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Flexible Polymer Powder T-5047N

WOTAIchem offers T-5047N for your flexible redispersible powder needs. We produce polymer powders using the highest quality emulsion raw materials. The strict QA system guarantees consistent and durable quality for you.


WOTAIchem teams provide you with OEM solutions. We have strong financial and technical support from the SOE group. With advanced laboratories and facilities, we support your additives with large order requirements.


Plus, the T-5042N is also an excellent choice if you need similar flexible additives.


T-5047N Boost Flexibility and Performance

T-5047N is the ultimate selection for construction projects that require high flexibility. It enhances your formulations and achieves your desired results. T-5047N is compatible with a lot of building ingredients. As a result, it enhances project economics.

Enhanced Adhesion

· Stronger bonding for mortar.
· Reduces the risk of delamination.

Flexibility and Durability

· Ideal for projects with dynamic stresses.
· Extends the lifespan of finished surfaces.

Crack Resistance

· Providing long-lasting integrity.
· Preserves the aesthetics of construction.

Water Resistance

· Ideal for exterior applications and areas exposed to high humidity.

Cost Efficiency

· Reduces repairs and replacements.
· Lowering maintenance costs.


· Facilitates uniform mortars and putty.
· Saving time and labor on-site.


RDP T-5047N Specifications

Ash content 12±2
Solid content 0.99
Moisture 0.7-0.8
PH value    6-8 
Protective colloid PVA
Min. Film-formation  0

T-5047N for Flexible Tile Adhesive

T-5047N is highly recommended as a tile adhesive additive. It is a suitable choice for C2S2 tile adhesive.


Exceptional Flexibility. T-5047N’s outstanding flexibility stands out as its most crucial advantage. It allows tiles to move and adjust without compromising their integrity. Reducing the risk of cracks and enhancing long-term performance.


At WOTAIchem, we go beyond only providing RDP additives. We also offer OEM formulations for C1 and C2 tile adhesives. Our efficient supply chain and transportation guarantee delivery within 7-14 days.


T-5047N Packaging and Storage

Standard Package

25 kG/bag and 500-700 kG/pallet. Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.


*Also available in customized volumes.


Store in cool and dry conditions. The shelf life is 2 years since the MFG.


Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


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Customized Volume

Also available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call, we’re always at your service.

Smarter Construction Choice with T-5047N

Explore our customized formulations and request a complimentary sample to tailor your perfect solution!

Why WOTAIchem Sets You Up for Success

SOEs Support
Lab Capabilities
Production Bases
OEM Solution
Payments & Delivery
Dealer Opportunity


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

Are there specific types of floor tiles that require flexible adhesive?

Yes! Tiles often need flexible adhesive due to their expansion and contraction. For example, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and large-format tiles.


WOTAIchem flexible adhesive additives are suitable for various tile types. Providing versatility in your flooring choices.

Do I need flexible tile adhesive for floor tiles?
If the room you are tiling has underfloor heating, it’s crucial to use a flexible adhesive. Flexible tile adhesive is made to handle temperature changes in underfloor heating systems. It helps prevent tiles from cracking or coming loose due to temperature changes.
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