!

Standard SOP

We standardize processes for production and testing. Ensuring quality consistency for samples and stocks.

Regular Testing

We perform frequent quality inspections during and after production. To identify and rectify any issues immediately.


We document the manufacturing process, including the steps, responsible personnel, dates, and status.


We adhere to industry safety standards throughout the production process for all additives.


Have any questions? We’re here to help you out.

Are fibers a crucial component of construction projects? How do they enhance shotcrete?

Concrete fibers are commonly added to shotcrete mixtures for additional reinforcement.


At WOTAIchem, our concrete fibers improve tensile and flexural strength. It effectively prevents cracks. This is vital for maintaining structural integrity.


When you mix concrete fibers into shotcrete, it makes the mixture stronger. More able to endure impacts and various environmental conditions.

How do shootcrete accelerators work, and what benefits do they offer?

Shotcrete accelerator calcium formate speeds up the curing and setting process. They’re beneficial when rapid construction is needed or with tight deadlines.


Calcium formate reduces your waiting time, allowing concrete to set and harden quickly. While accelerating the setting time, calcium formate will not compromise the cement strength. Instead, it enhances overall stability.

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