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  • rdp-t-5041n
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Bonding Solutions with T-5041N RDP Powder

T-5041N exhibits a semi-flexible to slightly rigid film-forming property. It is a mortar bonding agent suitable for applications such as bonding and grouting.


WOTAIchem is one of the leading polymer additives manufacturers in China. We manufacture RDP powders under strict QC systems.


You can also customize your additive grade for the application based on your requirements. Our experts are always ready to solve your additives formula solution in construction.



WOTAIchem RDP Powder
T-5041N Specifications

Avg. particle size <300μm
Solid content 0.99
Protective colloid PVA
Tg.  5-8

WOTAIchem T-5041N RDP Powder for Efficient Mortar Bonding

T-5041N’s unique film-forming properties ensure robust adhesion and durability in diverse construction scenarios. It is one of the highly used tile adhesive additives in tiling mortar. It can be added to formulations of C1 tile adhesives and C2 tile adhesives.


Cost-effective. T-5041N not only excels in adhesion performance. It also offers a great cost-to-benefit ratio for your projects. You can use them to integrate with various construction additives.


> Other recommended models: RDP T-5010N for high bonding strength applications.



WOTAIchem RDP Powder Customization Support

SOE group invests in the WOTAIchem. We have strong financial and technical support in additive manufacturing. Our professional labs and experts support your additive formulation customization and guidance.


WOTAIchem emphasizes the supply of quality additives. Our RDP powders conform to international quality standards. At the same time, we also support issuing third-party quality reports. You can rest assured of the quality stability of each batch.


T-5041N Transforming Challenges into Solutions

  • tile-adhesive
    Superior Adhesion
    The RDP T-5041N powder creates strong and reliable bonds between various construction
  • cement-adhesive
    Enhanced Durability
    WOTAIchem T-5041N’s durable film can withstand diverse environmental conditions.
  • mortar-adhesive
    Versatile Applications
    Its adaptability to different scenarios allows for effective use across various projects.

T-5041N Packaging and Storage

Standard Package

25 kG/bag and 500 kG/pallet. Multi-layer paper bag with PE liner.


Store in cool and dry conditions. The shelf life is 2 years since the MFG.


Also available in 25 kG/bag, and customized volume as per request.


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Customized Volume

Available in 25 kG/bag and 500 kG/bag.


Also support grade customization.


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Experience the Superior Boding of T-5041N!

Request your free sample today and discover the unmatched bonding capabilities for construction. Elevate your projects with WOTAIchem – where innovation meets excellence!


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What is the function of RDP in tile adhesive?

RDP powder plays a crucial role in tile adhesive formulations. It serves as a key additive that enhances the adhesive performance. The primary function is improving adhesion strength, flexibility, and workability.


The redispersible polymer powder can also form a flexible polymer film upon drying. So, it can promote better bonding between the adhesive and the substrate. This will result in durable and long-lasting tile installations.


Additionally, RDP contributes to the prevention of cracks and enhances the water resistance of the adhesive.

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