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WOTAIchem Premium RDP Powder T-5042N

WOTAIchem is a well-known construction additives manufacturer in China. We have been specializing in the production of various additives for over 20 years.


Our RDP production base has an annual output of 30,000 metric tons. We maintain rigorous quality control systems. Ensuring our RDP additives consistently meet international standards.


At WOTAIchem, we place a strong emphasis on the quality R&D of dry mix additives. T-5042N is a polymer powder derived from the highest quality VAE emulsion. It is suitable for use in various construction projects that need high flexibility.


T-5042N's Top 6 Applications

T-5042N is the ideal choice for high-quality construction where flexibility is paramount. This redispersible polymer powder is engineered to enhance the adhesion of mortars and putty. It substantially reduces the need for maintenance. Making it a cost-effective choice for your projects.


· Provides excellent water resistance.
· Prevents water penetration.
· Maintains structural integrity.


· Ideal for flexible C2S2 tile adhesives.
· Enhances adhesion and flexibility.
· Reduces the risk of tile detachment.

Cementitious Mortar

· Improves overall performance.
· Enhances durability and strength.
· Boosts environmental resistance.

Plastering Mortar

· Enhances workability.
· Improves adhesion to substrates.
· Results in a smoother finish.

Thermal Mortar

· Enhances insulation properties.
· Improves energy efficiency.
· Reduces heat loss.


· Enhances flow and leveling.
· Improves surface finish.
· Minimizes cracking and unevenness.


T-5042N Specifications

Ash content 12±2
Solid content 0.99
Moisture 0.7-0.8
PH value 6-8
Protective colloid PVA
Min. Film-formation  0

WOTAIchem RDP T-5042N for Waterproofing Putty

Our wall putty chemical is renowned for its quality. T-5042N is highly recommended for your ready mix wall putty formulation.


Exceptional waterproofing. T-5042N can create a robust barrier against water penetration. Thus preventing water damage.

Enhanced durability. T-5042N is resilient to environmental factors. Ensuring long-lasting structural integrity.

Improved workability. T-5042N’s flexibility makes it easier to apply and results in a smoother finish.


At WOTAIchem, we provide OEM solutions for waterproofing additives. Our team is ready to assist you in providing a waterproof wall putty formulation service.


T-5042N Packaging and Storage Tips

Standard Type

25 kG/bag and 500-700 kG/pallet. Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.


*Also available in customized volumes.


Store in cool and dry conditions. The shelf life is 2 years since the MFG.


Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


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Customized Volume

Also available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


You may hit the below button to start a chat session or schedule a call, we’re always at your service.

Elevate Your Projects with T-5042N!

Ready to elevate your construction projects with our high-quality RDP chemicals? Contact us today to get started on your formulation and experience the WOTAIchem difference.

Discover Versatile RDP Options for Your Projects


Have any questions for us? We have answers, most of the time.

Can putty stop water leakage?
Putty is not typically designed as a primary waterproofing agent. It may provide some temporary sealing for minor cracks. But, it is not a reliable solution for preventing water leakage in the long term. Cement or dedicated waterproofing additives are better options for addressing water seepage issues.
How long does it take for waterproof putty to dry?

The drying time for waterproof putty can vary. For example, the temperature, humidity, and the specific product used. Typically, it often takes about 4 to 24 hours to completely dry.

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