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Introducing High-End RDP Powders T-5045N

T-5045N is a highly versatile polymer powder that is produced through the spray-drying method.


This white free-flow powder offers outstanding workability, wall putty cracks resistance, and impressive tensile strength. It’s recommended for various applications. Such as tile adhesives, skim coat/wall putty, EIFS/ETICS adhesives, repair mortars, waterproofing mortars, and self-leveling ingredients.


With its exceptional properties, the T-5045N ensures performance and reliability in numerous construction projects.

T-5045N General Applications

Tile Adhesives

T-5045N improves your tile adhesives’ bonding strength, flexibility, and water resistance by incorporating T5045N.


Enhance the durability and impact resistance of EIFS coatings. And withstand extreme weather conditions.


Achieve a smooth and even surface with T5045N, providing excellent fluidity and quick setting times.

Repair Mortars

Improve the mechanical properties and adhesion of repair mortars, ensuring long-lasting results.

Gypsum-Based Materials

Enhance your gypsum-based formulations’ flexibility, workability, and crack resistance with T5045N.


T-5045N Specifications

Ash content 12±2
Solid content 0.99
Moisture 0.7-0.8
PH value 6-8
Protective colloid PVA
Min. Film-formation  0

T-5045N for Repair Mortars

T-5045N has become one of cementitious repair mortars’ most frequently used additives. It provides a versatile and effective solution for repairing and maintaining concrete structures’ integrity.


Adhesiveness. Adding T-5045N to repair mortars enhances the mixture’s adhesiveness and reduces the risk of segregation. It effectively forms a strong bond between the mortar and the surface to ensure a long-lasting adhesion power.


Crack resistance. Cracks normally occur during the early concrete curing stage, especially when the surface dries faster than the inner layer. T-5045N reduces water evaporation from the surface, preventing cracks formed.


Tensile Strength. T-5045N contributes to the overall tensile strength of the repair mortar mixture. To do that, it enhances properties and performance under tensile stresses. With T-5045N, the repair mortar is more resistant to external forces and impacts.


Customize Your Own Packaging

Standard Packaging

T-5045N is available in 25kg/bag and 500kg/pallet. Customization volumes are available, with your own logo or design.


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Upgrade Your Wall Putty Mix with T-5045N!

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Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

Why does putty fall off?

A few possible reasons cause the putty to fall off or fail to adhere properly.


Insufficient or low-quality cementing material.
Low-quality or expired putties may not have the necessary properties, which leads to putty failure.


Poor surface treatment.
Surface preparation is essential for the putty application process. The surface needs to be clean, dry, and free from dust. If the surface is not prepared appropriately, the putty may not adhere properly and eventually fall off. And please be reminded not to apply a single batch of putty too thickly.


Inadequate amounts of calcium carbonate or white cement in water-resistant putty.
Calcium carbonate and white cement are key ingredients that contribute to water resistance and the overall performance of the putty. Inadequate dosage can lead to weak adhesion, poor coverage, and susceptibility to cracking.

What are the benefits of the T-5045N used in repairing mortars?

Ease of Application. Adding T-5045N to cementitious repair mortars improves workability. The mortar is easy to apply and achieves a smooth and consistent surface.


Cost-Effectiveness. Using T-5045N in repair mortars saves costs due to better workability and reduced material wastage. The process is more efficient and performance-driven.


Consistent Quality. T-5045N RDP powders are produced with a strict quality control system with international qualifications. We ensure consistent performance and reliability in repairing mortars.

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